3.11 Japan Tsunami Disaster Recovery Support


Since Japan had the worst disaster in the Tohoke area, there has been the recovery made even slowly. However, there are still people who need help mentally, emotionally and physically. Japanese Prime Minister also posted the message on the You Tube but the damage is still there.

This Disaster Recovery support work helps
– people who need mental and emotional trauma to be healed and eased
– clear the energy of the contaminated land and the water
– overall to support Japan to get recovered energetically.

★★ How it Works★★
‐ From London, we, Mystery school,  will send the Ensof Ray Reiki energy to people and the land to be healed, and promote the recovery. Remote healing energy works as it is like a face to face session.
– If you can support this work, please visit the site below and pay the support fee. Money will be sent for the Tohoku area’s recovery.

Recovery Support Day: March 20th Thur. London time 11am.
Participation deadline: till 19th.

– If you know anyone who needs the healing energy, please get their permission to receive the healing energy first. Pay the support fee from the link above and send us the energy recipient name, address and age by email contact@rksps.co.uk.
– For the land and water energy clearing, you don’t have to email us separately, and just kindly visit the link below please.

Thank you in advance and have a good day.