★March 20th (Sat) 2021 – Online Spring Equinox – Awaken your Divinity and Shift Your Future to the desirable dimension by Sun Gods.

March 20th is a Spring Equinox day and the spring season starts. Day time is getting longer and the Sun God energy gets stronger day by day. Under this ascension time, this day is another special key day to transform your energy by releasing the heavy earth elemental energy and moving into more air elemental energy. Especially emotion-wise, it’s suitable as the Sun is in Aries, and the moon in Gemini position on this equinox day.

This day is a good day to receive support from the Goddess Amaterasu and Sun God Ra to awaken your Divinity and shift your future in the desired direction as they initiate the ascension together with the Galactic Federation. Clearing and Activation on this Spring Equinox energy can support you to become true you and take you to the next stage of your life.

This Spring Equinox Day has two parts. Ideally, you can join both of them but it is up to you if you want to attend either one of them.

Part 1 – Online Zoom Group Intuitive Coaching Session with an individual one card tarot reading to transform your life and reach your goal.
– This is a 80 min Zoom Online Group session. You will receive both guidance and the energy to transform your life.

– Outline
– Identify blockages, old patterns, old habits, emotional and mental wounds.
– Identify what you desire, desired goals and direction.
– Brief QA time
– Individual short one card tarot-reading as a guidance
– Key points to transform your life from a channelled message from Goddess Amaterasu.
– Short guided meditation to transform your vibration with the Equinox energy.

Time and Date:
Part 1 March 20th, Sat., 2021. 13:00-14:20 (Japan time is 20th, 20:00 – 21:20)
* Limited only for 10 people.

Fee: Early bird offer – £45 by Paypal below.
– Fee will go up closer to the event day.
– Deadline: 3h before.


Part 2 – Remote Group Session to clear old patterns and blockages and receive galactic energy transmission by the Sun God Ra, Goddess Amaterasu and the Galactic Federation.
– Remote group session.
– After you attend part 1, this part 2 session will help you to receive further energy to clear your energy, balance you and shift your vibration to reach your desired goal.

– Outline
– Please visit this web page.

Time and Date: After Part 1 on the same March 20th, 2021.

Terms and Conditions
– There is no refund after you book unless the event is cancelled.
– Please download a free Zoom software in advance and test it for you to be able to log in, not to struggle to log in on time on the day.