Usui Original Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Practitioner Training Course

Usui Original Reiki & Ascended Master Reiki Practitioner Seminar & Training
– Anyone can attend.


Reiki Introduction video  –

Since I experienced the Reiki energy, it’s been over 20 years. I became the original Usui Reiki practitioner in 2007 and became a teacher after that. I also learned esoteric and metaphysics through Mystery School’s Lineage. Later on I also became the Western version of Reiki master teacher, however, most of the Western Reiki contents taught here in London are very different from the original Japanese Usui Reiki which the Founder & Teacher Usui taught.

At our seminars, you will learn the non-diluted, original and pure Japanese Usui Reiki which
– gives you the authentic connection with the Reiki energy and
– gives you its lineage for you to heal you and others powerfully
– gives you an opportunity to learn the depth of Usui Reiki and its healing method, which the Western Reiki does not teach mostly, and more
by the Japanese Reiki teacher Kei.

Japanese Usui Reiki powerfully works on the mind and body and can heal or reverse many symptoms and conditions including mental illnesses.

Kei has been teaching Reiki and metaphysics separately in the past, but has updated the old Reiki teaching to meet the current energy and the needs as the ascension  started in 2012. Therefore not only you will learn the authentic Usui Reiki contents and receive its atonements,  but also you will learn the Western metaphysics at our seminars at the end of the seminar.

Reiki was taught by the Higher Dimension to Mr Usui, Japanese gentleman, about 100 years ago at the sacred Mount Kurama in Japan. This original pure energy and teaching is also succeeded into our Reiki teaching and you will learn this at the level 1 and 2.

From the Level 3 and above, these are the latest modalities which are available for us and opened up due to the Ascension energy.  With training, your energy will be shifted and you will be able to access the higher dimensional energies and provide healing for others.

If you are not interested in healing others, you can learn Usui Reiki and how to heal yourself and your families.

For further information, please look at the details below.

4   levels
Healing Practice Step by Step
1)     Reiki Introduction – This is for people who want to know about the original Japanese pure Reiki and experience its pure and powerful energy.
2)     Reiki Practitioner training
3)     Ascended Master Reiki Practitioner
4)     Ascended Master Reiki Advanced Practitioner

Reiki is a famous world-wide therapy. Our Reiki seminars offer you opportunities to learn the original Reiki which has the direct Lineage from Mr. Usui, Reiki Founder. It maintains the authentic Reiki connection, and offers you the original healing method and its healing power. This original Reiki energy retains the powerful healing energy to work on mental and physical dysfunctions and illnesses as it can flow the pure and original Reiki energy.

You can find out our Reiki healing’s feedback from our clients from here.

After World War II, Reiki healing spread rapidly across Japan as people who were wounded, injured and burned severely by bombs and attacks, desperately wanted to be healed, and needed to be healed. They found out that Reiki was powerfully healing them. From these experiences, Reiki was verified as a powerful and effective healing, which started about 100 years ago in Japan and went all over the world known as “Reiki” now.

However, due to the Ascension day, upgraded Reiki energy is also available, which is called Ensor Ray Reiki. This comes from the source, Ensof, and has the pure energy to heal you but not only healing, supporting you to transform you to the next energy and conscious level.

You can heal yourself and others by “hands on” Reiki healing. This workshop does not only teach you healing techniques, but also teaches what the higher dimension taught us human about Reiki. It teaches you virtues and you will also learn how to develop your awareness, disciplines and healing skills.

Our Reiki is the pure original non-diluted Japanese Reiki, not the modified Western Reiki. Have you ever heard people are saying that Reiki is not that effective?

I heard that too and experienced it. Many Reiki practitioners are not properly trained and do not have the proper original “Reiki” connection with the proper source. Many of them say they are Reiki practitioners and teacher only after couple of days training. They may be qualified but the way training is conducted is not really long enough or appropriate enough. It lacks the mental and emotional, psychological trainings to release ego and develop more love and compassion aspects, and sometimes it lacks the authentic Reiki connection.

Many Western Reiki’s training offers only 1 or 2 days for people to become a practitioner, which is not really enough for practitioners to practice proper Reiki therapies. Sometimes, some of the Reiki seminars lack of cultivating mental and emotional discipline trainings and do not offer authentic Reiki Attunements.

