Kei’s Sanatokumara Exorcism Team

Kei had an exorcism training but wasn’t aware that was the case at the beginning. Training started as just part of the healing training, and the important part was the daily clearing meditation in addition to the training. Kei also received the ancestral healing and exorcism sessions on her and her ancestors from her-then master teachers.

She’s been dealing with many different kind of spirit release, demonic release, space clearing, etc. over 12 years. You may think you don’t have any ghosts and demonic attachments, but each one of us has more or less of them as we are only humans which is made of the light and the darkness. Unless you remove dark energy, they would be there in your energy field. It is nothing to do with the idea of you are a bad person or not, but it is just how it is as we are not the light-beings on this planet.

If you don’t have any symptoms, normal type 1 spirit release sessions are fine.
If you use drugs, have any addictions, heavy depression, suicidal, self-harm, hearing voices, or sense demonic attacks, etc., then you need to have the type 2.

People who have received sessions, enjoy their lives now. They are, as an example,
– Corporate workers, doctors, lawyers, house-wife, music and creative directors
– People suffered from suicidal attempts and self-harm
– People suffered from voices and energetic attacks
– Healers and psychic
– People who had substance, alcohol, or sex addiction.

Kei tried to do something else as exorcism work is not a pleasant work as people with demonic attachments and ghosts are quite often energetic vampires, clingy, aggressive, dangerous, etc. But over years, she learned about her lineage in addition to her missions and gifts.

Great grandfather of Kei was an exorcist and expelled dark energy by using the fire elements. Her grandmother was a trance channeller helping people transforming negative emotions and gave hope. Then, over years, she realized and came to the point where removing demonic energy and shadow aspect is part of her critical missions why she came to the earth to support the ascension process.

She goes to many different sacred temples. Mt. Kurama is one of the major places she visits every year in the past 10 years, and she communicates with Sanatokumara directly at the temple. After she fully accepted that the exorcism work is one of the critical missions, Sanatokumara has communicated with her, showed her to the underground city and celebrated it. He then also has helped to power up her work and joined her exorcism team members with Tengu, Fudoumyouou (Cetaka), and more to release darkness.

Kei wanted to have Tengu in her team so this new powerful members are very welcoming.

Kurama’s photos, Sanatokumara, Tengu image.

Who is Sanatokumara?
Sanatokumara, Ascended Master of Light, came down to Mt. Kurama in Kyoto in Japan, 6,500,000 years ago from Venus, and he is in charge of creating ‘the Heaven-on-Earth’, Shambalah world with peace and love. Among all the Ascended Masters, he is a very advanced master and one of the rare masters who knows how to deal with the dark energy. They fight against the darkness.