Wed 18th of June – “Unlock the Power Within! & Emotional Healing ” – Heal Yourself and a relationship with the Abundance”

Wed 18th of June – “Unlock the Power Within!& Emotional Healing” – Heal Yourself and a relationship with the Abundance”

Since the “Unlock the Power within You” event is very popular, and the new AK 2 energy (Adam Kadmon 2) is down here for us to obtain the God consciousness in the human body and help others to be shifting, you can join “Unlock the Power within!” to transform your life in various aspects.
From March, special Adam Kadmon 2 energy is down here. I sent this energy to each individual participant at the last event. You can receive this high vibration energy transmission too.
This workshop offers many activations to unlock the keys within you even further and transform your life with Abundance energy.

This workshop includes below;
– Energy Clearing Meditation with Coaching Hypno which works on your subconscious mind to transform and heal you emotionally.
– Archangel Michael’s support to release negative energies
– Unlocking Your Power with the Special Code by the ancient wisdom
– Activating your energy by the guided active meditation – Abundance Attraction work
– AK2 Shamballa Energy Code Activation
– AK2 Energy Transmission

Have a good night and looking forward to seeing you there.


Love and Light


Place: Covent Garde, 4 min walk. Location will be notified two days before the event after you book.

Time: Wed 18th June, 19:10-20:40 (Door will be closed by 19:20 and please do not be late)

Participation fee:
Early Bird Offer is available
– £20 by Tue June 17th (Booking and paypal payment by 22:00)
– £25 by door by cash. Please contact us first. If seat is available, you can book. (Otherwise, you may be sitting on the floor on a yoga matt.)

Seats are limited. First come, first served!


Booking: Please email to book your seat to

Please read first before you book.
– Please email me first to book your seat, and then you will be notified to make a payment by PayPal. After your booking request email, PayPal account information will be emailed to you.
– During sessions, I cannot reply you and if you would like to make a payment by the deadline within the same day, please email me in the early afternoon.
– Fee will not be refunded unless we cancel the event.
– There is a meditation and please come 5 min before.
– If you are late and come in, please come in quietly.
– Door will be open till 19:20, but after that it will be closed and you cannot get in.
– please bring water, etc. for you to drink. You may feel thirsty.

Testimonials from participants.
Events on March 30th
“I feel I’m changing from the first event and feel I am receiving more light. I can create the design better with more ides and my design and preference has been really changing in this couple of years receiving sessions. After the Ancestral Healing, I can get up early in the morning without feeling bad, which was difficult before. “ (Female in her 30s, Designer)
“Thank you so much. I really enjoyed the event and learned so much. I would refresh both physically and mentally. I want to continue to meditate every day. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker)

“Thank you so much. At the Archangel Michael Initiation, when I was walking down to the initiation room, I felt massive divine energy there. Since I received the initiation, I feel Michael is protecting me. Protection I learned at the seminar is really changing my room energy instantly. I also started feeling the dark energy at my work, which I wasn’t feeling before.” (Female in her 40s, Medical)

“Thank you so much. I had many visions to heal others and felt how it is like to be connected with the Guides. Also at the intuitive healing energy drawing by color, it was so much fun and I thought about my childhood when I had many creative and innocent ideas. “ (Female in her 30s, corporate worker)