Reiki Healing is effective if practitioners are properly trained and become connected with the Reiki lineage properly. Reiki is more effective and works better if practitioners are not egoistical but can flow pure and original energy, and have more compassion and virtues. Our trained Reiki healers offer high quality reiki healing which is effective mentally and physically.

Founder and Teacher Usui said

” Effectiveness of Reiki depends on how Reiki practitioners’ consciousness and disciplines are developed.”

Our training cultivates these aspects and that is why there are some pre- and post- requirements.

Would you like to become an effective Reiki healer to heal others ? Join our training and become trained!

For Western Reiki practitioners.
Probably you are not aware whether you are original Japanese Usui Reiki practitioner or Western Reiki practitioner or not.

If you were attuned only at 2 hour seminar, or learned many ‘symbols’, it is more likely you learned the Western Reiki. Either way, if your clients don’t feel your Reiki effective, it is worth to attend our original and non-diluted powerful Reiki seminar to get re-attuned and re-developed.

Our practitioners feel its energy from the level 1 and at the level 2, even stronger. They receive many good feedback from their clients.

Have you wondered why your Reiki is not so effective? Come and re-sit at our seminars and re-trained and re-attuned with the authentic Reiki connection. Many of the Western Reiki trainings lack of the proper connection and trainings.

At our seminars, you will be trained and re-connected with the powerful direct lineage of Reiki found by Mr. Usui. You will be handed down how to flow the energy, and also receive Reiki attunement (Reiju) in order to become connected to this energy and flow it. Additionally, you will learn practical methods of how to heal others with depth of its teaching.

Upon completion of the Level 2, you will receive a practitioner certificate.

Time and Date: Please check our what’s on page or contact us to set the date.

<Usui Reiki and Ensof Ray Reiki Training>

Level 1 – Reiki Introduction and Self-Healing
–  This is for people who want to know about the original Japanese pure Reiki and experience its energy.
–  You will learn how to ease  minor symptoms anytime anywhere. For proper healing and its connection, please attend the level 2. Level 1 is only the introduction.
–  This also has the relaxation aspect.

–  What Reiki is. Original Reiki. – Usui Reiki – Hayashi Reiki – History of Reiki
–  How Mr Mikao Usui was enlightened
–  Western Reiki which went all over the world
–  Meaning of Reiki characters
–  Meaning of the five Rules (“Gokai”), Their Ritual
–  Consciousness for Reiki Healing and how to raise it.
–  Feel Reiki
–  How to get connected with Reiki energy and flow it.
–  How to flow Reiki into you.
–  How to ease symptoms.
–   Attunement (“Reiju”)
–   Site Protection Ritual – How to protect the site (Basic)
–   Brief assignments for people who want to attend the level 2.

Workshop fee:
– Private booking: 2h 40 min @ £ 350 by bank transfer (Within 4 days, by PayPal £365).
– If you book it in a group, there will be a £ 30 discount. 

– NONE. But it is highly recommended to receive 26/28 DNA Activation and Class 1 level 1 protection class in prior.

Time and Date:  contact us to arrange.

Terms and conditions – please read at the bottom of this page when you apply for the seminar.


Level 2 – Reiki Practitioner
– If you would like to heal others as well as yourself, please attend this workshop after the Level 1
– You will learn the original Reiki and how to heal others effectively.
– Please contact the school if you are interested in. Your energy and consciousness will be accessed by the Master teacher.
– After the completion of the level 2 attendance,  assignments and energy assessment, you will receive the Reiki Practitioner Certificate, level 2.

–  Energy Clearing Meditation
–  Meaning of the five Rules (“Gokai”), Their Ritual
–  Importance of the balancing of your own energy.
–   Consciousness for Reiki Healing and how to raise it.
–   Human energy structure (basic)
–   How to heal mentally with Reiki
–   How to heal physically with Reiki.
–   Energy Circulation Cleaning Method (“Kekkouhou”)
–   Hand down of “Shirushi” (Symbol)
–   “Tanden” Healing (Hara healing)
–   Reiki energy Circulation experience
–   What “lump of toxin” is (“Byosen”)
–   Reiki Policy for mental and physical discomfort and illnesses
–   Practical Hands on Healing Practice and theory

  • Practical tips and advice to heal others
  • How to maintain your energy as a professional Reiki healer
  • How to clean the energy in food and drinks
  • Mental attitude as a good Reiki healer and what to do
  • How to scan and detect energy blocks and stuck energies using your full  perceptions
  • How to get guidance from the Higher Dimension to practice effective healing
  • Basic protection of how to protect you from not being affected by negative energies  and entities
  • Explanation of Reiki’s Hands positioning within the healing  energy
  • Basic meditation to purify your own energy daily

–       Reiki Hands on practice – practice how to heal others.
–       Site Protection Ritual (Basic) – Learn how to protect the site
–       Protection Ritual (Basic) – Learn how to protect yourself with the mystery school method.
–       Attunement (“Reiju”)
–       Assignments to complete to receive the level 2 certificate. 

