Healer & Psychic – Level 1

Healer & Psychic Training Course: Level 1
– Foundation Course for people who would like to become  a Psychic Healer.

– Calling the ”Galactic-human people” who have a life purpose to serve as a Light worker in various forms on this dimension! Do you have a feeling you don’t fit within human society in a conventional way? This could be a sign.

There are various modalities in the world  to heal the body and mind, and there are various healers suffering and being affected  by the results of healing others. This course properly trains you as a professional healer and/or psychic, with a consistent supervising and you will learn the ancient wisdoms and tools from the experienced healer, psychic and mentor.

Ask your heart, “Why are you HERE?”

Purposes of this course are:

1) You will heal yourself first
Heal yourself first before attending any training courses and trying to heal others,  and work on your energetic, emotional, mental or physical damages and wounds in order to heal yourself first. Additionally, you will learn how to develop your personality through virtue, love, compassion and ethics.  At the energetic level, you will be healed and become prepared to heal yourself and others. This, in turn, will bring benefits for you both as a healer and a psychic for the long term as you will learn how to protect and love yourself whilst maintaining your energy level at the optimum level as a quality healer and psychic.

2)  You will become connected with the “Magical Current Connections” with the authentic spiritual lineage.
– Energetic Hand Down workshops are also offered with initiations to the ancient mystery school tradition and its lineage that has its origins in the Atlantis Lineage. You will learn how to conduct healing sessions by enhancing your psychic abilities; and by developing high quality healing, and psychic skills and knowledge with less “negative energies and ego”, and with more love and compassion, through  working together with the Higher dimension and its magical connection.

3) This course aims to improve your Light Worker quality  and transform your negative ego with a higher consciousness, love and compassion (less “Ego” and more “Love”).

If you want to heal others, you need to ask yourself an essential question;

Why do you want to?

Is it for your power or recognition seeking as a hero or a rescuer? Or would you like to become a tool and serve to the humanity humbly?

–  Not only will it teach you the necessary healing and psychic reading tools and techniques, but also you will become connected with the magical currents and traditions with humbleness and compassion. You will be requested to review your life and your emotional and mental patterns, and transform the negative ego and your energy, both mental and spiritual, to a higher level through private sessions and classes as a training. We are the “energy-being” and have a certain frequency, vibration.

4)  You will have a personal and experienced one-to-one mentor for your spiritual, emotional and mental growth.
– Personal guidance, life coaching, mentoring and counselling time are also included to enhance the individual’s ability and to maximize your potential at each private session. Brief assignments will be given. Consistent and personalised mentoring, monitoring and supervision are the core benefits of attending this course, as it is not available as a one-off session. Trainees can gain the above benefits by attending the course as it is deemed essential  for healing and psychic development.
– If you are not sure if you want to complete a course, you can take  a session or a class as a regular one-off session as a client, not as a trainee.

5) Ultimately you will be supported to become an effective and high quality ”Light Worker or  unique Magnificent YOU” in your own unique way
– Everyone has a unique life path and life purpose. This school helps any “Light worker” to perform their life purpose to serve to other humans as the highest form with pure love and compassion.

– You will be supported to become “you” and as a unique light worker in your own way at the highest possible frequency as a healer, therapist, masseuse, psychic reader, medium, chaneller, artist, teacher, writer, musician composer, designer, inspirational spealer, painter, but not limited too.

Please note.
– You can learn step by step; once a week, every other week or monthly. Your regular session/class attendance will be required. You can start at any time and at your own pace. In order to be considered as a trainee in the training course, minimum once a month attendance to a class or session is required.
– Whilst checking your energetic conditions, course contents can be revised (such as swapping the orders of sessions and classes). The standard course contents will be presented at the beginning of a course and we usually proceed with the plan which we agreed.
– A basic level is given and taken as the Self Development Work course. You can try and see this level and then decide if you would like to move on to a further level as a trainee in order to be trained as a professional healer and psychic. This path is open to everyone.
– This course is designed to transform you to  become a high quality healer and psychic to serve to the humanity.
– According to the personal spiritual progress, tailor-made specific instructions may be given. In order to progress further, guidance and assignments have to be completed before moving onto the  next level, including obtaining a certificate.
– Important: If you use a drug or have an addiction, mental illness, you will be guided to heal yourself first and stop using all the substance and get over any addictions and mental illness before you receive the level 2 training and above, including the Reiki practitioner seminar level 2. Until you stop using all the drug usage and recover from alcohol or substance addiction, therapist training will not get commenced.
– With the above reasons, please notify the school in advance if you use drugs and have addictions, and you are interested in a training. You need to heal yourself first. 

