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For Ascension – Dark Attachment Release and Transmutation

Are you aware we are in the middle of the Ascension to the 5th dimension?

Since the full ascension process started in Dec 2012, many of us have experienced unexpected effects and influence in the following 7 years. Seven years is the time to complete one cycle. So after 7 year’s cycle was finished in Dec. 2019, 2020 is not an exception to process the ascension flow. 2020 year is the year to review what you have achieved spiritually and what darkness you are still carrying within you and what you haven’t shed off. Then based on this review, you need to figure out what you want and what you need, and then take actions to proceed.

Currently, there are so much information available related to how you, humans and the earth can ascend from the 3rd /4th dimension to the 5th dimension, whether it’s right or wrong. In order to ascend, you need to transmute the dark and grey energies into the light.

What you need for the ascension?

‐ Connect with your Higherself, Ascended Masters or Angels?
‐ Clean up and remove what you don’t need any more?
⁻ Meditate everyday?
‐ Receive healing?
‐ Do what makes me excited?
‐ Practice yoga?
‐ Be kind to others?
‐ Visit the graveyard and heal ancestors?
‐ Clean up the house and polish my mind?

The above things are not essential but it can help you to raise your awareness and vibration. Critical thing is not depending on ascended masters and light-beings but you need to face yourself, understand you, understand your shadow, weakness, strength, dark aspect and psychology, and transmute the darkness to the light, then take actions to make a change. Many people read articles and books, or watch videos and build up the knowledge, however, what is lacking is they don’t apply what they learned and take actions to make a change, that’s why their life don’t get changed. Just building your knowledge only inflates the spiritual ego, not cultivate compassion and love.

It is not easy living on this planet in the third or fourth dimension as a human as you are supposed to experience twist and angles of life, ailments, aging, sufferings, pain and death. When people encounter difficulties and challenges in life, many people try to escape from sufferings and pain, seek for happiness and search for what they can rely on to create happiness. Depends on a person, they may seek a religious service, a psychic reading, healing or any other spiritual path.

We experience joyful and happy time whilst we also experience difficulties. Importance is not to escape and avoid challenges and difficulties, but face them, understand your emotions and others, and find a way to solve them. This process itself is very important even if you cannot find a perfect solution or answers. We may seek for perfection, answers and solutions for everything, but we also need to understand nothing may be perfect in this physical dimension, and we cannot find answers for everything.

Some people think there is no demon and darkness, however, they cannot really see then why people kill others and bad mouthing, etc. Human society in the physical dimension has a plenty of ”unfairness, inequality, dishonesty, and fraud” and it is not easy to face and deal with it. This non-perfect human society is made of non-perfect humans who is not god, and mixed with light and darkness. If a person does not avoid understanding their own darkness, deal with it, and take actions to transmute them to the light, there will be more light and love spreading into the human society and the earth. If there is more light, ascension becomes possible at a personal level, national level and also the earth level.

Then, what we need to focus on is not the perfectionism based on what is right or wrong, but transmuting any darkness related to you into the light. In this process, you will learn a lot and grow. Even though your dreams may not come true in the end, it is not that important but what you learn and grow matters more.

Then How Can You Face Your Own Darkness and Transmute It Into the Light?

Kei has researched and studied a lot about transmuting darkness over 15 years whilst offering sessions to many people in order for us to be free from sufferings and problems, then to live a life happily. She has revised the approaches over and over based on the metaphysic and esoteric truth, and reached to the following ideas currently. In order for us to become ascended, it is critical that we need to release and transmute darkness into the light, even though this is not that much recognised among spiritual people.

In order to transmute darkness, we need to understand how we are made of. We humans are made of two parts; Higherself which is the love and light, and the Lowerself which is related to darkness and our negative psychology. Lowerself is made of following aspects;

‐ Negative emotions and personality such as anger, jealousy, ego, fear and more.
‐ Negative thoughts such as arrogance and inferior complex.
‐ Dark energies such as earth-bound, demons, dark angels, and more.
‐ Karma, spells, curses, psychic attack and more.

If you don’t deal with these shadow aspects and leave them within you, they wouldn’t disappear and will stay with you until you sort these out beyond time and space, so it is just a matter of time and your free till you are ready to deal with it. In order to deal with them and transmute to the light, you can deal with the following 4 elements:

1)Energetic Activation to become connected with the light.
2)Spirit release and exorcism work to remove dark energy.
3)Psychological work to understand your own psychology, heal wounds and transmute darkness.
4)Learn and synchronize with the universal wisdoms based on the Law of Universe and get into the creation of your micro-cosmos as a divine self.

