Healer & Psychic – Level 3a

Healer & Psychic Training Course – Level 3a – Foundation to become a channelor
– 12th Dimension Journey and Connection.

- At this Channeling Foundation workshop, you will learn the theory and also  experience your own 12 dimensions and find out who you are. You can attend this fun workshop as part of psychic development.
- You can find out who you are further by this Mystery School’s safe Channelling method.
- You will develop the connection with your Higher Self and also go to different dimensions to meet Ascended Masters, Archangels and more.
- Each of us has a unique gift and this is the journey for you to find out what your gifts are.

Level 1
Outline – Experience your own lineage through 12 dimensions.
1. What is Channeling
2. Who to channel
3. Effects of Channeling
4. Esoteric knowledge related to Channeling
5. Important elements for Channeling
6.First Channeling practice – test
7. Joint work at Channeling
8. Preparation before Channeling
9. Three approaches on how to channel safely.
10. Visit 1-7 dimensions by Channeling
11. Chakra system
12. Differences among Soul, Spirit and Higher-self
13. Visit the 8-9th dimension by Channeling
14. Alternate Reality and Parallel Reality
15. 10th Dimension
16. Support system
17. Essential matters to master as a channeler
18. Dimensions above Archangels
19. Journey to 11th Dimension
20. Journey to 12th Dimension
21. Channeling – pick one to channel.
22. Automatic Writing

- In order to become connected you need to release negative emotions, mind patterns, spirit attachments and awaken your divine essence by the DNA Activation and our Mystery school healing modalities. If there are a huge ego and judgmental mind within you, it becomes an obstacle for you to become well connected with the higher dimension, cannot receive divine guidance accurately and cannot channel and provide reading properly. Therefore, these pre-requisites are the foundation for you to become a high-level channeler and to prepare your energy.

- The first level is to build the foundation to become a channeler and go through your own dimensions by channelling.
– Second level is the one for you to learn how to channel and read for others.

Pre-requisites for the Level 1.
– 40 DNA Activation
– Class 1 – Protection and Energy Management
– Quantum Psychosomatic emotional detox session 1-3/4
– Spark of Life remote session
– Class 2’s Level 1 and 2
– Mind Revolution course
– Usui Reiki seminar level 1 for a self-healing
– Sanatokumara Exorcism 1-3/4
– Archangel Michael Initiation
– Deep Healing 1-3
– AK 2 DNA Activation (52 DNA Activation)
– AK2 theory seminar
– King Solomon’s Starseed Healing & Chakra Awakening (KSHM 1 & 2) minimum
– Sacred Geometry Site Protection Workshop
– Healer & Psychic Training Level 3  Lecture 1 – 5 (minimum)

Time and Date: Please consult us.

Location: Zoom

Fee: Total, £690 by bank transfer / by Paypal, £730. (in a group, £460 each by bank transfer). For a group session, it can take a little longer, so please allow extra time for the ending time just in case. This fee includes two sessions;
1) About 8-8.5h (by Zoom/Skype) – theory and hands-on practice
2) About  1.5 – 2h ( Zoom/Skype) – Hands-on practice

Please complete required classes and sessions in advance. Classes and Lectures often ask you to work on an assignment so each of them needs about 1-2 months to complete.
– You need to build up the energy to the certain higher vibration to travel to the 12th dimension so you also need to practice regular meditation minimum 2-3 times a week to get the most out of this training.

Booking: by email.

Terms and Conditions
– Cancelation and date change request within 7 days- 60 pounds, within 4 days, 200 pounds, and within 48hours, 100%.
– Please notify by email once you need to cancel or change.

– Our channelling course requires you to develop  your psychic senses first and heal you to bring your vibration to a certain high level. Otherwise, you will not be able to become connected up to the 12th high dimension.
– This is a course for people who want to channel lightbeings, communicate with them and give messages with compassion and accuracy for yourself and others.

Level 2
– This is to practice how to give a channelling message to other people. Once you complete all the pre-requisites of the psychic development level 3 course, you can start the level 2 training.

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