1.  Basic Level – Self Development level
Firstly, you will heal yourself, activate  your True-self and gifts, and release the lowest energies possible. This level  is also suitable for self-development.
Required sessions and classes are:
– 26-Strand DNA Activation or 40 DNA Activation
– Class 1- Power of Protection and Energy Maintenance 
 Usui Reiki Seminar 1 – Introduction level 1 to heal yourself
– Class 2 – Level 1 Self-Healing
– Quantum Release of Blocks 1 -3/4. 80 min each – Energy Clearing
– Deep Healing 1-3/4 – 80 min each

2.  Intermediate Level
You will learn how to continuously heal  yourself, restructure your energy conditions in order to stabilize it, and  preparation to gain the skills needed to heal other people. Required sessions  and classes are;
– Spark of Life –Blueprint Revitalization (Remote)
– Mind Revolution course – learn the Universal Principles  
– Ensofic Ray Connection Healing 1-3
– Class 2 – Level2 – Self-Healing Class

– If your emotional wounds are deep and if you are still assessed as being recovered energetically and emotionally by the school, or if you have addiction, mental illness, substance usage, you will be requested to receive additional healing sessions for you to get healed further from the past. Suggested sessions will be selected from the following but not limited to;
– Quantum Release of Blocks – 80 min each – to clear demonic and evil attachments etc. 
Reiki healing – 80 min
Quantum Mind Body Emotional Psychosomatic Detox & Restructuring session – 80 min
Psychosomatic Past life session – 110 min
EMDR and NLP session – 80 min
– It can be combined with a talking therapy as the standard energy session does not have that much time to talk, usually about 10 min.

3.  Advanced Level
Whilst shifting your energy quality and  level higher, you will learn how to heal others to a greater degree through  being a high-quality healer. You will be energetically handed down the skills  necessary in order to heal others by being connected with the High Energy and  start learning what to do. Required sessions and classes are;
 Usui Reiki Seminar level 2  – practitioner level  2 with assignment in practicing healing.
– How to do counselling, healing and trouble shooting class.
– Sacred Geometry Space protection workshop
Archangel Michael Initiation seminar – you can receive this anytime after you have a DNA activation.

 4. Final Level
If you would like to seek a journey to heal  others, initiations are available for you. This level also teaches you how to  deal with customers, and provides the full activation to enable you to evolve  up to the highest level.
AK2 DNA Activation (Adam Kadmon 2 Light Body Activation)
King Solomon Healing – Total Energy  Reconstruction Healing
–  GFLS Initiation Seminar  – outer circle if you wish if approved with the energy assessment and if you wish to serve to the humanity. Otherwise, this initiation is not necessary. 

Whilst shifting up your energy quality and  level higher, you will learn how to heal others to a greater degree by being a  high-quality healer.

Optional sessions are;
– Spirit  Energy Injection by Sacred Geometry Symbol Healing 6

Divine  Conscious Enhancement by Sacred Geometry Symbol Healing 7

– Life Purpose  Reading 
– Egyptian  Goddess Healing by ISIS

After  you finish this foundation course, you can move on to the next level to heal  others

  • After  finishing level 1, you can attend classes and workshops which are only handed down to initiates.
    • Mystery School History & Guide  Connection
    • Astral Travel
    • Sacred Geometry & Space Protection
    • 12 Dimension Travel and Connection – Basic channelling development
    • Starseeds
    • Qabalah Study
    • Authentic Mystery  School vs New Age
    • Monthly Initiate Gathering (after the energy assessment)
    • Temple work attendance  (after the energy assessment)


  • (healer training level 1 completion)
    “”Healer training level 1 allowed me to clear all those blocks within really heal myself. It has given me to the tools to be able to shine my light with certainty out being depleted or getting caught up in dramas. It has given me complete mental spiritual and physical empowerment. My connection to the universe has never been so direct. ”
    (English male, 20s, Psychic consultant, London, April 2018)
  • (healer training level 1 -6 completion)
    You can find the testimonial from the school therapist who has completed the Healer and Psychic Training level 1-6. Please click on the link.