Jikiden Reiki & Ensofic Ray

Jikiden Reiki & Ensofic Ray Healing (Enhanced Jikiden Reiki)
– Face to face
– First time: 60 mins @£79 / 80 mins @£99
– After @£85 / 80 mins @£105
* Session includes a brief counseling and feedback.

– Remote
– First time: 30 mins @£42 /60 mins @£79 / 80 mins @£99
– After: 30 mins @£45 /60 mins @£85 /80 mins @£105
* 1h+ session includes a brief counseling and feedback.

Reiki was found by Mr. Usui, a Japanese gentleman, in order to heal the energy of the body, and focuses on, but is not limited to, illnesses and disease of the physical body and mind. Jikiden Reiki maintains its original powerful modality and lineage, not manipulated, and thus it is a very powerful “hands-on-healing”. It is especially effective on curing physical ailments, releasing old energies and pours in new energies by running Reiki into your body.

This healing session also includes the Ensofic Ray Healing which flows in from the God, Ensof. Jikiden Reiki is a part of the entire Ensofic Ray Healing. Therefore, it is much more powerful than Jikiden Reiki Healing and works effectively healing the body and the mind.

If you wish to change your bad habits and vices….
Please communicate with us what habits and vices you would like to change, such as
– smoking
– alcoholism, binge drinking and alcohol addiction
– sex addiction
– drug addiction
– negative mind and thinking
– short-tempered
– low self-esteem
and more

Jikiden Reiki can also reduce stress and anxiety out of your mental and energy bodies.

At the end of a treatment, there will be a light Reiki massage on your back. If you have physical pain, please let us know in advance.

For Remote Reiki session – please send us your name, birthday information, and your photo in advance.