Workshop fee:
7.5-8 hours in private @ £660 including a short break/ time for a meal. You can request your preferred time to attend. (within 72h, by Paypal, £675).

– Please note energetic assessment will be conducted when you request an attendance. 
* Once you complete all the assignment submissions, then you can book the Reiki level 2 seminar (after the energetic assessment).
 Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation
– Class 1 level 1 – Protection and energy management – with the assignment submission.
– Quantum Empowerment – 80 min session x  3/4
– Deep healing 1-3
– Class 2 self healing level 1 with the assignment submission
– Mind Revolution Course (7 lessons) with the assignment submission
– Class : How to do Counselling with the assignment submission
– Class 2 self healing level 2 with the assignment submission
– Ensofic Ray Healing 3 sessions’ energy connection set (face to face only)
– Spark of Life
– Sacred Geometry Site protection Workshop (face to face only)
(- Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar is recommended.)

Post-requisite Before you are certified.
– There are 2 stages for the certifications.
- Stage 1: Certification as a Usui Reiki Practitioner
– Once you complete all the pre-requisites and below post-requisite with the Reiki level 2 attendance and assignment completion, you will be certified as a Usui Reiki Practitioner. You can get covered by the policy and start practising Reiki for others.
– For people attending the Reiki level 2 training from 2020 – You need to complete the Reiki practice assignments within 8 months of your attendance of the Reiki level 2 to be certified.
– If it is over 8 months, you need to attend the Reiki hands on practice and Review session (3h at 250 pounds. After 3 pm, 270 pounds). until you are certified every 3 months.

Post-requisite for the post-stage 1
– Meditation and Reiki Hands on practice. –  about 90-2h, from 2 person’s attendance.  You will learn about the hands on position, additional self-healing contents listed in the level 2.

- Stage 2: Certification as a Usui Reiki Practitioner acknowledged by Galactic Federation Lightworker School.
Once you complete all the pre-requisites and below post-requisite, you will be certified as a Usui Reiki Practitioner acknowledged by the school. School will offer this certificate only to  students whose vibration is suitable.

Post-requisite for the post-stage 2
– Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar
– Meditation and Reiki Hands on practice

Time and Date: Please check our what’s on page or contact us to set the date.

Terms and conditions – please read at the bottom of this page when you apply for the seminar.


Level 3 – Ascended Mater Reiki Practitioner
‐ After the completion of the level 2 and assignment, you should be able to flow Reiki energy smoothly and healing with it. At this level, you will learn how to work with Ascended masters or your own Healing Guide of the Light. In order to work with them, you also need to learn how to raise your conscious level and improve your healing.
–       So, after the completion of the pre-requisite, your energy is prepared and ready to attend this workshop. There are lots of raising your awareness for better healing and your mental and emotional healing.
–       You will also be guided how to find your own Healing Guide or the Healing Light, and work with them.
–       After the completion of the level 3 attendance and assignment, you will receive the GFLS Acknowledged Reiki Practitioner Certificate, level 3.

–  Review of the level 2 – Gokai, Hands on practice, toxic point, blood circulation improvement hands on practice, etc.
–  Energy Clearing Meditation
–  Raise your awareness
–  Who are the Ascended Masters, roles and their energies
–  Ascended Master Reiki and its healing benefits
–  Human energy structure (basic)
–  Guided work –  who is your Ascended Master, or the Light being of the Healing Contract.
–  For the next level healing. Raise your consciousness and healing quality.
–  Meaning of the upgraded five Principles (“Gokai”)
–  How to heal mentally with Reiki
–  How to heal physically with Reiki.
–  Hand down of “Shirushi” (Symbol) to work with the Ascended Masters
–  Practical Hands on Healing Practice
–  Void Meditation practice
– Counseling practice
–  Reiki Hands on practice – practice how to heal others.
–  Attunement (“Reiju”)
–  Assignments to complete to receive the level 3 certificate. 

