★Part 2 – Clear all the deceptions-  Audio Message – 21st – NEW Moon and Venus Magic workshop, Remote  New Moon and Eclipse Galactic  transmission


How are you?

Tomorrow 21st is the day for us to redirect the energy and manifest your dreams by New Moon and Eclipse Energy in the Leo month.

Some of you may like an audio message so you can listen to the audio recorded today for tomorrow. https://youtu.be/FcPwX2zwJNc

Part 2 – Clear all the deceptions this month before Aug 22nd.

I was talking about how others can be/may be/are deceptive to you. It makes you upset, sad and angry, of course.
This time, I would like to touch upon how honest we are to our feelings.
I want to say majority of the people we meet in life should be good people even if they/you have some issues.  No one is perfect. However… deceptions are created by manipulation, control, insecurities and expectations even if some people think they are good people and they want to present  themselves as so.

How can you prevent these?
I have my own system to understand what is going on in my life and try to understand situations as accurate and objective as possible. Having said that, sometimes this system does not work well IF
– I ignore my gut feelings
–  I try to ignore contradicting facts and information which are presented in front of me.
– I try to be too protective or too understanding ignoring my sense of ‘I know the truth’ and messages from my mentors and guides.
– the other person(s) manipulate all and make me feel I did something wrong though they did something nasty behind the scene.

So, best prevention is to be honest with how you feel and communicate it openly.

If the other person(s) is understanding and genuine, they will understand how you feel. If they are not, they will most likely put all the tips on your shoulders and manipulate you and make you feel like you are a bad person.

Is he/she psychopath or sociopath?
Our world has beautiful aspect as well as ugly aspect. Unfortunately, there are some people who can be categorised as psychopath or sociopath according to NHS, some of them are not even aware of it.

One acquaintance is writing a book about a sociopath as she had a tremendous mental damage from her previous marriage.

One of the organizations I go to banned one guy to come in as he was unfortunately regarded as causing troubles to others as he was hunting women and acted funny to others, and the organization knew he was mentally unbalanced.

If you do some research on the NHS site, you can find more info on these. It is better to stay away from all the sociopath as they only want material gain but don’t show it to you. Stay away from all the troubles and even from ‘smokes’.

It is important to focus on you now and stay healthy and cultivate your healthy mind and body.
Leo month is a good month to clear all the deceptions and move on.

21st Eclipse and New Moon day – set your new energy releasing all the deceptions.
We will have another eclipse on the new moon day, 21st,  and it is quite important for all of us as we get influenced by the planet energy.

Private sessions and classes are also available.   Feel free for any queries and bookings.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light


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Aug 21st – New Moon, Eclipse Days for the Remote Galactic Light Body Transmission
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Important Month with 2 Eclipse in the Leo Month – 7th and 21st – Remote  Full Moon, New Moon, Eclipse Galactic Light Transmission, Reiki seminar, more
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