Galactic Spark of Life (Remote)

Galactic Spark of Life – Blueprint Revitalization (Remote private session only)
– One Session example
– You can listen to this by YouTube

– Type 1 – Standard –  Brief Skype counselling and post-feedback included in this remote session (or phone if you wish)  – 95 min at £250 by UK bank transfer. (By Paypal payment. £260. Within 96h/4 days, Paypal payment only).
– Type 2 –  Combination of getting rid of /transmuting the dark energy from your soul and your energy field, you need a minimum of 3 x 90 min sessions as one set at £ 790 by bank transfer by one payment in advance (by Paypal payment. £ 830, within 96h/4 days).  If your inner energy is possessed badly by the demonic energies, you may need more than one set. If you had Type 1 and there were lots of demonic energies, please continue to receive the remaining sessions. 

Living in this world contaminates our energy and our inner light cannot shine as bright or powerfully as it once did. This divine modality will strengthen your original “You”, which is the Light you have within. Your  etheric body will be revitalized based on your individual original Blueprint,  intertwined to the Light of all Creation, ENSOF, Light of the Ultimate Source  consisting of 144,000 rays, and you will subsequently receive energy through  ENSOF to enable your etheric energy to be brought into line with your  Blueprint.

This session is one of the key sessions of our mystery school, and we will work closely with the Master of Rays from the Great Central Sun. Kei will be working together with them as one of the Master of Rays, Growth Ray. In order to activate your energy and become connected with the light, you need both of 26/40 DNA Activation which activates your energy related to the physical dimension, and the remote Spark of Life Session which activates your energy related to your spirit aspect.

Please note – Galactic-beings’ support
– After the Master of Lights finish their side of work, lately, quite often the Galactic-beings are coming in such as Asther and others and do whatever they need to awaken you.  This is an additional work on top of the Galactic Spark of Life. It’s not predictable but things like this may happen as well. If additional work is given, it will be given to you with a brief message and its interpretation before finishing the session. This is an important piece of work if you are meant to be awakening as a starseed as well.  Please ready to have a session with a pen and paper.

It’s recommended to have the following sessions first, but not obligated to; 
– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation – to connect with the Galactic and YOUR CORE energy
(- Class 1 level 1 – Energy Clearing and Protection)


Type 1 session is for anyone and it is the standard session. You can receive this remote session anytime.

Type 2 session is for people who need exorcism on their soul and their energy field. If you hear voices and have some troubles with demonic-beings, you need this session together with the Quantum Spirit Release /Empowerment session to transform your soul and energy to the light.
– If your mental, emotional and behaviour patterns are the same, and if you are carrying heavy emotional wounds, you would attract other demonic-beings again. If your karmic level is heavy and deep, there is a limit to transform your darkness and some karmas will stay within you as your learning lesson.
– So, it is highly recommended for you to sign up with the Mind Revolution course and the class 2 to transform your patterns and make a change from the cause at the same time while you are receiving this course.

For the Type 1

– We will send you the energy remotely. People living overseas  can also have this session.
– Masters of Light will be working with you whilst Kei is also there as a facilitator.
–  Brief counselling session by Skype or phone at the beginning for about 5-10 min. If you don’t need to talk, you can email us what you are distressed about and any symptoms in advance.
– Once a remote/non-live session starts, we hang up the phone/Skype. You don’t need to be on skype or phone. Just stay relaxed at somewhere, a quiet place, and intend to receive the energy. Remote session  part is about 60 min
– Session contents varies but typically as an example, clearing your energy, removing unwanted energies initially like a surgery, and they transmit the light for you to, heal, activate,  integrate your energy or raise your vibration.
– At the end of the session, Kei will email/phone you with brief feedback and any messages she received during the session.

For the Type 2
– In addition to the above, Kei, Masters of Light team from the Great Central Sun, and her Exorcism guide team will work on you by transforming or getting rid of the dark energies, or possessions, and help your energy and your soul to become lighter.
– This session is available only for the school students. 

Booking – please email below all together by email. 
–  Please email 3-4 preferred booking time.
– Your full name, birthday and your postcode and country where you will be at when you receive the session, and your skype handle name and email address of skype.

Terms and Conditions
– Please send your full name and your birthday and the post code/Zip  where you will be at, when you book a session.
– It is recommended for you to stay in one place to feel the energy but you are not obligated to do so.
– Please avoid driving a car and use a dangerous machinery as you may feel drowsy, and avoid partying and interacting with many people outside during the session. Staying in the house/somewhere quiet is the best. You can meditate, read a book, sleep, watch a TV, etc.
– Since this is a remote healing, please reserve and pay the fee at least three days before the session. With your payment confirmation reservation will be completed.

Type 1

”I feel lighter and elevated. Pyramid energy makes sense as I felt like the mountain energy during the session. ”
(American male, 30s, self-employed, USA, Dec 2022).
-> Galactic-beings stepped in to awaken him using the ancient Egyptian and pyramid energies. This guys used to be working as part of the ascension technologist team in Egypt using the pyramid and crystal energies.

”I felt so much lighter, clearer and better physically since the remote healing session.”
(English male, 30s, consultant, London, Sep 2021).

“I was restless during the initial part of the night but felt much lighter this morning.”
(British female, 40s, medical, London, Jan 2020).

“I felt strangely a lot shifts and movement through out the body. My sore throat felt better straight away and a lot of clearing in the stomach my stomach was actually making noises as it cleared. I was quite restless, felt a lots of it as I could feel old blocked energy coming up and out. Strangely enough I knew when you finished as checked email at exact time you sent it. My body temperature feels a lot cooler, felt like I have been realigned. Strangely enough I can now hear a music instrument being played. Feel very light almost floaty. My right ankle was hurting for some reason. Feel like it was a very powerful soul healing and clearing. If you could shed light on the right ankle. Really feel like I had magnets taking everything out and away, saw the a very light blue light too funnily enough. Thank you.”
(English male, 20s, psychic, London, July 2017)

“After the session, I’ve been fine. On meditation I had some beautiful Goddess images in gold colour. It was just so positive.” (British female, 30s, London)

Type 2
”I have just completed my spark of life course and I am pleased to say it has truly been life changing for me. After undergoing such extreme changes throughout my Quantum release sessions (Sanatokumara Exorcism), I was sceptical things could get even better than I was already feeling.

Fortunately I was wrong as the Quantum releases got rid of the voices and demons that had been plaguing me for so my whole life, but the spark of life did exactly what the name indicates. I felt a renewed energy and connection to my guides I had never experienced. I started to sleep almost at will which was something I couldn’t imagine ever being possible.  My thought processes became so positive and my inner being much more clear.

I have never felt so positive and at peace before, the spark of life sessions were the spark of life I needed to move forward with confidence and assurance that finally i had overcome the darkness inside my soul and that I was ready to shine this burning bright light that is now burning inside me.  Thank you so much Kei.”
(English male, 30s, entrepreneur, London, UK, June 2020).