ISIS Healing& Brain Stem Healing

Egyptian Goddess ISIS Healing (Increase your energy, Power, Abundance and Inner Beauty) & Brain Stem Healing
– Face to face session only – £250 (80min) by bank transfer @ Covent Garden (£260 by PayPal payment)

Isis was the Grand Queen of Egypt, a powerful High Priestess of the Order of Ra who was the Sun God and Creator. She used High Magic and did healing to create abundance for the whole society by keeping the people healthy and happy. Isis consulted with the God Osiris, who advised her that Nut, the Great Mother of All Creation,  would help her. So Isis went to Nut who gave her this method of realigning the energies back to the brain region to create a happier and more vital being.  This method swept over Egypt like a storm and many people came to her for this healing.

Using the energies of Isis, Osiris, Geb, and Nut, this modality will bring forth a rebirth within your emotional body, making it possible for you to embrace the next step in your evolution of consciousness.

Additionally, Brain Stem is the very important element in relation to the brain healing, so after the Isis healing, Brain Stem healing will be also added. It includes the physical work like an Indian Head Massage at the bottom of your head and releasing tension and make the energy circulation better.

** Important **
– Since this session includes the physical head therapy like an Indian Head Massage, if you have any following symptoms or anything relevant, please notify the therapist in advance at your responsibility.
– Brain stoke, tumours, any brain related illnesses, epilepsy, and such.

  • If you have the above symptoms currently in the past, Reiki healing will be offered instead of a head massage.

This healing modality will bring you:
– more available energy and vitality for everyday life
– more usage of your brain capacity
– more abundance and happiness creation support

Client Feedback
‘I feel very energised and received lots of energy. It poured into a consciousness which I was ready to let go and others were showing as a mirror. Old stuff is released. I feel I’m ready to go.’
(English male, psychic healer, 20s, Aug 2017, London)