Healer & Psychic Course Testimonial 1

Testimonial after the Healer & Psychic Training level 1-6 completion from the School Therapist.

From Japanese female therapist, London, as of April 2018. 

Q1) What was a reason you became interested in studying spiritualism? Any special event happened in your life? 
-When I was studying Holistic massage, I went through some phase that I felt some strange emotions such as anxiety/insecurity, which was so unusual for me. When I went to see the Reiki therapist that my friend recommended me, I was told that I absorbed some negative energy from the client I practiced with.  She healed this negative energy and I felt so much better after that.
This made me realise that there’s something more than working on Physical body and that’s how I was interested in Reiki.
2) What brought you over to the Galactic Federation Lightworker School and you decided to study with the school? 
-As I mentioned above, since I was interested in learning Reiki, I was looking for a teacher but I wanted to learn Reiki from Japanese teacher as Reiki is originally from Japan. That’s how I found Kei.
3) When did you have a 24/26 DNA Activation?  How was it for you and what significant changes have your experienced after ? ( It may be integrative experiences as you received healing sessions and trainings)
-My first session was in 2014. The next day, I felt my body was so much lighter, completely detoxed. And in the next few month, I remember I started to focus on what I really want to do in my life.
4) You have learned various techniques at the school such as Japanese Usui Reiki, Cord Cutting, Meditation Teaching, and 26 DNA Activation. How do you feel about you are helping others using these various techniques?
-It always makes me happy to see people feel better after the session and I do feel rewarding when I see people are benefited from these sessions that I offer.
5) What aspect of you do you feel most transformed while you were getting trained and shifted to offer holistic services to people? 
-I feel that I am much more stable emotionally. The training that I’ve had helped me to develop the habit to see things objectively and analyse why it’s happening and what I’m supposed to learn from it. Also I feel that I’ve now set my boundary so that I won’t be affected easily by other people’s negative energy and behaviour with the help of protection technique that I learned.
My health has greatly improved too.