★ Life Transformation & Law of Attraction Session

In Japan, there have been Onmyodo spiritualism (Yin and Yang) and Lifeforce studies since thousands of years ago. There are good luck days or bad luck days to choose a day for marriage, moving, building houses, starting a business and such.

Kabbala and astrology also study planets movement, their aspects, their influence on us humans. So it is similar to this.

So we can utilize this good luck energy to transform our lives.

Good luck day!
Each month has good luck days with specific energies, and some days are amplified with a couple of specific energies from the combinations of the following power.

  1. 10K x good luck energy return
    Whatever you do, you will receive 10,000 times more energy in the future. In this spring season, it is good to learn something, start something positive, invest in your future, and such. It is good to do something positive to plant a seed for the future.
  2. Forgiveness day – Sins will be forgiven (not related to any religions).
    It is said your sins will be forgiven. So it is a good day for a self-reflection and karma release.
  3. Money luck energy
    There is also the money luck energy on this day. Today is a good day to spend your money on something positive.

On our What’s-on page, we share which day has which power as a good luck day, and these days are especially good days for you to take action, receive a session or attend a class to transform your life by applying the Law of Attraction.

Would you like to step closer to more happiness and your dream?

You can book any desirable sessions or classes but the following session is recommended as well on these good luck days.

Life Transformation & Law of Attraction private Session
– Spiritual and psychic consultation for your situation.
Things you should better do or avoid
– Critical key points for the Law of Attraction to apply to transform your life.
– You will explore to find options and solutions with support.
– Hands-on practice to transform your life by using the energy of forgiveness / 10k x good luck energy return to transform your reality/money luck.

Time and Date
– Private session: Please email us 2-3 preferred times and dates to book, If it is not on the day listed on the What-on page.

Location: Live Zoom / Skype
‐ After you book, we will send you a link to attend the event.

Booking and Payment.
Online private session: £120 for 80min (by Paypal £130).
– Cancellation and schedule change policy: Within 48h, 50%、and within 24 hours, a 100% fee will be charged.

Please bring:
Pen and papers

Terms and conditions
– Booking confirmation will be sent together with the Zoom link in advance. Please also confirm you receive the link. If you don’t please contact us at least one day before your session.
‐ Please make sure you have the link to join a session in time. There will be no refund even if you are late, no show to the event.
‐ There is no refund unless we cancel the event.