New Moon Meditation & Dream Manifestation

New Moon Mindfulness Meditation & Dream Manifestation Coaching – Semi Private Group Session 
– Anyone can attend

Set Your Mind, Emotion and Energy for the Happy & Successful 2018!
– Explorer what you really want to achieve or who you want to be in the year 2018, and direct your energy to manifest what you want!

Do you know how powerful  a new moon day to prepare for your dream manifestation and your Magnificent transformation? This is the best day in every month to set your energy and intension.

Our meditation offers you time and space to become connected with your deeper self  and you will be gently guided to feel your inner peace and relaxation. You will become more mindful now and leave  the past, unhealthy emotions and thoughts from your mind and body.

Additionally, we use our own unique method and you will become connected with your mind, body and spirit to align yourself more. Your unconscious mind will be accessed and your brain will be re-patterned with neuro circuit stimulation and re=processed as you will have our popular EMDR exercise!

If you ever experienced your dream hasn’t been manifested in the past, there should be many reasons but possible and common reasons are that
– you didn’t set your intension and a goal appropriately.
– you didn’t prepare your energy in a suitable way before hand.
– you have a pattern where you cannot make constant efforts, just as an example.

At this workshop, the above points are reviewed and the best format is presented for you to support your dream manifestation. It is not only a meditation, energy work but also educational as well to learn about yourself and your patterns to make a change.

Once a month, give yourself some time to become connected with you and nurture you. Our meditation intervention supports you to reduce your stress and anxiety.

–  Mindfulness New Moon Meditation to focus on NOW, not the past – accessing your sub-consciousness lightly.
–  Physiology matters for your success – Light movement
–  Short Psychic Consultation Time to achieve your goal – You can ask one question
–  Set your intensions and goals  (Coaching session) – about 40-45 min.
–  NLP/ EMDR light workout In order to manifest your wishes and dreams – about 5-10 min.

  • Coaching topic – you can choose any topic.  Just one topic. Please bring a pen and notebook.
  • Before the events, if you wish, you can book either 25min or 55 min psychic reading/tarot reading/Reiki session (Standard fee applied. Advance booking is required.)

Fee: Early bird offer. better fee to book online in advance.  (on the door, £60 by cash)

Time, Date & Location: You can choose either a day time or a night time. 
Day time – Mon April 16th  11:30 – 12:50 @ Covent Garden, 4 min walk.
Night time – Mon April 16th  18:30 – 19:50 @ Bond st, 6 min walk.

* Advance booking is required. 
* Booking deadline: Sat 14th of April  by 17:00.  

Booking & Payment:
Please make a payment from the link below.

*It is not refundable unless we cancel the event.
*Once you book and pay from the link below, we receive a notice, so you don’t need to email us separately for bookings.
* Exact address will be notified 2-3 days before by email.

Day Time – 


Night Time



What to bring: Pen and a paper

Please note
- Please arrive 5 min before and wait to be greeted.
– We will run this event as scheduled and please come in time. You can come in till 05 min after  but after that, door will be closed as it will be disruptive to other members who are there.
– After the payment deadline, you can book and make a payment  by cash on door, if a seat is still available. However, advance booking and contact is highly recommended in case the event should be cancelled. Please pay the exact amount as changes may not be available.

Previous Meditation events’ Feedback from Clients.
“Meditating with other people was a new experience for me. Interesting to combine speaking in voice and movement. Never seen before”
(Japanese female, finance, 40s, Jan 2018)

“I received various visions, colour and light and am feeling relaxed.”
(Russian female, corporate, 30s, Sep 2017)

“I feel cleansed and my energy is lighter”
(English male, psychic healer, 20s, Aug 2017)

’I had a good impression on Kei as she speaks positively and uplifting. I was also impressed by her experiences and knowledge as I found there were many techniques incorporated for this meditation event.’
(Japanese female, 30s, Aug 2017)

’My hands became so heavier towards the end and I felt my blocks got released. My energy flows better now.’
(English female, 30s, Reiki practitioner, London, Aug 2017)

“Clearing meditation makes me feel calmer. I could release heavy emotions.”
(Japanese female,  40s, Aug 2017)