Course contains
– Seminar: about 7h (till it gets finished on Sat/Sun, or any other day if the room is available).
– 2 hands on counselling and Reiki practice follow up 85 min training – monthly.
– 1 exam (80 min) – on counselling and Reiki practice.
– assignment check and assessment fee

Course Fee:£1250 inc all the follow up practice, exam and assessment fee.
– This course requires regular hands-on-practice, follow-ups and the exam, so it will be spreading out over minimum 4-6 months to complete, expected to complete within 8 months. 

–  40 DNA
– AK2 DNA or  AK3 DNA
– Class 2 level 2 report submission
– Reiki seminar level 2’s stage 2 report submission / Psychic Healer Level 4 training completion
– Completion of King Salomon Healing
– GFLS  Outer circle Initiation Seminar
– Sacred Geometry 6
– Sacred Geometry 7
– Psychic development lec 0-7
– Channelling Basic Seminar Level 1
– After the Outer circle’s GFLS Initiation seminar, attend the initiate seminars: Connection with your Guides and Mystery School History, 13 races, if not received yet.
* Above sessions should be received for the psychic healer training level 1 or 2 courses.

For this course you need
– pre-assessment when you request.
– Class 1 level 2  – Higherself connection
– Quantum Release of Blocks 80 min session, if not within 3 months
– Cord Cutting & Healing 80 min session, if not within 3 months
– DNA top up and Maintenance session, if you haven’t had a DNA activation within 3 months of the Level 3 seminar.
– As a Reiki practitioner, certain hours of hands on Reiki healing needs to be practiced. Otherwise, you would not be able to become connected with the Ascended Master’s high vibration. Please keep a log on how many hours you practiced Reiki on how many people. (Only Reiki, not including any other healing modalities, counselling, feedback time). Then submit a report.
– Your Meditation log after you are certified as the Level 2 Reiki Practitioner.

– Another – Sacred Geometry 6  – 80 min, or
– Cord Cutting & Healing 80 min session


Level 4 – Learn Remote Reiki Healing and Unwanted Habit/Pattern Release Reiki  
After you understand your energy and learn how to become connected with ascended masters to heal your clients, you will learn further skills.
– How to do a remote Reiki healing session.
– How to release unwanted habits and patterns by Reiki
– Understand psychology to release unwanted habits
– Develop a consultation skill and trouble shooting skill.

Pre-requisite and post-requisite
– It will be taylor-made according to your energetic conditions. Usually it is a combinations of DNA activation upgrade, energy sessions, psychic development class from the Psychic course level 3, and psychological sessions.

Course contains
– Seminar: about 7h (till it gets finished on Sat/Sun, or any other day if the room is available).
– 3 hands on counseling and Reiki practice follow up 110 min training – monthly.
– 1 exam (110 min) – on counseling and Reiki practice.
– Assignment check and assessment fee

Course Fee:£1400 inc all the follow up practice, exam and assessment fee.
– This course requires regular hands-on-practice, follow-ups and the exam, so it will be spreading out over minimum 4-5 months to complete, expected to complete within 8 months.
– If you need further follow-up practice sessions, it is £140 per 110 min session.


Terms and Conditions
– Seminar will be conducted with minimum two -three people
– Please bring water, snack, notebook and pen
– It may take longer so please be prepared just in case.
– Please pay your seminar fee in advance by bank transfer.
– After you book the seminar, please start practising what you learned in the class 1.
–  After the seminar is booked, cancellation fee is charged; Within two weeks of the seminar, cancellation charge is £70.Within 10-8 days before, £120, within 8-4 days before, £160, and within 4days, 100% cancellation fee will be charged.

Client Feedback –

(Reiki level 1) ” Now, lines and dots were finally connecting, and it was comprehensive.  I felt heat and a tingling sensation after the attunements.
(Japanese female, 40s, London, Nov 2022)

** Corona Pandemic – Reiki seminars were not offered till Nov 2022 from 2019.

(Reiki level 1)This was a great introduction to learning reiki and it is empowering to know this is the pure reiki. Kei explains things well and I feel by practising everyday this is helping to heal and ground me.”
(Asian female, 30s, finance, London, April 2019)

