Life Purpose Reading

Life Purpose Reading – face to face session only

What is a Life Purpose Reading?

You have your divine information within your energy body and also in your data bank centre (it can be called an Akashic record), and it can be accessed there and read. When we were spirits, we talked with gods and other light beings’ supporters to decide what we want to experience, learn and grow in this lifetime on this dimension.

This life-purpose reading is better to receive after you receive Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation if possible. You can receive this reading without the DNA activation, but in that case, you will receive a reading without activating your gift, your divine essence and power. The choice is yours.

Reading outline
* The following factors are included in the reading which come up frequently for your reference. But the specific reading content differs depending on a person’s energy.

  • Brief counselling/consultation for about 10 minutes
  • Life purpose channelling reading for 30 minutes which accesses your divine essence and map, including
    • Your spirit character/experience/journey in the universe, the reason why you came to the earth
    • Your previous experiences, your gifts, talents, (soul) mate contracts, kids, what you want to experience and learn, your divine essence.
    • Contracts with your parents, where you are now in your journey, and where you are going to/intend to.
  • Interpretation of the channelled content and QA session for about 30 minutes – as the content may not make sense to clients sometimes as it involves things beyond human life.
  • Brief feedback before finishing.

Important  – please read first
– Since your energy field will be accessed and opened for 30 minutes long, it may not be ideally suited to you if you have a serious mental illness under a psychiatric treatment (as it may off-balance your emotions and you may get triggered).
Even though it never happened in the past with any clients,  in that case, instead of receiving this session, a healing session or psychic reading consultation session is recommended first.
If you book this session irrespective of your conditions, you have agreed to take full responsibility for your mental health condition.

  • If you would like to have the second reading, it is possible only after 7 years when your energy body changes. If you shifted to a different vibration, a different dimension, and changed your contracts and life purpose and learning, all the reading contents may differ from the first reading as you are living in a different reality and vibration. But usually, only one life-purpose reading is sufficient.  In this case,  you need to have a DNA top up maintenance session or the next level DNA activation session.

Amaterasu 28 -Strand DNA Activation to activate your gift and your personal power.
– If it is after 12 months after you received a DNA Activation, you can either have a maintenance top-up session or the next level, Amaterasu 40 Strand DNA Activation standard session to upgrade your vibration.

Location: Face-to-face only
– 5 minutes from Moorgate/Bank station in London.
(- If not available – 12 minutes from Farringdon station in London, UK.)

– £240  @ 80 min  by bank transfer (Within 96h/4 days, £250 by PayPal payment)

How to book a session
– Please refer to the Covid prevention protocol first from the link here – at the bottom of the Whaton page (You need a Covid test result, no Covid & cold symptom confirmation, and wearing a mask are mandatory at the moment).
– Please email us with 3-4 preferred times and dates you would like to book.
– Upon your booking confirmation, please pay the fee by the payment due within 12-24 hours to secure the therapy room which cannot be held too long without commitment.  Without payment, your appointment slot will be cancelled.

Cancellation & rescheduling policy
– Within 48h of your appointment, 50% of the fee will be charged, and within 24h, 100%.
– For Farringdon specifically, additionally, 40 pounds will be charged from 9 days before due to their room hiring policy.
– Please kindly email us soon if you have to cancel or reschedule your appointment.