Emotional Release, Crystal Healing & EMDR NLP Hypno

Emotional Release, Crystal Healing & EMDR NLP Hypno

< Face to Face>

– Standard treatment: £210 (80min). (220 pounds if you pay by PayPal within 96h/4days).
– Full treatment:£260 (110min). (270 pounds if you pay by PayPal within 96h/4days) – if you need to talk longer than 20 -25 mins to vent out

<Remote Healing>
Please see below.

Main purpose of this therapeutic and empowerment session is for you to
– explorer and express what you really feel and what you really want. You can be totally honest with how you feel and express it in a safe and privacy-protected environment.

More importantly, this session does not stop here. While you are expressing your emotional wounds such as sadness, betrayed, abandoned, anger, fear, inconfidence, etc., you will be supported to release them, heal them, raise your self esteem and TRANSFORM your emotional and mental patterns.

It is essential for you to express what you feel and release stuck emotions within you to move on, not to ignore and suppress it.  This session has lot of time for you to speak and interact with a therapist compared to other sessions, so it is suitable for you if you feel the needs not only expressing your emotions longer but also receiving a transformational energy session (healing and re-building your self identity)  to get out of your stuck emotional/mental state.

Just talking about your issues like a conventional session, would not really change a situation but combination with the energetic work to work on your mind, body and heart would transform you for better.

If you are in a situation like, not limited to
– lost your job and feel resented and sad.
– lost love and cannot move on.
– you cannot get what you want and cannot move on further in your career, dream, auditions.
– you feel you attract wrong men/women and don’t feel you are respected.
– you are overweight/inconfident and feel you are not attractive.
– you feel you are not beautiful/handsome/attractive enough and feel not confident.
– your business is stuck and cannot attract customers and generate more income.
– you are sceptical about Reiki/healing session, and want to try something else which is more mainstream and established. (If you are open to holistic and spiritual energy work, I highly recommend you to receive 26 DNA Activation session or Quantum Block Release session to start transform your life fully. )
and more.

Interventions for this session to empower you, are the combinations of below established methods.
– Consultation time and Questions for you to explorer,  feel what you feel and express it.
Re-evaluate your values and your standard by a psychological work, the Mind Revolution’s Universal principles and the metaphysics.
– Crystal Healing:
Using variety of crystal stones to support you to solve issues.
Cord Cutting if needed.
EMDR – It is well known as a quick effect to release frozen emotions and pain.
NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) to re-establish a healthy communication, emotional pattern and belief system with
Hypno to access your subconscious mind and override a dysfunctional belief and emotions to something you desire for better.(For 80 min shorter session, depends on how it flows, long hypno session may not be included.)
Reiki Healing & Medical Intuitions, if needed: Therapist will scan your energy and get guidance from angels and masters for your therapy.
Psychic Reading to assess cause and effects, if you would like.

What you will experience during a session
* Please note below is a standard contents as an example, and it may be customised depends on your conditions with your agreement.
– Pre-arrangement: Please send back a questionnaire form  to prepare crystal stones in advance, especially if your issues are related to mental and physical illnesses.
– Consultation, Talking therapy and question time: For the standard session, it is up to 20-25 min. If you need longer, especially about relationship difficulty and lost love, full session would be better for you to book.
– Crystal healing, NLP and Hypnosis to help you solve issues.
– Brief feedback time.

Please consult with us as to what your situations and conditions are as honestly as possible, and we  will customize a session to suit your needs. It works on your chakras and your Quantum Dimensional energies to release unwanted emotions, pains, beings, energies etc.

This session is a powerful clearing session and also redirect your energy to create your better future.

Session can support you to (but not limited to):

  • Get the life you want!
  • Ease your mental distresses such as anxiety and depression
  • Improve physical illnesses such as headache and body functions  (However, please continue to see your doctors as this is not a medical practice)
  • Stop smoking, drug, alcoholic addiction.
  • Find a better job
  • Change your career path by getting rid of fear.
  • Get rid of your attachment to your ex and move on.
  • FInd a better partner and relationship
  • Insomnia
  • Stress detox and anger management
  • Raise self-esteem, self acceptance and self acknowledgement
  • Release old patterns to move forward
  • Release negative energies, attachment and entities
  • Release bad karmas though your reincarnation process and ancestral line
  • Release old wounds and traumas in order to heal your heart
  • Heal deep seated loneliness, trauma and self-blame
  • Open up your potential and  release your true-self and power
  • Balance your chakra
    and so on.

You may sit on a chair or may be lying down on a treatment table and deeply relaxed. If you have any physical pain, please let us know in advance. You will be guided to be relaxed.


Remote Crystal Healing
- You can book a remote session by email. Please let us know what your issues are physically and mentally.
- Please send us together with
—-   your whole body, front and back, 2 pictures
—-  your full name, birthday

Fee for the remote session
Type 1) 30 min or 60 min Short session
– email counselling using a form, no feedback
- You  may not be able to specify the date and time of  a short session. When healing starts,  it will be notified by email.
–  work on 1  or 2 matters:£50(30min)/£90(60min) by bank transfer payment
–  Crystal healing energy transmission will be continued for 3 days (no feedback and it will stop after 3 days).

Type 2) 90 min session
– 10-15 min phone counselling and  feedback included
–  work on 1  – 4 matters:£135(90min) by bank transfer payment.
–  Crystal healing energy transmission will be continued for 3 days. (no feedback and it will stop after 3 days).

Terms and Conditions – Please read before you book a session.
– Cancelation and appointment time change policy:  Within 48 hours of your appointment, 50% of the fee will be charged. Within 24hours, 100%. Please notify us by EMAIL as soon as possible.
– Your session will be conducted as scheduled, so please come and wait 3-5 min before, not arriving late. If you are late, your session will be shortened.
– Late arrival and no show will not be arranged to refund the fee, so please be in time to maximize your session effects.
– Please aware advance payment and room arrangement needs 2-3 days to finalize your session. Within 48h session request may add additional Paypal payment, +8 pounds for 85 min session, and +12 pounds for 110 min session.
– Please pay by bank transfer at least 2-5 days before.
– For the Value pack, above terms and conditions are applied. If you choose the time before 3pm, your 3 sessions will be conducted before 3pm. If you want to change to the evening, surcharge will be added. It is valid for 6 weeks from the purchased day.

 ”I think i did a right thing and received the EMDR session. It’s been about 4 months now but I am able to accept what is happening now with more peace of mind and understand what I am feeling. ”
(Japanese Female, 30s, medical, April 2018, Tokyo, Japan)

”(EMDR, Crystal and NLP face to face) I have to say that a lot of things changed over the past year. One recent example is that I could negotiate my pay rise, which I could not 12 months ago.  I don’t think anymore about my painful past any more. I think I’m clear on that side as well. Relationship speaking, there is still some confusion. I still have the fear they will disappear but I’m now staring to see in a different way. ”
(European female 30s, finance, May 2018)

– ”I feel calm and relaxed when I think about either about my mother or what happened when I was younger. That’s indeed a major shift and I’m happy for that.”
(European Female, 30s, finance, Sep 2017, London)

– ”I felt massive bright light on the left, and feel energy went through from the head to toe. ”(Female in 30s )

– ”One session eased my pain when I walk, and I feel better with less pain ”(Female in her 60s )

– ”I felt so warm in the whole body and clearer now ”(Female in her 20s)