Learning Material 1- How to Build up Your Energies to Release Negative Energies and Attachments

Learning &  Hands on Practice Material 1
How to Build up Your Energies to Release Negative Energies and Attachments as a Basic Protocol?
– This material aims to support you to clear negative energies from yourself and your space.

————————————————————————————————————————————–Many people come to our school asking for negative energy release, spirit, demonic attachment release and sometimes, black magic and spell removals.

Causes and reasons of the attachments and attack can vary but there are certain things you can do on your end to release them and have a happier life with positive energy, whilst certain things are beyond your control, and you may need to ask for professional support.

This material is for people who suffer from:
–        Negative energies and emotions from self and others.
–        Possible or obvious symptoms of evil attachments whether you are aware or not.
–        Possible or obvious symptoms and effects of psychic attacks.
And so on.

It helps you, in the long run, to totally shift and transform your energy by building up the “Light” in your system and release negativities as a daily habit.

Even if you are attached and attacked heavily or black magicked, it is a good idea to practice things written here in your day to day life because a therapist cannot be there for you 24/7 and try to change your situations and vibration.

Please note that things written here are a generic approach though it can help in many cases to improve or contribute to transforming you and your life as a basic step. If you need specific help, you can contact the school as well.

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Version and issuing date: as of Dec 2021

Disclaimer – Please note:
This material aims to support your life and to make it better. However, please think about and decide on which suggestion you want to take from this written material, and please take full responsibility for any results. This generic guideline aims to support you but it does not guarantee for you to obtain a desired outcome as everyone is different. If needed, please consult your GP if you have a health issue. The school does not take any responsibility.