Michael Initiation Seminar

Archangel Michal Connection & Initiation Group Seminar 

–  Pre-requisite:
– Amaterasu 28 DNA Activation  (as a private session in advance).
– Class 1 level 1 energy management.

Seminar – Face to Face only.
–   Group booking – About 2.5 hours in total @ £325 per person in a group seminar (couple of times a year) by bank transfer (by Paypal £335 within 96 hours of the seminar)
–  Private booking – £365  by bank transfer (by Paypal £375 within 96 hours of the seminar)
–   It will take about 3 hours if there are more than 2 people.


This initiation has been offered since 2014 for many people to become connected with the Archangel Michael office in the Hierarchy of Light.

Many of us are familiar with Archangel Michael. Michael is part of the Hierarchy of Light which governs this dimension as a spiritual consciousness. Michael is the General fighting against all the darkness and evils, and helps us humans and the earth to become ascended.

At this seminar, you will learn about Michael and esoteric truth. For example, there are many new age people saying they communicate with Archangel Michael and get messages directly by words. However, in the mystery school tradition, they are so high up and it would not happen as they don’t deal with human’s day to day matters and give messages individually.

You will learn their functions and the esoteric truth. You cannot really trust information by Google and You tube, which people need to be aware of. Who is it then,  if it is not Michael, talking directly and giving messages? You need to be careful as not everything is coming from the light in this dimension. Archangel Michael’s vibration is so high, and In order to resonate with their vibration, we need to transcend our negative ego, shadow aspect and lower vibrational emotions and thoughts, which Michael office can help us energetically.

After the seminar, you will be initiated and have the solid connection with the Archangel Michael office to get support and shift your consciousness to the next level. Michael will help you to fight against your own darkness and choose more “Light” to fulfil your life purpose.

Please note that this is nothing to do with religion and cult.  Your religious background does not matter to receive this initiation seminar.

Seminar (2.5h)

  1. What is Mystery School?
  2. What is initiation?
  3. Meaning of becoming an initiate
  4. What is the Hierarchy of Light (HOL). HOL structure
  5. Who is the Archangel? Their positioning and the structure.
  6. Archangel Michael and his role – new age’s false information.
  7. Understand the Light and the Darkness. How the Darkness is  existing.
  8. Human Structure, Human Energy and Human Psychology
  9. Understand the connection with Michael
  10. How to receive the support from Michael after the initiation.
  11. Site Protection Ritual Hand down (Basic version)
  12. Ancient Powerful Protection Ritual Hand down (Basic Version)
  13. Self-Development, learning and assignment after the initiation.
  14. Q&A
  15. Archangel Michael Cord Cutting session (one by one)

After the seminar
– After the theory part, you can receive the Michael initiation, if you would like.
– Michael will be with you for your protection.

This is the very first initiation which anyone can take and gain the connection with the Mystery School’s Lineage, more over, the Hierarchy of Light. It supports you to ascend consciously and more. This is an essential step for you to become connected with the light and raise your consciousness under the Hierarchy of Light.

If you wish to work as a Light worker and spread more Love and Light in your unique way, then you can receive the next initiation to become an initiate of the Mystery school fully, Galactic Federation Lightworker School’s Initiate Seminar 1(for outer circle). This is not open to everyone and energetic assessment will be placed.  An invitation will be given to people who are ready to serve to the humanity and have the certain vibration and consciousness. You don’t need to move on to this stage.

Please note
– Please bring water, notebook and pen
– It may take longer so please be prepared just in case.
– Please pay your seminar fee in advance.
Cancelation policy: 2 week notice is required.  Within 7 days 75%,  within 3 days, 100% cancelation fee will be charged.

Time and Date: You can book at your preferred time and date or check the What’s on page.  If you are interested in receiving, please email us.

Client Testimonials
”I truly feel immensely lighter and calmer. I don’t feel stressed or intense as I used to be. I feel more peaceful and instead of trying to control things and getting upset for things out of my control. Instead i am beginning to appreciating and feeling gratitude towards everyone or anything in my presence. I am beginning to love me and accept me and finding myself forgiving those who wronged me and releasing them with love. Instead of holding on to the pain of ‘why me’ or despising those who did.”
(British female, 40s, medical, London, Nov 2019)

”I felt extremely blessed to have received this initiation. The initiation was energetically powerful and I felt myself enclosed in a tube of electric blue light. Kei also taught personal and space protection techniques which I have used everyday since. ”
(Asian female, in her 40s, corporate, London, March 2019)

“I am so grateful. I feel more comfortable in my house and well everywhere I go. I also feel more comfortable inviting people over knowing how to protect myself. I have been ok but feeling lots of changes. I am really well. I follow the routines.”
(British female, in her 30s, London, March 2014)

“From the very start of my initiation journey there appeared to be challenges to overcome that would determine whether I truly desired to follow through with my request for an Archangel Michael initiation. Having surmounted the obstacle that was London Transport, I settled into the waiting room guided by Kay and breathed deeply. The space felt familiar and reassuring with the delicious scent of nag champa wafting through. Called to enter, I knelt upon the cushion, clasped my hands in prayer position and breathed in deeply as I closed my eyes. Ready for the initiation I bowed my head and listened as Kay spoke in both Japanese and English. Feelings of peace and strength danced about my heart as the energy flowed. In only a matter of minutes the initiation was complete, leaving me with a ready grounded confidence and strength of self belief that continues to this day a fortnight later.”
(British male in his 40s, school teacher & healer, London, April 2014)