Life Purpose Reading

Life Purpose Reading
– £200  @ 80 min  (if you book 96h/4 days before, it is by Paypal only)

What is a Life Purpose Reading? You have your divine information within your energy body, and it can be accessed there and read. When we were spirits, we talked with God to decide our role in this life time on this dimension, what our divine essence, aspect and role would be, and the assignment we were to work on and others. We can read these with you to find out who you really are, and true purpose for your time in this life.

  • Please receive a 24+/26-Strand DNA Activation session first.
    * If you don’t have a DNA Activation within 3 month, you can either have a standard grade-up session or top up maintenance session.
    – Cancelation and schedule change request: within 48h, 50% fee, within 24h 100% will be charged.
    * Due to the nature of the course, if you have any mental illnesses, it may not be ideally suited to you. A customized healing and reading session is recommended first as an alternative.