GFLS(ARMMS) Initiation Seminar 1

Galactic Federation Lightworker School (ARMMS) Initiation Seminar – Outer Circle
– 9 hours

You will learn the oldest esoteric teachings on the planet which have been handed down for thousands of years in the King Salomon tradition in human terms. Our energetic lineage route goes back to the days of Atlantis as the Atlantian Lineage and retains the high connection with the entire Hierarchy of Light which governs this planet as the spiritual master organization including the Ensof, the Creator.

Among the Hierarchy of Light, we have a strong connection especially with the Archangels of the Light which serve humanity with love, alchemy and abundance. It is the Archangel Tzadkiel’s office but not limited to it. With this authentic connection and lineage, it enables us to serve humanity 24/7 as they will be with us and work with us. Connection and lineage matter most to serve as a Light Worker as we humans are only the intermediary.

Its wisdom, structure of the spiritual world, Esoteric Truth, Ancient powerful rituals and more will be revealed only to the Initiates of the Mystery School.

This is a unique way of becoming more involved with the Light Work conducted by the HIERARCHY OF LIGHT, through the Initiate programme. You will be given 10 times more power to serve others and will be guided to open up and utilize your own unique power, gifts and life purpose to fulfill your mission.

If you would like to seek a journey to find who you are, work as a Light worker to serve with the Hierarchy of Light, retain this connection and lineage, and transform lives in various forms with love and abundance, please contact us.

Please be aware our lineage has nothing to do with any religion or occult groups. We simply retain the pure connection with the Light Governing Body for this dimension under their authority and guidance.


☆ What is this Program?

You will be joining the GFLS (ARMMS) Light Worker’s path as an initiate through our Mystery School Lineage.

Would it be a surprise to hear that you have a contract with God as to your role upon this planet? This information comes to you as a “wake-up call” as it is the time for you to be awakened and begin to fulfill the role you were given by Him.

Being under the divine changes on the earth and human-beings to create a heaven on earth, “Shamballa world”, Initiate Program will awaken your real power and  “True-you”, and give you “key” to create the Shamballa world. The Initiate program has been handed down only to the nominated people, dating back over 3000 years from King Salomon’s day, and taught as a secret tool. However, with the message of “No more secrets” from the higher dimension in 1997, this mystic veil was removed and the King Salomon wisdom has been revealed to the public in order to teach these tools.

This program is not a simple “seminar”, and it will influence your energy  to move you on to your real path by getting you connected with your “True-Self”  through the energy brought by the Hierarchy. You will also learn how to create your life as the captain of your journey.

– This program includes the following:

  1. Letter
  2. What is Galactic Federation Ligherworker School / Archangel Ray Metaphysical Mystery School?
  3. What is Initiation by the Mystery School?
  4. “Know Thyself”
  5. Rituals of the Mystery School
  6. The Structure of the Hierarchy
  7. Roles and Aspects of  the Hierarchy of Light
  8. The Human Potential
  9. The 12 Dimensions
  10. The 7  Dimensions
  11. Astral Travel Chart
  12.  The True Self
  13.  Human Processes
  14. Senses
  15. Structure of the Human energies
  16. Power of the Universe
  17. Life Force
  18. Universal Kabbalah – Know Thyself.
  19. Meditation to develop your psychic senses and raise your vibration with love.
  20. Brain Wave Levels
  21. Mind Evaluation – What is your identity?
  22. Senses Exercise
  23. Path of Awakening
  24. Divine Rituals – Empowerment

– What you will acquire through this Initiate programme.

  1. Through a program, your energy will be prepared to move on to the next stage of your life.
  2. Your negative ego will be exposed and removed.
  3. You will have 4 new guides and help you to solve your issues and to execute your true mission on Earth.
  4. You will be able to call upon up to 10 times stronger a light.
  5. You will be connected to the spiritual governing body, the Hierarchy (Higher dimension’s Light governing body) directly.
  6. You will experience physical and spiritual abundance through your connection and execution of your mission.
  7. You, your family, ancestors  and off spring will be protected further.

You will be welcomed to join the spiritual working group, called “White Brotherhood and Sisterhood”, which are the light beings to protect and guide humans and the earth.

Time& Day:  about 9 hours. Please contact us
Venue: in London, UK

– the Michael Initiation Seminar.
– Healer and Psychic Training level 1
– Essay  – what do you want to do with HOL, and what is the reason you would like to be initiated.

Please note – please read before you apply.

  • Initiation is not a fashion thing and some people think it is just to join and leave after some months or a year. Initiation is the sacred ceremony for you to serve to the humanity.
  • Hence we don’t take any one-off customers neither people who belong to other occult groups, any spiritual schools and organizations, or want to have an initiation for the sake of their own benefits and selfish desire.
  • It is a long-term commitment between you and the school and the HOL.
  • In order for you to serve as a lightworker, pre-requisite is to finish the Healer and psychic training level 1. After the energy assessment and approval of HOL, we will accept you to receive the initiation.
  • Whatever you will learn at the seminar, you are not allowed to reveal and teach the contents and rituals to others. If you breach this, you would be removed from our initiate group.
  • After you become a GFLS initiate, you will have a monthly initiate private meeting to enhance your energy and consciousness and serve to the human to do the actual services to the humanity.
  • Depends on your energy and consciousness state, you will be permitted to receive a psychic and healer training up to the level 4A to serve to the humanity. Please note that these trainings are only given for the school initiates to practice  and you are allowed to reveal and teach the contents either to others.
  • If you are interested in, please send your full name, birthday, and also an essay what is the reason you want to be initiated, and what activities do you want to do with the school and the HOL in advance together with an application form to process your initiation assessment.
  • This is the Outer circle initiation. Inner Circle initiation is an invitation only.


Please note
– Advance Booking and payment are essential.
– Please note that we don’t take any one-off customer for this seminar and initiation.
– If you are interested in the GFLS  Light Worker’s Initiate Path, please contact us.
– Please bring water, snack, Archangel Michael Initiation handout, notebook and pen.
– It may take longer so please be prepared just in case.
– Please pay your seminar fee in advance by bank transfer (not by Paypal).
– Cancelation policy: 4 week notice is required. Within  3 week cancelation 10% fee, within 14 days 70%, within 3 days, 100% cancelation fee will be charged.