(Reiki level 1) ”I attended the Reiki 1 seminar with Kei. I have been initiated to Reiki master level before in the Western Reiki tradition (from excellent teachers and I am very grateful for this introduction to Reiki) but I was drawn to undertaking the Reiki seminars offered by Kei in the Japanese tradition as I had experienced how powerful her distance healing sessions were. I felt there was a perceptible difference in the Reiki energy during the attunement. There was a strong spiritual focus in Kei’s teaching and while I was familiar with the Reiki principles before, I had not introduced these as a formal practice before. I have found a definite shift in my attitude since affirming the principles everyday. The seminar covers other philosophical and spiritual themes that are communicated via the emperor’s poems. Finally, to those considering enrolling in Kei’s seminars- there is a strict set of pre- and post-requisites which may put off those who want a quick route to becoming a reiki practitioner; however, I feel these will benefit and strengthen one’s practice immensely. I do not practice reiki professionally and was drawn to it for spiritual development but I can see the benefits of Kei’s disciplined approach to progression.”
(Asian female, 40s, corporate, London, April 2019)

(Reiki practitioner level 2 completion – after one year)
Reiki practitioner training has allowed me to flow and direct tremendous amounts of pure universal energy. The training works deeply on the energetic side to allow you to take your healing to the next level. Definitely one of the purest most direct yet simplest training methods.”
(English male, 20s, psychic healer and Western Reiki Teacher, London,  Apr 2018)

(Level 2) ”I already have a Reiki practitioner certificate (I am not a practitioner though) but having experienced very powerful Reiki healing sessions from Kei, I wanted to be attuned to the Japanese Reiki system. I can confirm that this is worth doing. I love Kei’s structured approach to teaching and she empowers her students to be confident practitioners. There were techniques I had not covered before. Moreover, the quality of the energy in the Japanese Reiki system is very different. Another point that I greatly appreciate about Kei is her rigorous pre- and post-attunement requirements before a certificate is awarded. This takes time, effort and discipline but is critical for anyone who wishes to be a serious practitioner. This strictness is combined with a great generosity of spirit in Kei as she is more than happy to share tips from her vast personal experience. If this is your calling, I cannot think of a better teacher than Kei. ”
(Asian female, 40s, health related, London, July 2019)

”(Level 1 & 2) Hey Kei, thank you so much yesterday. The Japanese poems really have stuck with me in my head. Regarding the smoking, the poems have unlocked something in me that really making me realise the concealed seeds of what I created! Such amazing work! Actually feel me desire for smoking has been clear, thank you! The training was very good and clear, felt very interstates and balanced. I look forward to learning more about myself on this incredible journey. You seem to make things feel simple and easy and very integrated! Looking forward to practicing on people this healing it seems so powerful just working the energy on me. ”
(English male, 20s, psychic healer and Western Reiki Teacher, London,  Mar 2017)

‘(Level 1 & 2) Level 1 made me become interested in Reiki more. I learned a lot in the Reiki level 2 seminar. I started using Reiki on me at the beginning and I noticed changes in my body. I had an ovarian cyst for several years but it is gone. Doctor was surprised as he said it usually does not get disappeared. I think it is because of Reiki. I want to continue to practice Reiki as well as meditation. ”
(Japanese female, 40s,  corporate worker, Oct 2016)

“(Level 1 &2) Seminar contents was really rich, thorough and deep.”
(Japanese female, 40s, medical, May 2016)

“(Level 1) I noticed Reiki energy through my hands on my body as a self healing is really warm and healing. I want to build up the energy”
(Japanese female, 30s, corporate worker, June 2014)

“(Level 2) I went to the Reiki seminar 2 to receive Reiki from a Reiki 2 trainee. I don’t know that much about Reiki, but the trainee’s hands were warm and relaxing. When Kei put her hands on me, it was obvious her hands were intensively warmer and I knew where her hands were on me. I don’t know about healing but liked my experience. Relaxing”
(English male, personal trainer,  40s  Nov 2014)

“(Level 1 and 2) Just one word, how powerful! I’ve been a western Reiki practitioner but original Japanese Reiki is simple but so powerful to heal. I noticed how much Reiki was modified after it was out of Japan. The Energy Clearing method was one of the methods lacking in the Western Reiki.
(Japanese female, 30s, therapist, 2010)

“(Level 1 & 2)I didn’t expect anything before the seminar, but after the seminar, I was surprised as I felt so much energy in my hands and body. I learned the meaning of 5 principles, history, symbols and more and time really went so fast.  My music students are feeling different energy from my music while listening and look more relaxed, and some other people said I look calmer and become a different person. ”
(Japanese male, music teacher, 30s  April 2013)