King Salomon Healing

King Salomon Healing – Total Energy Reconstruction Healing
–  £220 session for 80min (£230 by Paypal within 4 days before). 

* it is recommended to take this session after you receive the Adam Kadmon Light Body Transformation and Activation (AK2 DNA Activation).
* It is highly recommended to complete the entire King Solomon Healing to transform your Light Body.

Total Energy Reconstruction Healing dates back 3,000 years to the King Salomon Era.  The son of King David, King Salomon studied spirituality and healing for his entire life. King Salomon gathered all the head shamans, prophets, oracles, healers, medicine people and alchemists from around the world to study with him. The result of this exchange of information was the development of universal healing which works on various energetic fields irrespective of race or nationality.

These 10 sessions will reconstruct your  energetic body and transform it to the Light body which can deal with the massive  Light coming from the Higher Dimension.

Each session includes (Except Starseed and Chakra Awakening sessions):

  • Purification by Holy water  and  Holy oil
  • Deep healing by toning
  • Clear negative substances  within your energetic body
  • Energy scan
  • core 24+/26 DNA Activation top  up or cord cutting (If King Salmon’s healing takes longer, this part, DNA top up or cord cutting will not be included. )

1) Star Seed Healing  – only at Covent Garden
– release the accumulated old energy within your energy and fill your body with the new energy which has the same ascension vibration of the  earth.

2) 2,418 Chakra Awakening
– activates the 2,418 chakra and allows your energy body to accept more energy.

3) Energy Activation and Revitalization by Tree-of-Life  – only at Covent Garden
– Calling the Holy Spirit, Pan by a flute, and activate and balance your divine energy points (Tree-of-Life) with the light.

4) Chakra Balancing by Divine Tone Healing – only at Covent Garden
– toning the 72 names of the Gods into your  Central Core system, and heal and balance your chakra system to the vibration  of your life.

5) Aura Healing
– cleanse mental trauma and energy blockages of your past and current life time with your aura field and fill with energy. You will regain your power.

6)  Etheric Body Healing –  only at Covent Garden
– work on 7 etheric bodies and heal with Holy words.

7) 12 Rays Shield
– Shield 12 rays symbolized as 12 stones with the powerful mark of  King Salomon.

8) Mental Healing
– Using 13 aroma oils and directly stimulate your brain to bring you mental healing, relaxation and inner peace.

9) Light Healing to remove negative energy – only at Covent Garden
– Strong light purification to remove deep-seated negative energy in your energy field and negative energy influence.

10)  Customized Healing
– Customized for your further needs after you receive the above healings. This works on your energy to remove further negative blockages and deep-seated trauma, thereby repairing and healing your etheric body and mind. Alternatively, you can have one of the above healings again.
-Recommended healing is Qabalah Tree of Life Activation


“I received the package of 10 King Solomon healing sessions from Kei over a period of about 3 months. Each session in itself had an immediate relaxing effect and I felt the stresses of the day just melting away. However, the effects of this healing go beyond these immediate effects and I feel they have already contributed to a greater sense of resilience, especially in these troubled times with Brexit and the coronavirus pandemic in the backdrop. My energy body feels clearer. I also feel that my perception of energy has sharpened since receiving the sessions. Moreover, I find it easier to connect with the spiritual light realms in a more natural way without much fuss or ritual. I would highly recommend these for those seeking transformational positive change in their lives.”
(British female, 40s, health related, Mar. 2020)

”I am feeling fine. My meditations feel deeper on the whole. My throat is sore again though- seems to be coming up in layers.”
(British female, 40s, health related, Dec 2019)

“I feel totally cleansed and feel more detached emotionally in a healthy way. I am more grounded and  funny enough, attract lots of people and abundance as I hold more light. My dream is stronger related to astral stuff and could manage magic well.”
(English male, 20s, psychic healer, Aug 2017)

“The AK3, King Soloman healing have all been amazing. I really feel the difference in my life and am stronger than before. It has given me power to know more about myself and learn. Kei knows what she is doing. ”
(British female in her 30s, corporate, March 2015)