Archangel Cord Cutting Guided Meditation, Compassionate Mindful Meditation & Reiki Healing

Archangel Cord Cutting Guided Meditation, Compassionate Mindful Meditation & Reiki Healing
– Psychological and energetic work 

At this evening event, you will be guided gently to clear your energy and cut off unwanted energetic cords which may affecting and blocking your life journey with Archangels’ help. Then you will be gently guided to become connected with your inner essence and find answers and feelings for your own divine journey by  a qualified and experienced meditation teacher.

It is important to take your time, leave all the things aside and find the inner peace for your own spiritual growth and understanding of your reality to look from a bird’s eye.

Kei is a traditional Japanese authentic Usui Reiki  teacher and practitioner, and a psychic consultant working with angels, guides and ascended masters over 12 years.

If you are in a talking therapy or counselling with medication for many years, or has chronic mental or physical issues, such as anxiety, depression, addiction, or stress,  
– this event is recommended for you too. Our event works on the entire aspect of you, mind, emotion, body and energy aspects. Counselling or psychotherapy has its own benefits but usually it takes ages and it may not really resolve issues quickly or effectively as it does not offer the energetic work together.
– Psychological work and transformation is more effective to combine with the energetic work working with angels and guides, and  you can raise your awareness and become connected with your authentic YOU, with the divine help, rather than just being labelled with all the diagnostics and analysis by limited human brains.
– Energy work is firster and effective to make a change, and there is an opportunity to raise your awareness to move forward.
– Our school therapists are trained and offer unconditional positive regards/compassion to clients in a safe environment.

This is a monthly event at a cost effective price in a group setting but the work itself is for individual, and you can build up your energy to make a change. You don’t need to share any of your privacy if you don’t want to. You are in charge of your own life.

Anyone can attend and feel free to book your seat.


– Brief explanation on how the energy works, and there is a brief psychic consultation time. – you can ask a question to raise your awareness and to resolve your issues. One person, one question. (within allowed time).
– Archangel Cord Cutting Guided Meditation – you will be guided to cut off draining energetic cords and move on in your life. (If you haven’t learned the energy basic, it is recommended to book the class 1 for the protection and energy management).
– Guided Mindfulness and Compassion Meditation to transform your energy, mind and emotion. –  we will work on the vibration / negative emotion first and empower you to have a joyful life.
– Listen to your inner voice and your body
– Reiki healing – as a group, you will receive Reiki healing energy during the guided meditation time.
– if time allows, light stretch and movement to shake off anger, shock, negative emotions out of your body using a specific movement.


Time and date: Thu 13th of September, 2018. from 19:00 – 20:20 (80min)
* Please arrive by 18:55 and wait in the shop. We will start on time and door will be closed at 19:00. No refund for late arrival, no show, after booking. 

* By door on the day –  please pay 40 pounds by cash with an advance email notice you will attend. There should be plenty of seats even for drop-in.

Location: at Covent Garden, Buddha on a Bicycle. 27 Endell St, Wc2h 9ba. About 5 min walk from Covent Garden tube.

Payment: Early Bird offer is available if you book online in advance from the  link below.
– Special Offer – if you attend with your friend/family, you can have a special rate for two person’s booking from the payment link below

  • One person attendance fee

  • Two person attendance fee 

* Online payment Deadline –  17:00 on Sep 13th. After that, it is by cash payment only by door as your online payment may not be able to be confirmed after this if the transaction processing time should take longer.


Terms and conditions
– After booking, no refund is available unless we cancel the event.
– Please arrive in time and avoid being late.
– Seats are limited so priority goes to people who pay and book online in advance.
– If you have any mental illness, psychotic disorder or personality disorder, please contact Kei first before joining. If it is a very severe mental illness or personality disorder, it is better for you to have a private session rather than a group work.
– At this event, you will have a full responsibility with your own reactions and symptoms. Please consult your own GP if you need to in prior booking this event if needed.


Client feedback
“I feel lighter and more relaxed. Less anxious. Thank you”
(Female, 30s, London, 2018 July)