Mind Revolution Course

Mind Revolution Course

Private session (By Phone or Skype)
- 90min @ £140(By Paypal £150 each)
– 7 session course: 90 min x 7 sessions@ 945 by bank transfer. (By Paypal £985)
(It can be paid in two payments. Please arrange a session every 1-2 weeks.)

Private session (Face to Face)
- 80min @ £190 (By Paypal £200)
– 7 session course:  80 min x 7 sessions@ £1260
(By Paypal, £1330)

  • Please note 80-90 min sessions include about 15-20 min consultation time.

* Payment is by UK bank transfer.
* Paypal payment includes Paypal fee

Everyone has values and beliefs but sometimes they are not helping you to live your life. If they are limiting beliefs, dysfunctional beliefs and values, then you are trapped and cannot live your life fully.

There are Universal Principles as the Wisdoms of the Universe. If you learn this and apply the principles to your daily life, your life would be more enjoyable, fulfilling, purposeful and your life foundation would become more solid.

Whilst building up the life foundation, you would experience life transformation as your values and beliefs resonate better with the Universal Principles. You will live your life as you want, and you are not taking someone else’s projections anymore.

You will review your lifestyle, approach, your future, your psychology, your subconscious mind, your emotional and mental patterns as well to transform your life for the best and have a revolution within you.

Who is your consultant?
Kei has over 15 years’ international corporate work experience in finance and marketing and had successfully dealt with international projects. Kei has been learning the Universal principles for over 35 years since a very young age from Japanese and international mentors.  She provides effective consultation and compassionate support for you to transform your life and applies them to your life for the best. She also has rich life experiences in career, business, relationship and more, and can make positive suggestions to turn around your life for the better with a deep insight into human psychology,

She works together with the Universe and also uses various methods such as psychology, NLP and coaching elements accordingly.

  • If you would like to work on your patterns, make a change and generate results, a 7 session course is recommended.
  • If you have heavy emotional distress related to love, marriage, relationship, childhood traumatic experience, a 7 session course is recommended.

Session Outline – Standard
- Learn the Universal Principle to apply for your life
– Brief consultation on your issues.
– Explorer your mind and emotional patterns, belief system.
- Set an assignment to make a change in your life.
- Feedback

* Above is the standard approach so it may vary depends on the contents.
*  If you need more time and I could not finish all the contents teaching, you may need to take 1 or 2 more lessons additionally.
* Once you finish all the lessons and submit a report after practicing the universal principles, you will receive an attendance certificate (as PDF) if you would like to.

Please read in the prior booking.
– You can book a session or a course anytime.
– Sessions don’t include psychic reading and channeling.
– If you booked a face-to-face session, please come to the venue and wait in the lobby 5 min before. If you are late, your session will become shorter.
– Our session goes deeper psychologically and emotionally, please choose a place and time for you to keep your privacy for your skype or phone session.
–  Please choose a place for you to have a stable reception/connection.
– Please note that the final decision maker about your life is you and you take all the responsibilities on how to apply what you learned to your life.

Session cancellation and change policy:
— Within 48 hours of your booking cancellation and changes, 50%, within 24hours, 100% will be charged. Please notify us by email.

Course payment and cancellation:
— Please make a payment in advance by one payment or two.
— Cancelation and change request within 3 days of your course start, it will charge £80.Once course starts, there will be no refund.
— Each date of your session in the course can be scheduled. Once we set a date and if you request to change the date or chancel it within 48h £80、within 24h £160 will be charged.

“At each session, I learned the Principle of the Universe and received advice. Kei introduced me to actual cases and life experiences occasionally and it helped me how to make a plan and take actions to achieve my goals. I’m changing my career path to become a holistic therapist and practical coaching was really useful.” (Japanese female in her 30s, corporate worker, April 2015)

”I attended a  course and learned many useful things applying to my daily life.” (Japanese female in her 20s, Feb 2015)