Merlin’s Ocean Healing

Ascended Master Merlin’s Ocean Healing and Magical Transformation for Life
– Dragon’s Dark Energy Surgery and Repairment is also available.

– Face to face:
Short session- £80 (50min)
Standard session – £90 (60min)
Full session – £140 (80min)

– Remote session:

Short session- £50 (30min)  / £80 (50min)
Standard session – £90 (60min)
Full session – £140 (80min)

All the sessions, excluding 30 mins session, includes short counselling and feedback. Remote session is conducted by email feedback.

Ascended Master Merlin is known for working with King Arthur through his magical alchemy and wisdom. He can help you to be healed and transformed through healing and energy surgery (Etheric surgery). Merlin will use below elements, but not limited to, and provide healing for you;

– Short counselling
– Activate your heart flame and open up your heart (Face to face session only)
– Cleanse your  energy by the ocean energy and Fire element.
– Four elemental healing – he will rebalance your energy and remove energetic blocks
– Etheric Surgery
– Feedback

Both face to face, and remote sessions are available

– Dragon’s Dark Energy Surgery and Repairment
Additionally, Dragon Healing will also be incorporated into this if required. If your energy field is damaged by any dark-beings or heavy energy, it is very difficult to repair with a normal healing session. If there is any heavy energetic damage caused by any dark beings, you will also benefit from this Dragon Healing and Dragon Etheric Surgery, which is  also part of Merlin’s healing Modality.
Standard session – £180 (90 min)

* In  order to maximize the healing effect, we recommend you to take a 24+/26-Strand DNA Activation