Level 4A- Emotional Healing with Crystal healing

Level 4A- Emotional Healing with Crystal healing workshop

You will learn how to heal people using psychic senses and crystal stones emotionally and physically. In order to perform a good session, your psychic senses and healing capacity should be at a good level and you need to have some healing and psychic reading experiences in order to attend this training.

1) Level 1
-Reiki seminar level 2, and practicing healing for other people.
– Psychic training level 3: lecture 1-6
– Healer & psychic training level 2
– (ideally, Healer & psychic training level 4 is completed)
– Mind Revolution course 1-7.
– energetic assessment will be conducted before you sign up a training to receive.

Below sessions can be received while you are receiving a training but need to be completed before the exam.
- Quantum block release 80 min session x  1 
- Quantum detox session’s psychosomatic session 80 min x  2
- Quantum detox session’s psychosomatic hypno session 110 min x  3 

- 40 DNA top up, energy balance, cord cutting, maintenance session 80 min x 1 @£190
-  Regular meditation
–    (Ancestral healing 80 min x  2, if you haven’t received yet). 

Workshop outline

  • Emotions and energies
  • relationships between emotions and a physical body.
  • Emotional energies – how does it get stored in a body.
  • Emotional healing practical hand down – how to induce emotional healing via talking.
  • Emotional healing practical hand down – how to heal your client.
  • Scanning
  • Psychic readings
  • How to heal wounds.
  •  How to ask questions to heal effectively.
  • How to release emotions.
  • Crystal stones – types
  • Crystal healing with Reiki
  • Hands on practice
  • assignments and assessment

3 hands on practice Follow up sessions with psychic healing development – 110 min

  • QA
  • Psychic healing development
  •  questions’ practice on emotional healing
  • Hands on healing practice about 70 min – please bring the crystal stones.

Course contains
– Seminar: about 8h (till it gets finished on Sat, or any other day if the room is available at Liverpool).
– 3 hands on practice follow up 110 min training (weekdays before 3pm, or Sat) – monthly.
– 1 exam (110 min).
– assignment check and assessment fee

Course Fee:£1350, which includes the costs of about 18 ready to use cleansed crystal stones.

Terms and conditions
- If you need more hands on practice or assessed as so, each additional follow up 110 min session is 140 pounds additionally.
–  If your psychic senses are not developed to the required level at the initial assessment, you will be required to have a psychic development training minimum 8 times(80min£95).
- This is a course to finish in 4-8 months.
–  Fee can be paid by two instalments. Second payment is due by the second month of the training.

Cancelation policy
– Workshop: within 10 days, £100, within 5 days, £200 and within 72 hours, 100% charge.
- Hands on practice follow up and exam: within 72 hours, 50%、and within 24h, 100%.

Client feedback
”This training is very thorough it combines so many different elements. You learn about healing using combination of crystal therapy, psychology work, anatomy, energetic detoxing and understanding of the emotional body. This training will support your clients transform to shift their consciousness and receive powerful healing. Highly recommend if you are look to expand your healing.
(English male, 20s, psychic consultant, Dec 2019, London).

2)Level 2
– This is customised and provided depends on the students ‘qualifications and experiences.