Light Group

Light Group
– Anyone can join this activity when you have time and you are willing to.

Hierarchy of Light has been communicating with me to start a light  group in London to prevent all the dangers in London, UK and world.  It is really needed to raise our awareness to keep London/UK/world the safe place as life threats can be found more often anywhere anytime unfortunately.

School’s GF initiates are sending out love and light monthly at our meeting as one of the initiates’ important roles. Whilst, this Light Group is open to everyone. Having said that, before you are thinking of protecting your area, it is desirable you do place your own energetic protection on yourself as your full responsibility since this group activities deal with the energy and your own energy management and protection is your own responsibility, not the school’s.

If you need to learn how to protect you and your space, please visit the class 1 and the Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar.

This group activity is to designed to raise your vibration as well as building up the protection energies. Each time guidance and activity contents from the Hierarchy of Light differ depends on the participants’ energies.


Time and Date: 1h. Please check what’s on page for the date and time. Usually, once or twice a month.

– I will send out a channelled guidance from the Hierarchy of Light at least couple of hours before on the activity date.
– You can stay at home and start working on what is requested by email (it would not be anything odd.) during the above time and date.
– Instructions would be how to raise your awareness, something you may need to do physically, meditation, and how to start protecting London (eventually, UK and the world).
– By joining the activity, you will contribute to the London’s peace, and additionally you will be able to raise your own vibration.
– Anyone can join this but if you have had a DNA Activation and Class 1 and 2, even better.

Participation fee: 10 pounds (non-refundable).

Booking: please pay from the link below. (Deadline is 24h before)

 Please note
– Please have couple of candles, natural salt and a sage stick/leaf available.
– You don’t need to email me separately, and email will be sent to your email which you used for the payment.
– There will be no individual communication, email, feedback, etc.
– Eventually I would like to arrange a place to get together and do the work in a group.