Gift Voucher

Winter Season’s Gift Voucher

You can present a gift voucher for your loved ones at the Christmas and New Year’s season.

Tangible goods make us happy such as perfumes, flowers dresses, accessories, whilst intangible energy session can make people happy too and It can support your loved ones to transform their lives.

Would you like to support your loves one to have a happier life?

Voucher Type 
1) You can choose a session or a class.
– You can select a session or class and pre-pay its fee in advance to present it.
– If you choose a healing or energy session, please obtain a permission from your loved one and they are willing to receive a session.
– You can also specify a session date and time as well when you pre-pay.

2) Prepay the set amount
– You can just pre-pay from 30 pounds and let your loved one to choose what she or he wants.
– Please note that there will be no change if your loved one choose something less than the value on the voucher

Voucher purchase period:
Until Jan 10th, 2018 (Issuing may require 1-3 business days) Voucher Usage Validity: till the end of Jan, 2018, from Tue to Sat, please see the conditions.
– Excluding between Dec 20th – 26th, 29th to Jan 7th,  9th to 16th.
– After Dec 26th till Jan 12th, Skype session is available, not face to face.
– in Jan, face to face session is available from Jan 18th in Londo

Available sessions and Products
– Sessions & Classes: DNA Activation, Class 1, Class 2, Reiki, Cord Cutting, Crystal Healing, NLP, Hypnosis, massage, psychic reading, tarot reading, coaching, meditation event etc. from 55 min session.
‐ Products: protection pendant

Payment method:
– Please pay by bank transfer in advance.
– You can pay by Paypal but you may need to pay the Paypal charges.

Required information to issue a voucher.
– Please tell us your person’s full name to give a voucher.
-Payment is non refundable.
– If it is a massage, we need to check in advance the contra indication such as no epilepsy, no blood cancer, not pregnant within 3-4 months, heart related illnesses, brain stroke, etc.
– Session place is at Bond st, Covent Garden or Liverpool st in London.

How to receive a voucher. 
– Upon your payment confirmation, within 2-3 business days, you will receive a voucher as PDF.
– If you would like to, we can send a voucher directly to your loved one and let us know his/her email address if you wish.

After you give a voucher to your loved one.
– Please ask her or him to book a session by email soon. (Email:
–  Booking depends on an availability of a therapist and a therapy room, so it is recommended to contact us no later than Jan 20th to book a session till the end of Jan. 2018.
– In case a voucher wasn’t used, there will be no refund.
– Session will be conducted as scheduled so please tell them to come to a therapy venue 5 min before. If they are late or no show, it would not refund the fee and would not reschedule.
– It is 100% charge within 72 hours cancelation and rescheduling request.

Voucher can be used for:
– for your loved one to be activated by DNA Activation.
– For stress reduction and relaxation.
– For emotional healing.
– For finding out options and future direction
and more.