★Upgraded session – Emotional Healing, Empowerment & Crystal Healing

Hi, how are you after 2 powerful Eclipses in Aug?

I’m channelling energy and guidance from the Higher Dimension via angels and guides, and it is time to upgrade the emotional release session and made it more to empower you to become truly you.

Upgraded emotional Release, Empowerment & Crystal healing session now is combined with
NLP: to re-establish the communication with Self and others, and transform you
More time for you to speak and express, vend out your feelings and emotions to move on.
Hypno: to access your subconscious mind and overwrite difunctional programmes and patterns to more positive and desirable ones for you.

in addition to crystal healing.

For further information, please see from the link below.

Have a good weekend.


Emotional Release, Empowerment & Chrystal Healing