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NEW! ★ Integrated Trauma Care & Energetic Transformation Session

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Human beings aren’t made of singular cells; they possess intricate structures. Besides the visible physical body, we’re composed of invisible energies—emotions, thoughts, and what’s termed the aura/energy field – which interact and influence each other. While addressing simply emotions or thoughts might bring partial changes, transforming reality or life from the cause often proves challenging. Thus, many struggle to achieve holistic or fundamental changes, leading to experiencing repetitive troubles or relapses in mental and physical conditions due to the interconnectedness of mind, body, and energy.

Similarly, relying solely on energy work may not prevent the recurrence of mental or physical ailments or new afflictions. It’s essential to identify and articulate emotions and thoughts linked to trauma for psychological healing. Thus, the Integrated Transformation sessions engage not only with parts like emotions and thoughts but also with the body, nervous system, energy field, and psychology, facilitating energetic transformation and integration. This approach aims to unveil innate talents and abilities, fostering personal growth on an energetic and conscious level.

What is Trauma
encompassing events or a series causing significant distress or anxiety, triggers psychological or emotional responses. It spans life-threatening incidents to sustained stressors like abuse, neglect, or wartime experiences.

Trauma profoundly impacts mental, emotional, and physical health, manifesting in various reactions and symptoms like fear, helplessness, sadness, anger, or detachment. Unrecognized traumas from seemingly insignificant past events often shape adult lives, leading to patterns like avoidance, troubled relationships, emotional disconnection, or incomprehension.

For those exhibiting these patterns, this session is recommended. Initially, it might be challenging to recognize or connect emotionally with underlying traumas, requiring time to unravel.

Sessions exceeding 80 minutes include coaching and psychosomatic work to detox from the cellular level to shape desired futures. They are designed to create comprehensive transformations. Moreover, without addressing psychological and physical facets at the cellular level, resolving mental and physical ailments might remain elusive.

The session overview
– Format:
Online or in-person

–  Counselling and assessment to address concerns
– Trauma & mental care based on psychology theories
– Energy work, psychic & spiritual consultation (not publicly share our secret techniques)
– Coaching is included for sessions over 80 minutes – Identifying desired reality/goals
– Feedback
– Homework/tasks if you would like to include coaching

– Employed methods: EMDR, psychosomatic therapy, energy work, NLP hypno & mindfulness, and coaching, as well as mental health cases if needed.

Sessions typically involve seated interaction, engaging in dialogue while progressing through the session consciously. Techniques like EMDR aim to process and release residual emotions and memories.

This session deals with a wide range of issues such as memories, emotional fluctuations, anxiety, PTSD, abuse, depression, nightmares, addiction, anger management, physical pain relief, panic attacks, family issues, and relationship trauma, among others.

Expected effects include freedom from past trauma and pain, immediate relief, increased confidence, self-image improvement, enhanced self-esteem, fostering a loving and compassionate mindset, and releasing suppressed emotions or traumas.

Please note:
– Client participation is required – Honesty about feelings and thoughts is essential for session progression.
– Sensitivity – Those with severe mental conditions due to PTSD, abuse, or extreme bullying might experience emotional instability during sessions, necessitating the completion of pre-session questionnaires for appropriate support.
– Always refer to medical professionals for physical and mental health issues as these sessions are not substitutes for medical care or surgical procedures.

Single Individual Session Rates

For Online Sessions
– 60 minutes: £150 by UK bank transfer (PayPal within 72 hours: £160)
– 80 minutes: £190 by UK bank transfer (PayPal within 72 hours: £200)
– 110 minutes: £250 by UK bank transfer (PayPal within 72 hours: £265)

For Face-to-Face Sessions
– 80 minutes: £240 by UK bank transfer (PayPal within 72 hours: £255)
– 110 minutes: £280 by UK bank transfer (PayPal within 72 hours: £295)

Value Sets – Courses
For those wanting sessions every 1-2 weeks available for 3 months:
– In the course, we will work on different aspect of trauma to heal.
– For the 110 min course, you will have time to learn and practise how to heal yourself further.

– 5 sessions of Online 60 minutes = £600 by UK bank transfer (PayPal: £630)
– 5 sessions of Online 80 minutes = £800 by UK bank transfer (PayPal: £840)
– 5 sessions of Online 110 minutes = £1,100 by UK bank transfer (PayPal: £1,160)

– 5 sessions of Face-to-Face 80 minutes = £1,150 by UK bank transfer(PayPal: £1,200)
– 5 sessions of Face-to-Face 110 minutes = £1,350 by UK bank transfer (PayPal: £1,400)

Payment Instructions
– Payments should be made in advance via UK bank transfer.
– For the 10-session course, double the regular course rate is applicable (valid for 6 months).


Limited Offers!

1. Free Offer : For an 80-minute Zoom Video session, agree to record the session which will appear on YouTube, website, blog, or FB with a pseudonym, and share session experiences as testimonials/feedback. You will report changes monthly for 3 months for a free session! Full details might not be publicly shared. One free session per person.

