DNA Activation

There are various DNA Activation and Energy Activation sessions.
You can choose what you would like from the below sessions.

For the first session, we recommend either one of the 24-40 DNA Activation or 40 DNA Activation.

– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation (Online, Remote or Face to Face session)
– 24+/26 DNA Activation (King Solomon Lineage)
– 40 DNA Activation (King Solomon Lineage)

– AK2 DNA Activation (52 DNA Activation): This is the upgrade after the 26 DNA or 40 DNA Activation. It creates the Lightbody, so fundamentally it is the latest version of the energetic template to transform your vibration higher.
– AK3 DNA  Activation – This is the latest energetic light body and highest vibration and consciousness we can reach on this physical dimension. 

Once you have activated and opened your own true potential and resources, then you can receive the following sessions for further activation.

– Qabalah Tree of Life Healing and Activation
– Spark of Life – Blueprint Revitalization (Remote only)

Once a month, you can receive a session to clean up thoroughly and receive the Galactic Lightbody transmission. This session is recommended after you receive the DNA Activation/AK2 DNA Activation and Spark of Life, both of which activate your fundamental core energy first.

– Remote Group session  – Galactic Lightbody Transmission and Activation