If you practice the above elements, you would be able to start creating your own reality and your divine micro-cosmos while living here as a physical being with a god consciousness within, which we call as Adam Kadmon in our mystery school tradition.

Then What Can You Do Really?

Our school supports you to practice above all the 4 elements and start creating your own micro-cosmos. It is not limited to but the following class and sessions will support you to transmute to the light and to ascend to the higher dimension.

1)Become connected with the light and activate your own light within you.

‐ 26 DNA Activation: Over 3,000 years ago, King Solomon verified the effectiveness of DNA activation as a universal modality. DNA Activation opens up your power and gifts (face to face session only). DNA Activation session include a DNA activation-specific healing session to transmute darkness. Depends on a person, they may experience spirit release, exorcism or karma release as well during the session.
‐ Spark of Life (remote) : Spark of Life session as well as DNA Activation session is a high priority session. DNA Activation activates your energetic DNA strands related to the physical dimension. Spark of Life session is the one to activate the spirit aspect of your energy via the Great Central Sun and the Masters of Light. In a standard form, you need to have only once of the Type 1 of the Spark of Life session. If you prefer to clear your soul energy together with exorcism, please refer to the Type 2 of the Spark of Life session.
– Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar: This is for everyone who would like to receive this initiation as the first step of our mystery school initiation. Hierarchy of Light is the spiritual governing body of this planet earth. Archangel Michael belongs to the Hierarchy of Light, and you will have the connection with their Archangel Michael lineage to receive their protection. During the seminar, you will learn the ancient powerful protections for you (face to face session).

2)Spirit release and Exorcism to remove energetic darkness.

More or less, everyone has spirit attachments, demonic influence, ET, psychic attack unless you expelled them and have a strong daily protection on you. It is highly recommended to remove attachments and their bad affects on you by the Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release session as the first session.
‐ Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release session: This session expels various types of attachments and demonic energies. Highly recommended as the first session as the priority.
‐ Spark of Life session (remote) : If your core energy is possessed by the demonic energies, you need this session after you receive the Sanatokumara Exorcism session to clear your energy in the soul. Even if you are not possessed but want to clear your energy in the soul, this session is recommended. Please refer to the Type 2.
‐ Both of the above sessions need the class 1 level 1’s energy management and protection to attend.
‐ Galactic Commander Asthar work session: Asthar is the Galactic Commander and can expel demonic energies at the Galactic level beyond the Solar system. During the session, your starseed energy may become activated if you are a starseed.

If you want to clear your energy even further….
The following sessions are recommended after you receive the above sessions.
‐ Ancestral Healing & Spirit Release session: After you remove attachments to yourself, you can receive this session to remove attachments, curses, spells, demonic energies from your ancestors and also heal your ancestors who are not healed yet nor reached to the appropriate spiritual dimensions they are supposed to go to.

‐- AK2 DNA Activation and King Solomon Healing session: According as the progress of Ascension, more volume of light has been coming down here and accelerates a spiritual awakening for many people. Due to this situation, our energetic bodies also need to get lighter shedding off heavy and dark energies, and to acquire a light body. In order to activate a light body, you can receive the AK2 DNA Activation (Adam Kadmon DNA Activation) and then King Solomon Healing sessions to expel darkness and shed the light into every part of the energetic body.
– In our mystery school tradition, old proto type of non-light body has soo many blockages and darkness to adapt to the massive volume of light under this ascension time and cannot absorb the light, which is causing mental and physical illnesses. However, there is no scientific verification on this unfortunately.

3) Psychological work to heal your emotional wounds and transmute negative emotions and thoughts.

