We offer a range of healing sessions and you can choose what you like and what is suitable for your conditions to become eased.

Please choose from the following menu. You can choose a face to face session or a remote session.
If you are not sure which one is good, please feel free to contact us for a suggestion.

1) Medical Intuition & Trapped Emotion Release Healing
2) Cord Cutting Healing
3) Negative Emotional Cord Cutting Healing & Energy Clearing
4) Deep Healing
5) Crystal & Sound Healing
6) Ensofic Ray Reiki Healing  (Enhanced Reiki)
7) Egyptian Goddess ISIS Healing
8) Total Energy Reconstruction Healing (King Salomon Healing)
9) Sacred Geometry Symbol Healing 6 – Spirit Energy Injection
10) Sacred Geometry Symbol Healing 7 – Divine Conscious Enhancement
11) Aura Healing and Repair