Intuition & Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course

Intuition & Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course

This is the second step, an introductory video course.

After you check Step  1 (The Intuition and Psychic Sense Development Introductory Video Course for free), you can sign up with this introductory video course. It includes a psychic development exercise to give you a good understanding of how this works. 

After you sign up for the course, you can start watching the videos online whenever you want at your convenient time and location. Since there are some exercises, a private and quiet place is recommended for your training.

Intuition & Psychic Development Introduction Course
– about 80 min course. If you do exercises properly, it will take about 3h.

– Introduction
– Lesson 1: Motivation to Learn & Find Your Purpose
– Lesson 2: Set your goal
– Lesson 3: Intuition and Psychic sense & Excercise
– Lesson 4: Why aren’t the intuition and psychic senses developed? & Excercise
– Lesson 5: Learn more about yourself for intuition and psychic development & Excercise.
– Lesson 6: Why it is not enough to simply develop your psychic skills?& Excercise.
– Lesson 7: Which reading or inspiration style is ideal for you & Excercise.
– Lesson 8: Preparing for Psychic Development & Excercise.
– Lesson 9 -11: Psychic Sense Practice & Exercise.

– Important – Please read the Terms and Conditions and the Disclaimer, before you purchase the course.

⁻ The standard value is £99 -> Offer £ 35 for now. Please pay from the Paypal link.
– Once your payment is confirmed, you will be able to start watching the videos within 1-3 business days from the video links below.
– If you would like, you will also receive a handout (PDF format) after you finish all the exercises. Please request.
Offer: You can watch the videos for 3 months instead of 1 month if you purchase in April.
– Please send us the email you have registered for your Youtube account to watch our videos.

Training Videos
– Please click on the icon to watch the training videos step by step.
– There are exercises to practice. No rush and take your time.

Intro & Lesson 1 (about 11 min)

Lesson 2-4 (about 17 min)

Lesson 5 (about 17 min)

Lesson 5’s Excercise 5 – Lesson 7 (about 15 min)

Lesson 8-11 (about 14 min)

You have come to the last video to complete the course.

If you would like to have a handout of this course, please email us with your feedback on the course.

Once you finish the introductory video course, you can move on to Stage 3 or 4 to continue your development.

Please read in advance

  • You will receive the video link which you used for the course purchase. If you would like to have the video link to a different email address, please let us know that by email.
  • We have the copyrights to our videos and contents. Please do not share the contents with other people or post it to the public. Only the purchased person can watch the video.
  • You will receive the video link in 1-5 business days excluding our holiday time and weekends.
  • You can watch the video for one month as many times as you want, from the day you receive the link.
  • There is no refund after you make payment.
  • If you would like to ask any questions or go through the video contents, please book a follow-up session as a psychic consultation. If you would like to have a healing or energetic session, please book your preferred healing session.