‐ While I was receiving various psychic and healing trainings, I noticed that there were many people stepping into trainings to become psychic or healers as they encountered challenges or difficult situations in their lives. I also had some psychic and tarot readings at the beginning to seek for solutions, and a couple of psychic readers at that time were playing a role as a counsellor for me.
‐ Receiving readings, and energetic healings can help you to ease your feelings and positive energetic change, though it often does not give you deeper awareness of your own psychological processing. It’s better than nothing but you are not solving situations from the cause most of the time, so your mental, emotional or behaviour patterns which caused problems, usually stay there, not only clients’ cases but even many psychic readers, therapists and psychotherapists’ cases who receive trainings without psychological therapy.
– For example, jealousy and competitiveness to others are quite often staying long within people unless they are healed, and it is manifested as bullying, passive-aggressive, avoidance, arrogance, victim consciousness, narcissism, or bad-mouthing on social medias and in communications with others and family members.
– Many therapists and psychic readers are often attending seminars or trainings without receiving psychological therapies on them, and they are not really practising what they learned to master skills and offer services professionally. So lack of skills and experiences are blocking them to offer even more fantastic services.
– Therefore, it is important you need to face your own psychology and go through psychological therapeutic process, and then recognize what kind of darkness you have within you and transmute it to the light. Since this process is painful as you need to find and accept your ‘ugly / shadow’ aspect of you, not many people are willing to go through the potentially-painful process.
– Unless you work on this, darkness would stay within you. But if you do, you can set yourself free from sufferings and pains from the cause.
– In many spiritual trainings, psychological therapeutic process is often lacking and people cannot shine their light, and your self-esteem could stay quite low and it can be manifested as problems in a daily life. If you are a therapist or a psychic, and if you have still many psychological blockages, you may not be attractive enough to attract clients and provide ‘light’ or have some mental and emotional blockages to self, money, and more. If you are a therapist or a psychic reader, you need to have the certain volume of light within you and transmute your own darkness before you start dealing with darkness and issues of clients.
– Our school offers psychological work combined with the energy work in some sessions and you can get healed emotionally and mentally as well. We also offer services as Healer of Healer, and support them to cultivate their mind and transmute their darkness into the light over 10 years.
– If you suffer from any personality disorder and mental illness, please see a GP to deal with it as well. Any conventional approach may not be that effective to improve and it takes ages to get better, in many cases, months and years. If you receive the energy work combined with psychological work, it is quite often quicker to see improvement.
Please refer to the following suggestions for you.

 Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox and Healing Session: It works on integrated aspects of you; mind, emotions, body and energy. You can express your emotions and vend out your issues and problems, and energetic healing and psychological therapeutic work will be applied at the same time to transform your psychology for better. It uses crystal stones to support releasing and healing process to make the session even more effective.
– Class 2 – You will learn how to heal your own relationship to yourself and then others. Therefore, you can apply what you learned to any situations in the rest of your life. This is the first step for you to become your own psychological therapist.
‐ You can also look into EMDR, NLP, hypnosis, past life regression depends on your needs.

4)Learn the universal system and wisdoms, and apply them to your life. Then you can synchronize with the flow of the God and getting into a flow to create your own divine micro cosmos.

‐ Universe has its own system and wisdoms, and then based on that, they are creating the universe with the truth. Various information is posted to various social medias with personal views, not with universal wisdoms, and then you need to discern what information is related to the universal wisdoms and the system. if you learn the law of universe and apply it into your life, your life starts transforming beyond time and space, and you can become happier.
– If you follow the law of the universe and the law of the humans, you would be able to synchronize with the flow of the God, the truth. Once you have this flow, you have the basic psychological security as the truth would not get changed even if any other things and people on this planet are changing. Nothing stays permanent on this planet.
ー Mind Revolution Course: You will learn the basic system of the universe, and their laws. Then most important part is that you will apply them into your life and make a change from your daily life. All the learnings and seeds of changes are not somewhere distant or in the spiritual mountain, but you can find them in your daily life to learn and grow. If you can manage your emotions by transmuting the darkness into the light, you would be able to manage your life and relationships with others with more happiness.
– Usui Reiki seminar level 1: Our school teaches the original, non-diluted Reiki Healing, and you will also learn the core essence of Reiki and cultivate your mind. You will also have a connection with the Reiki lineage properly and learn how to heal yourself with Reiki energy. If you would like to become a Reiki practitioner and heal others, please attend the level 1 and 2 to transform your energy (face to face only).

– Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar: This is the first initiation of our mystery school and you will become connected with the Archangel Michael office and have its lineage. Archangel Michael office belongs to the Hierarchy of Light, which is the spiritual governing body of this planet earth. You will learn the system of the universe. Anyone can attend this seminar when you want to (face to face only).

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Reservation and Enquiries

– Not only the above suggested sessions, you can receive any other sessions on our menu. But many people who received them as a priority raised their awareness and transformed their lives.
– If you want to select only one session from each category, recommended ones are Remote Spark of life session, Sanatokumara Exorcism & Spirit Release, Quantum Psychosomatic Emotional Detox session, and Mind Revolution course.
– You can receive any sessions as an one-off session. If you prefer, you can have a consistent support if you attend courses and trainings step-by-step to make a change. Our training courses offer you to build your knowledge and skills consistently, and you can build the solid foundation to become a high quality therapist, a psychic or a divine life creator.
– Please email us to book your session: keinishimura8@gmail.com
– If you are not sure which session is suitable for you, please book a psychic consultation session.