2. Offer 2: 50% off!  For individuals with measurable physical ailments taking a 6-10-session Zoom Video course of either 80 or 110 minutes:
– You must have a physical illness
–  You are willing to undergo pre & post-session medical check-ups (including blood tests, and images, and share results via email)
– You commit to engage in simple tasks for 20-30 mins daily to heal your trauma, or at least 3 times weekly between sessions
– You report changes monthly for 5 months post-session
– You agree to share results and session experiences on social media and the web anonymously, or with video testimonials (upon permission).
– These are available at half price! Let’s work together for improvement!
– Since this is a special offer, it is non-refundable.

How to Apply for the Offer
– Email your concerns, physical/mental health details, gender, age, occupation, location, relationship with parents, trauma history, issues to resolve, and 3-4 preferred time slots (Japan Time/UK Time).
– We’ll assess your request. If the offer can be applied, we will send a consultation form for you to fill in before starting a session.
– Confirm dates, make payments, and provide your Skype/Zoom account for online sessions.


Please read the Terms and Conditions in advance
– For physical and mental health issues, consult your GP.
– Individual reactions post-session vary.
– Recommend a minimum of 5-10 sessions to learn and transform.
– Online sessions via Skype for better stability for a course, so please provide your Skype handle.

Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy
– Cancellation or date changes within 48 hours: 50% charge; within 24 hours: 100% charge.
– Check transport and arrive 5 minutes early for sessions; late arrival/participation will lead to a shorter session duration.

Client Testimonials
(EMDR, DNA Activation, Healing)
“I’ve ended a life stage where I was manipulated by a narcissistic husband and now can decide things for myself and feel liberated.”
(Canadian Female, 60s, November 2023, London)

 (EMDR, Crystal Healing, NLP)
“I’ve engaged in various works before, but this time, I realized things at an even deeper level that I hadn’t been aware of. Recognizing long-term patterns made me feel lighter.”
(British Male, 30s, Psychic Consultant, August 2021, London)

 (EMDR, Crystal Healing, NLP)
“I believe the EMDR sessions were beneficial. I’ve become better at facing myself calmly.”
(Japanese Female, 30s, Medical field, April 2018, Tokyo)

(EMDR, Crystal and NLP face-to-face)
‘’I have to say that a lot of things changed over the past year. One recent example is that I could negotiate my pay rise, which I could not 12 months ago.  I don’t think any more about my painful past. I think I’m clear on that side as well. Relationship-wise, there is still some confusion. I still have the fear they will disappear but I’m now starting to see differently. ”
(European female 30s, finance, May 2018)

”I was feeling sad about what happened in my relationship 5 years ago. I don’t think and feel about that any more. ’’
(European female, finance, 30s, London, April 2018)

(EMDR, Ego State Therapy & Hypno Session – Weight Loss)
“I tend to gain weight every Christmas, so I had a weight loss session. After the session, I could be mindful of what and how I eat, and I managed to lose about 3.5 kilograms in a month.”
(Canadian Female, 50s, Medical field, January 2018, London)

(EMDR, Crystal Healing, NLP, Hypno – Three times a month)
“I am organizing my thoughts well. I’ve realized I no longer want to feel sorry for myself. I don’t want to be stuck in the past but rather focus on the future. This is a significant change; I feel lighter when thinking of the past—not sad, not ashamed, just neutral. So yes, all good. I just want to focus on the future now and consolidate what I’ve learned so far.”
(European Female, 30s, Finance, January 2018, London)

(EMDR Session – One session)
“I’ve been troubled by harassment from my neighbour for a long time. Over the last 2-3 years, even when I wanted to cry, I couldn’t, and I’ve been in a state of constant depression. I was able to cry and release, including deep-seated issues from childhood, and it made me feel relieved.”
(British Female, Nanny, 40s, London, December 2017)

(EMDR Exercise – Light exercise for about 20 minutes)
“The exercise was enjoyable. Even after it ended, I continued to feel peaceful, which was amazing.”
(Japanese Female, 40s, Housewife, London, December 2017)

(EMDR Exercise – Light exercise for about 20 minutes)
“I enjoyed exercising with music. I realized that while moving, I couldn’t immerse myself in sad thoughts or experiences. I felt it’s not right to be buried in such things.”
(Japanese Female, 30s, Student, London, December 2017)

I didn’t realize the tension in my jaw and head was coming from my residual memories of my dad’s behaviour. I experienced jaw clinching in the night but didn’t know why. At the end of the session, I felt grounded, strong and confident. The past is not with me now and never will be with me. I also resolved the stabbing feeling at the top of my head. I didn’t realize that was linked to my memories of my dad. Very interesting and very good result.”
(Canadian female, 50s, Medical professional, 2017 Oct, London)

(1st EMDR session) “I’m surprised its effect started kicking in only in 10 min and I was crying. It was healing and it is still processing my painful memories.”
(English female, 40s, Psychotherapist, 2017 Sep, London)