★Lesson and Exercise to Release Trauma, Chronic Back, Lower Back, Shoulder and Neck Pain and Knots Using a Foam Roller and Self-Massage and Excercise

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Under the pandemic, more and more people are having issues with their neck, shoulders, and back pain, especially lower back. Some people have issues with sciatica-like symptoms and have shooting pain in their legs.

If you are sitting at a computer, watching television, or playing with your mobile phone in the same position for a long time, your back and neck muscles often take a beating. Aside from resulting in more than a few knots and tensions in your muscles, back and neck pain and tension can cause a further serious health risk and also significantly hinder your performance at work.

You may think it is only a physical tension but mind, body and energy are all interconnected. These are related to your stressful and traumatic life events such as redundancy, divorce, moving, death, illness, accident, and more. If you focus only the physical aspect or medication, you are not addressing other causes and your condition would not be improved if the trauma or shock is too big to handle.

For example. one doctor finds that stiffed neck can cause
– Headache
– Dizziness
– Brain stroke
– Dementia
– Unruptured cerebral aneurysm
– Ear ringing
and such.

Many other doctors and experts also reported various health issues caused by stiff neck and back.

Bodyworks are available (massage, Shiatsu, Acupuncture, etc) but there are cheaper and effective options for daily maintenance.

I’m a qualified massage therapist and provide deep tissue massage with pressure, and I know many people have issues with their neck, shoulders, back, and lower back. If you can have a deep tissue massage that really goes deeper into your deeper skins and dissolves tensions and knots at home whenever you want, isn’t it nice?

Shoulder tension and lower-back pain are very common chronic pain. But if you just massage only at the superficial muscle level, especially the lower back, it’s not effective.

The reason is that most lower back pain is caused by a mechanical disruption in the alignment of the spine (e.g., the muscle disks and nerves), not so much by tight muscles or adhesions. That’s why different techniques should be applied to different areas, not only in the lower back area.

If you have,
– Chronic upper back and shoulder tensions
– Spinal tension
– Chronic middle back tensions and knots
– Chronic lower back tension with a sciatica-like shooting pain

This lesson is for you. Our lesson focuses on the neck, upper back, spine, and lower back to ease tensions, and release knots and adhesions too.

In this lesson you will learn how to release tensions and resolve knots effectively by using the combination of below:
– Specific stretching,
– Specific self-massage
– Focused Foam rolling techniques (body roller, smaller is better).

Learn and apply these techniques for your daily body maintenance between your massage sessions as a cheaper and ready-to-use-anywhere for you.

Why Foam Rolling?
Foam rolling is essentially a self-massage and is great for cramped back muscles from workouts or too much sitting. It’s often used by physical therapists and athletes and effects are to;
– break down knots
– relieve adhesions
– improve circulation
– reduce delayed-onset muscle soreness
– increase range of motion

Why Foam-Rolling Self Massage lessons with uS?
– All the muscles of the body are connected, it would not be effective if you only treat the troubled areas.
1) Learn how to use a foam roller safely and avoid common mistakes.
Especially when you’re dealing with the back AND spine, it can damage your body and cause injuries if you use a foam roll incorrectly. It is best to learn how to use it safely.

2) Learn from the experienced massage therapist
Our therapists have treated lots of necks. back and shoulder tensions in the past and have studied how to ease them effectively over years. Adding this foam rolling technique reduced chronic knots and tensions including sciatica-like shooting pain.

3) Learn Hands-on- Effective Combined but Simple Method
In this lesson, you will learn different techniques to reduce knots and tensions and have better physical movement. In the lesson you will learn the combinations of techniques;
– Stretching
– Massage
– Pressure points
– Muscular fasciae release, which is often used as a trigger-point release.


Lesson 1
-80-90 min
– How to use a foam roller
– Effective techniques
– Avoid common mistakes
– Stretch
– Self-massage
– Stress and trauma release exercise
– Hands-on- practice with a roller – Learn and apply how to use a roller and reduce tensions and knots.

– Lesson 1: you will learn the basic techniques to reduce tensions and knots (still very effective)
—– You will work on your neck, upper back, middle back, spine, lower back, glute/ buttock, and clavicle


Lesson 2 – a deeper level -80-90 min
After you get used to using foam rolling and can use a foam roller, you will learn how to release tensions and knots deeper with more variations.

– How to use a foam roller to work on the deeper knots and tensions
– Effective techniques
– Avoid common mistakes
– Stretch
– Self-massage
– Hands-on- practice with a roller – Learn and apply how to use a roller and reduce tensions and knots.
-Lesson 2: You will learn the valuations of foam rolling to work on deeper levels and reduce knots and tensions.
—– You will work on your neck, upper back, middle back, spine, lower back, glute/ buttock, and clavicle.

The photo below is just an image of one variation you will learn. You will learn more effective techniques -> This is why a rounded-spike roller is better.


★What to Bring
1) Important – Bring your foam roller
Small Peanut-Shape one with a spike is ideal as we use it along AND against your back.
— It needs to have ROUNDED spikes (not a sharp one).
— It needs to be dented at the center (not to damage your spine).
— Size-wise, smaller than 20 cm in length is better.
—- It’s not a spongy one, but a plastic-like material.

You need to look for it but just for your reference, something similar products are
Peanut Shape Massage Fitness Ball Stress Relax Body Spiky Massager (Green) | eBay
500 HARD massage roller/foam roller S Aptonia – Decathlon
– 500 SMALL MASSAGE BALL Aptonia – Decathlon
– Foam Roller & Massage Ball Set, Trigger Point Muscle Massager, 5 Piece Set – NEW | eBay

2) If outside, bring a big towel/yoga mat / Picnic mat, water bottle, pen and paper.

3) Please wear a gym outfit, fit to your body as much as possible. The legging type of trouser is better as we will work on the lower back and roll a roller along your body.

As an example, this is my foam roller – 15cm x 7cm.

– Online or at the therapy room at Moorgate/ Bond
– In the summertimeFinsbury Park, North London: a toilet and cafe are available in the daytime in the park

★Time and Date
Please check the weather forecast from here.
Online or in the park – Private 80-90 min lesson – 80 pounds by bank transfer – including a brief body assessment (like a massage if in person).
– At the therapy room – Private 85 min lesson – 140 pounds by bank transfer – including a brief body assessment (like a massage).
If you book as a group 80-90 min lesson in the park – 40 pounds per person by bank transfer. Offer for the minimum number of 5 people.

★Booking and Payment
– Please book by email and pay by bank transfer.
– Please fill in the short contra indication form and send it back to us before the lesson.
– If it rains a day before and on the day, we will reschedule if it is a lesson in the park. The ground needs to be dry.
– Cancelation Policy – Within 48h, 50%, and within 24h, 100% will be charged.

★Client feedback

‘’(No foam roller) My back pain is still intolerable though I spent over 3500 pounds on various treatments in the past. I realize my life event is affecting me as trauma and I feel much better after this trauma release massage and exercise. I will practice these exercises. Thank you.’’
(Middle Eastern, male, dance teacher, 40s, London, Aug 2023)

”It really helps. Rollers go deeper than osteopathy and I feel much better in my body. I have no more sciatica-like shooting pain. Thank you :)”
(English male, 30s, consultant, July 2021, London)

”My shoulder pain is much better and I use this technique every day. It’s good to be able to release tensions anytime at home.”
(Japanese male, 80s, pensioner, Sep 2021, Japan)