Law of Attraction, Mentoring and Coaching session

Law of Attraction, Mentoring and Coaching Workshop–  Shape your mind, Shape your Life.

  • Nov 9th 2019, – focus it how to create more abundance and earn more income.
    •  Pre-requisite: class 1 level 1’s 110 min session, Please book in advance privately or attend the group class. Group class schedule is on what’s on page.

– Pre-requisite:
Class 1 level 1’s 110 min session – Energy Management, Clearing Meditation and Protection: at the workshop, we will use a lot of techniques you learn in the Class 1. If you cannot manage your energy and protect it, you cannot manage your life. 

– Private Booking  as a private session: 8h including short 40 min lunch break and mini breaks. £680 by bank transfer at Bond st / at Liverpool st. You can book at  your preferred time  (By Paypal, £710).
– Group Workshop: 2-5 persons’ semi-private session: 8.5h including short 40 min lunch break. £490 by bank transfer (By Paypal, £510)..
—- Depends on the number of the participants, it may take longer so please allow extra 20-40 min just in case.

– Before/After the workshop (Recommended, as a separate private session):
– 26 DNA Activation
– Abundance and Inner Beauty Attraction Attunement /Abundantia Connection session


Many of us heard this word before, “Law of Attraction”.

I have been researching and experimenting for years having wondered what works and what doesn’t work. I have personally manifested many of my dreams using various techniques, and below are just some examples of my accomplishments, but not limited to;

  • Msc in Psychology course completion
  • UK work permit Visa renewals three times
  • Permanent residency achievement
  • Manifested desired divine path, purpose of life by quitting the permanent jobs in the finance.
  • Promoted my holistic work at the established exhibitions in London and Japan.
  • Soulmate attraction
  • Travelled over 36 countries.
  • Comfortable, peaceful life style with good fitness.
  • Desired income, and more!

There are many people talking about this concept and running seminars around this topic. I have attended those, implemented what I learned to generate desired outcomes…. However, it works sometime, but it does not work sometimes. Why is it? What is missing? Yes, something is missing and that’s why things are not happening, which you will learn at this workshop.

During the workshop, you will learn the integrated approaches to make things happen. Would you like to experience it, learn it and make a change in your life for better and get the life you want?

in order to make the Law of Attraction successful for you, something has to be done in the workshop, which is the Law of Attraction Energy work … which is a coaching session and also the energy work. Coaching session and energetic work hold the essential keys for you to maximize your potential and attract what you want and get the life you want, which is part of the Law of Attraction.

Coaching session is for you
– to become connected with you and
– to give you opportunities to explorer the map of your inner world deeply
– to create the system how to withdraw the answers from within you and
– to regain your power and ownership totally.
– to attract what you want and generate desired outcomes.

– If you want to transform your life for better in career, money, relationship, etc
– If you want to make a change from 360 degrees of you, the mind, emotional and energetic aspect by the integrated approach,
– If you are ready to move on and want to achieve your dream goals.

Then, come and join the workshop!

Law of Attraction Workshop is consisted of three parts.

Part 1 – Preparation at home before attending the workshop
–  You will have a brief 3 page pre-assignment and 10 page questionnaire form before the workshop day. At least please book the workshop minimum 7-10 days before.
–  Please bring the completed assignments with you to maximize your session effects out of the workshop.
–  Please send your forms back by email 5-7 days before of your workshop.
– Please bring a pen and paper, water bottle too.

At the preparation stage, explorer 6 areas of your life and analyse.
– Decide one specific area you want to work on at the workshop as the main and choose a sub topic.
– Find out what you want

Part 2 – Law of Attraction Theory, Consultation & Mentoring.
– First you will have a good consultation about you, your life style, where you are stuck with blocks and where you want to reach.
– You will learn about various tools and esoteric theory, and you will also learn how to transform your energy, emotion and belief. You need to learn how to redirect your energy to manifest what you want.

If it is a private session, you will be able to use the entire time for your own consultation with total confidentiality.

* Outline of the Theory part
–        Find out where you are now by Maslow’s theory, and where you want to be at.
–        What is a coaching session about – What is a difference between mentoring, counselling, psychic reading, and coaching.
–        How to change your life  – some key points
–        Have a total ownership in your life and regain your power of manifestation.
–        Stop reacting and choose how you want to respond.
–        How to create your life and maximize your full potential.
–        Values and beliefs
–        Plans
–        Pros and Cons about life
–        How to attract what you want in life. – 10+ key points
– the Universal Principles.

