Massage, Stress, Trauma Release & Reiki Healing

Massage, Stress, Trauma Release & Reiki Healing

COVID-19 Precautions:

  • To ensure COVID-19 safety, we are currently accepting clients who have not experienced cold, COVID-19 symptoms, or Long Covid in the past 3 weeks. If you have these symptoms, we kindly request you to consider other online sessions. Mask-wearing is optional at present.

    Thank you for your cooperation.


Did you know that the body accumulates stress and trauma energies as you feel stress and traumatic emotions? These are also stored in your invisible energetic field. All of these energies, stress, emotions and trauma negatively impact your mind, your creativity, and your artistic expression as an artist, or inability to express your love and emotions, hindering your pursuit of fulfilling a successful career, building a loving relationship with others or having a happier and fulfilled life.

Our unique Reiki healing and massage session is specifically designed to address these, release negative energies and heal traumatic energies, allowing you to let go of the burdens that weigh you down. Unlock your true potential, and embrace the freedom to express yourself creatively.

Say goodbye to stress and emotional baggage, and let our Reiki healing and massage session pave the way for a more vibrant and enriched existence. Embrace the power of energy healing and experience a profound shift in your well-being.

Book your session now and embark on a path of healing, creativity, and love – an incredible journey towards a more balanced and blissful life.

How to book a session
Our sessions combine massage with Reiki healing to improve mental and physical conditions. We use a special aroma essential oil to expel negative energy, promote detoxification, and restore inner peace. Stress and trauma energies are released from the energy body and the physical body, facilitating healing as well.

When making a reservation, kindly provide the following information:

  1. Complete the pre-session questionnaire, sharing your medical history, specific areas of concern, and any relevant symptoms. Rest assured that your privacy will be respected.
  2. Inform us about the type of massage you prefer.:
    Swedish Massage: For a relaxation with a gentle touch to improve energy & blood flow.
    Deep Tissue Massage: Improving blood circulation and energy flow while alleviating tension with firmer acupressure.
    Head & Neck, upper shoulder focus Massage: Focused on stress relief and releasing tension from these areas mainly.
  3. Specify your preference for using aroma oils:
    – You can choose with or without an oil.
    – You can have a session with clothes and without oils.
    – With oils – we use high-quality specific aroma essential oils which are specifically charged with powerful purifying energies to expel negative energies. We often use this for exorcism. Please let us know in advance if you wish to use oils.

On the day of the session, you will lie on the massage table while you receive massage and Reiki healing on the affected areas. This session differs from a conventional massage, as we apply prolonged pressure and incorporate stretches to promote energy release as needed.

Optional – To have a better energetic flow, we recommend considering one of the following sessions which removes unwanted energies and emotions before receiving the Reiki Massage:

  • Reiki session
  • Class 1 – Energy Protection and Management


  • 25 minutes at £50 (£55 by PayPal):
    If you would like to add 25 min session to another healing or reading session. This shorter session does not involve oils but may use them on the neck and head.
  • 50 minutes / 80 minutes: These sessions incorporate Reiki to improve energy circulation throughout the body, and targeted massages for the back, legs, neck, and areas of tension. A 5-minute consultation and feedback session are included. For longer consultation times, add a 25-minute Psychic Consultation.
    –  50 minutes at £130 (£135 by PayPal): including 10 min consultation and feedback.
    –  80 minutes at £210 (£220 by PayPal): including 10-15 min consultation and feedback.
    Current offer – £30 off/client for the first session.
  • For individuals with chronic conditions: regular sessions (3-10 sessions) are recommended. Before receiving a massage, we suggest undergoing one of the following sessions: (both available remotely or in-person).
    Reiki session
    Class 1 Protection
  • For those with mental health issues, entity-attachments or hearing voices: we cannot offer this massage Reiki session from the beginning unfortunately and please take the following sessions before a Reiki Massage session to release entities and negative energies first:
    – Class 1 Protection
    – Quantum Empowerment 80 min session x 3 sessions

Location: Bond St (5-minute walk) or Moorgate/Bank station (5-minute walk)

– To book, please email us with your preferred massage type, session length, oil preference, and 3-4 available dates/times.
– Due to preparations and the questionnaire, we request booking at least 3-4 days in advance.

Please read before booking a session:
– Prior to your reservation, we will send a questionnaire to understand your medical history and areas of pain or concern. Please complete and return it via email.
– Unfortunately, we cannot accept bookings for individuals in their 3-5 months of pregnancy due to its unstable period.
– Please carefully review the medical information provided in the questionnaire, especially for skin conditions, injuries, fractures, illnesses, or areas of pain.
– Clients with HIV, AIDS, or blood-borne infections can only receive Reiki healing without oils.
– Towels will cover you, and you may remain in your undergarments during the session.
– This is not a sexual massage; intimate areas will not be massaged.
– Please shower and wash your hair and body before your appointment.
– Arrive 5 minutes early, dressed in comfortable clothing that is easy to remove.
– Reservations are essential, and we request booking at least 3-4 days in advance.
– Sessions will end as scheduled to accommodate the next client’s preparations.
Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy: within 48 hours of the appointment incurs a 50% charge, and within 24 hours incurs a 100% charge. Please inform us via email.

Client feedback
‘’My back pain is still intolerable though I spent over 3500 pounds on various treatments in the past. I realize my life event is affecting me as trauma and I feel much better after this trauma release massage and exercise. I will practice these exercises. Thank you.’’
(Middle Eastern, male, dance teacher, 40s, London, Aug 2023)

“I had been under a lot of stress and emotionally down, but after the session, my head felt clear, and the pain in my lower back improved. My shoulder stiffness also got better, and I feel lighter.”
(British female, 40s, homemaker, London, July 2023)

“I sought Reiki and massage to release the tension and stagnated energy in my physical body. The next day, I felt incredibly relieved, and it was one of the best massages I’ve ever experienced.”
(British male, 20s, therapist, London, January 2019)

“Kei massaged me with good pressure and my body felt much lighter and better after the session.”
(Japanese female, 30s, corporate, London, May 2017)

“Amazing energy feeling, very relaxing, and all the tension is gone. The strokes and techniques, especially those using elbows on the shoulders and back, were great. I felt tight and tense initially, but after the massage, I experienced a huge relaxation in that area. I also sensed the Reiki energy during the massage, and afterwards, I felt lighter.”
(French male, 28 years old, massage and Reiki therapist, March 2016)

“It was great to meet you, and I found the experience very positive and relaxing. The conversation, in particular, was surprisingly beneficial, and the massage was very relaxing.”
(British male, entrepreneur, 50s, March 2015)

“Thank you so much for the deep tissue massage. I really enjoyed it, and it helped reduce muscle soreness from a heavy weightlifting session at the gym earlier that day.”
(Serbian male, self-employed, 40s, February 2015)

“I always carry stress, which causes tension in my back and shoulders. After the session, I felt relaxed, but an hour was not enough; I wanted more. The next day, my body felt refreshed, and my back felt relieved.”
(Italian male, 40s, entrepreneur)