Healer & Psychic – Level 4

Healer & Psychic Training Course – Level 4
– Negative Cord Cutting, Aura Healing and Aura Repair

Level 4 – How to deal with negative energies
Up to the Level 2, the course is designed to learn how to clear your own energies thoroughly, heal your mind and emotions and transform yourself with higher consciousness and positivity.


At the level 4, you will learn there is Darkness as well as the Light, and how to deal with the dark negative energies. Level 4’s part 1 is more about the preparation and theory, but the Level 4’s Part 2 is about skill and energetic handing down to conduct healing. Level 4’s part 2 requires the certain level of conscious and energetic levels as it deals with negative energies which can be dangerous. If you are still in one of these mental states below, you are not ready to move onto the Level 4’s Part 2 yet. These are

  • If you don’t have a good connection with the Light
  • If you don’t do the Clearing Meditation and maintain your energy regularly yet.
  • If you are not really managing well your own ego and shadow within you yet
  • If you are still in the conscious stage of blaming and criticizing others with dramas and heavy victim consciousness.
  • If you are not well grounded.
  • If you are not emotionally and mentally fairly stable and balanced yet.

Therefore, an energy assessment will be conducted at the beginning and people who are cleared from the list above to some degree, will be able to attend the Level 4.

You need to complete the pre-requisites before starting the level 4 part 2. 
– Following requirement is just the standard sample.  Based on this, requirements will be tailor-made as it has various elements to work on to raise your vibration.
– It includes,
– Reiki Level 2’s Stage 2 assignment to complete, and you need to have some actual paid-Reiki sessions for your clients.
– Ancestral Healing semi- group workshop Vol 1-3 /  private ancestral healing.
– 3 x 85 min EMDR, Crystal Healing, CBH session or Medical Intuition, Reiki & Crystal Healing.
– 85 min DNA top up including cord cutting or DNA grade up session.
– Psychic Healer Level 3 lecture 1-6.
– class 2 level 2’s assignment round 2.

<Part 1> Mainly Theory
This is the preparation, esoteric study and theory class to learn how to deal with negative energies practically as a Hands-on-Practice.
–  How to deal with clients with heavy negative energies
– Trouble shooting
– Essential matters how to deal with negative energies, basics and approaches
– New rituals Handed down to deal with the dark forces.


Time and Date: TBC.  6 – 7 hours
Fee: Workshop fee is at £490 including the assignment check

What to bring: pen, notebook, water bottle and snack and the preparatory assignment. Please bring it with you.

1) Clearing and Connection Meditation
2) Why a protection is a mandatory
3) Negative energies and how to deal with it.
4) Protection Ritual Hand Down – Next level
5) How to protect your possessions and belongings
6) How to set the energy of the room or space you will conduct your therapy (Ritual Hand Down)
7) How to deal with people with heavy negative energies
8)How to advise them.
9) How to maintain your energy and cut cords by yourself as your own energy maintenance tool
10) How to deal with trouble makers, aggressive people, and claims.
11) Meanings of Symbols
12) How to clear your energy after sessions (Ritual Hand Down)
13) How to master your emotions, thoughts and yourself.
14) QA
15) Hands-on Practice


– It is essential that you need to develop your psychic and healing senses to some level before moving to the Part 2. Therefore, there is an assignment and pre-requisites for you prior to attending the Level 1 and 2.
– If you did the assignment well from Part 1 and if you are energetically ready, you can attend Part 2. Please submit the assignment before the start of Part 2.


<Part 2> Practical Skills Hand Down Negative Cord Cut, Aura Healing and Repair.
You will learn how to detect a cord and cut it and heal the Auric field.

You can use this skills combined with any healing but it is difficult to perform these if your psychic senses are not developed enough. In order to develop your psychic senses, you need to complete some hands-on-practice healing sessions and a meditation as a mandatory assignment. Please practice what you have learned to develop your psychic senses.

Up to Level 2, you learned how to deal with the energy which is usually at a fixed place but at Level 4, you have to detect what is out there and how to deal with it to heal and release. Therefore your sensing matters here as an advance practice.

Time and Date:workshop itself,  8-8.5 hours. There will be additional monthy follow-up and practice sessions.

Fee:£950 including
– One day workshop includes hands-on practice.
– 3 x 110 min,  monthly follow up and hands-on practice session.
– 110 min final exam including a cord cutting and aura repair demonstration.
– including the assignment check and feedback.
* If 3 follow-up sessions are not enough, an additional hands-on practice session will be arranged at 85 min at 85 pounds / 110 min session at 100 pounds before the final exam.

What to bring:
Level 1’s textbook, pen, notebook, water bottle and snack.
* All the assignments and pre-requisites should be completed beforehand.  


  • Clearing & Connection Meditation
  • Negative Cord Cutting Hands-on Practice and Knowledge Hand Down
    • What is a cord?
    • Roles of cords
    • Types of cords
    • Impact of cords and their influence
    • Where they are inserted
    • Why they are inserted
    • Benefits of Cord cutting
    • Things to be aware of before cutting off cords
    • How to detect and feel cords
    • How to cut off cords safely
    • Protection rituals before and after the cord cutting
    • Useful tools for cord cutting.
    • Hands on Practice
  • Aura Healing and Repair Hands on Practice and Knowledge Hand Down
    • What is energy healing and Aura Healing?
    • Human energy structure and Aura Structure
    • Aura Healing Hand Down
    • Aura Repair Hand Down
    • Hands on practice
  • Assignments

Testimonials from Participants
Level 4’s Part 1
“It was a very important seminar. I learned about the energy of the Darkness and the Light, stronger protection so I feel I’m so protected when I heal clients with heavy energies. I’m also not affected so much any more at work and teaching, and am more sensitive to energies. Even If I’m meeting a dangerous situation, I feel I’m so protected and can manage my energy better than before. Thank you.”
(Japanese male in his 30s, classical musician and healer, Jan 2014)


“I learned a lot how to deal with negative energies, how to protect me and the space, which is so essential as a healer to learn. Through my healing practice, I learned how to protect myself but I feel I can provide sessions with more peace of mind. I understand deeply now we should not underestimate negative energies.
(Japanese female in her 30s, therapist & Mystery school initiate, Jan 2014)


Testimonials for Level 4’s Part 2  
“I learned something practical and also understood it was important for me to build the foundation step by step to do cord cutting and aura healing. After I cut cords and healed my clients’ aura, they said they felt much clearer and were happy to have feedback on what kind of cords connected with whom, and what kind of emotional debris they had in their auric field. I’m glad to have attended this Hand Down class.“
(Japanese female in her 30s, therapist & Mystery school initiate, July 2014)

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