★ July 17th Wed 22:00 – 22:35 – Zoom Group Karma Release and Healing Session 1

July 17th Wed 22:00 – 22:35 – Zoom Group Karma Release and Healing Session

July 16th’s Capricorn Eclipse and Full Moon energy is still very strong on 17th and it is a good time to release karma’s debris, attachment, anger, sadness, unhealthy thought and emotions today.

School offers a full blown karma and negative energy release sessions but at this time and moment, if you need support to release old patterns, mental, emotional and physical pain, you can use this short group session opportunity and experience how it is like for you.

This is a group session so very much hands-on release and healing session in a group. Please choose somewhere quite and you can follow the guidance sitting on a chair and release negative energies anywhere you want privately.

There is a 5 min explanation at the beginning and the rest of the time is the time for you to release negative energies, just sitting quietly in your space.

What is karma and what the session is like? 
– please visit our standard session webpages as for your reference. Since this session is 30 min short, it’s designed for you to experience to release as much as possible based on the standard session protocol.

Standard session as for your reference – https://uk.gfls.co.uk/quantum_release_of_energy_blocks_nlp_coaching/

For July 17th we will work on a specific vibration to release negative emotional charges but it works on any areas in your life.  Since we are in a cancer month with full moon energy, we will work on relationship matters to let go old energies and karmic patterns. If you are in an emotionally turmoil and unsettling situation, this session is highly recommended.

– It will be irregular, but this session would be offered again in the future and each time we will work on the specific energies and emotions to release.

Booking – Early bird offer 
– Please pay from the Paypal link below. (There is no any extra charge).


Advance preparation.
– You will receive the instruction by email advance.
– Please download the free Zoom app on your PC or mobile, and test it if you can access it.
– Please input the meeting number right before the group session time to join the group session.
– Please note the fee is not refundable after you book the session, running late to join, or cannot join the session. Therefore, please make sure you download the app and can join smoothly as your responsibility.