Additionally, you will find out who you really are by reviewing your life style, your values and beliefs, what’s stopping you etc.

In addition to the theory and wisdom part, you will learn how to raise your vibration and attract what you want. There are many hands on practice part and you will experience energetic transformation as well.

Part 3  Get the Life You Want – Hands on Practice and Creation part.
You will practice what you learned energetically. Additionally, you will receive a Coaching session and energetic work to awaken you and build the energy as a “Creator” of your life journey. This will attract the reality you want to create and get the life you want after you learn all the techniques and receive a consultation for your need.

Its outline below. There are many secret part to details will be revealed at the workshop.

Hands on Practice Part
– Deepen what you learned in the part 1 and more important points
——– your emotion, your thinking process and patterns, values and beliefs, how to switch from negative to positive, Universal Principles, Self-management, Positioning of the Higher dimension related to manifestation, vision, action and more.
– Create new habits of Manifestation and its Practice
– Energy Shift Contents hand down for manifestation and law of attraction.
– Manifestation Hands on Work
– Assignment at home for your own manifestation (no report submission required)

Hands on Group Coaching session (about 1-1.5h)
Please note that during the coaching session, coach will not disturb what you want and how you want as you are creating your future plan with your own preference. All the advises and suggestions and learning are happening in prior a coaching session, and it is totally up to you how you want to leverage them under your own responsibility.

This part will be guided by the qualified personal performance coach Kei and you will be asked many questions to explorer within you. You can only share what you want to share with others and Kei, and don’t have to reveal what you really feel. You will have plenty of time to explorer.

We will do a body and mind detox meditation beforehand (about 15 min).

Coaching session will be about below.
Explorer your map of the world, your values and beliefs, limiting beliefs.
– What “blocks” are there
– Uncover your operational values and ideal values.
– Create a positive belief transforming limited beliefs.
– How your life would be shifted IF there is no restrictions?
– Focus on your ideal future
– How to step closer to your dream. Make a new habit.
–  Inner transformational shift to make it happen.
–  Other things may be added depends on how it goes on the day
–  Post Coaching session Q and A.


Location: Bond Street/ Liverpool st

Time and Date: Nov 9th Sat 10am – 18:00. (it may take longer, so please do not plan anything else till 18:30ish just in case). 

Or Please contact with 2-3 preferred time and date.
– Basically it takes 8h so ideally it is good to start from 10am/10:30 – 18:00/18:30 ish,  Tue- Sat.

Please make a payment via bank transfer with your name reference.

Cancelation and Rescheduling policy:
From 7 days before, 180 pounds, from 4 days before, 50%, and within 72 hours, 100% charge.
– If we cancel the workshop, we will refund you fully.

Please bring: Pen, paper, water. Anything related to your dreams.

★ Client Feedback
– ”I could make a detailed plan and felt my brain has started operating along with my plan. I would like to receive a consultation and mentoring session in the future. ”
(Japanese female, 40s, photographer, London, Sep 2016)

– ”I understood what was lacking and missing in my life. I will start practising what I learned. ”
Japanese female, 30s, student, London, Sep 2016)

Related to business and career
– ”Since I attended, I have more clients. There is a good effect on my love life too. Thank you. ”
(Japanese, 30s, therapist, London, 2013)

– ”More bookings are coming in. I’m very happy about the results. ”
(Japanese female, 30s, beauty biz, 2013)

Love and Partnership

“I attended the workshop and also received the Aphrodite session. Then, I could meet a nice guy and started dating. Thank you so much. ”
”( Japanese female, 30s, students, London, 2016, Nov)

“I gained a lots of awareness related to my relationships and love in the past. I also understand what I am looking for in a partnership which was really a help. ”
( Japanese female, corporate, 30s, London, Oct 2014)

– ” Workshop was fun and I learned a lot of practical skills. Thank you ”
(Japanese female, massage therapist, 30s, London, 2012)

– ” I felt my soulmate energy during the workshop. I was feeling a lot of pressure and stress about my love life but I feel more relaxed. Looking forward to meeting him and applying methods how to create my life. ”
(Japanese female, therapist, 30s, London, 2011)

“I realised why I made mistakes and things didn’t go well. I will become connected with my heart more and attract an ideal partner.”
(Japanese female, beauty, 30s, London, 2011)