July – Ancestor’s Healing, Spark of Life

How are you?

One more week for me till I get back in London and there are lots of packed events going on here. If you have any friends and family living in Tokyo, they can have sessions on July 27th (last couple of slots available).
Ancestors’ healing … family tree.
While I was reading my father, my great grandfather came up and gave him a message. We were planning to visit one of the ancient shrines but changed a plan and drove up to the north by car 4-5 hours to visit the great grandfather’s family graveyard and our relatives.

I know there is a different concept between Japanese and English people regarding ancestors’ healing but in Japan it is a traditional and common practice to visit ancestors graveyards regularly here and  heal them with respect and love. By this visit, our family lineage became stronger and united as one.

There is already good effects seen and our connection with the relatives became stronger. It is good to know how my great grandparents and relatives had their lives.
How about tracking down your family tree? It’s good to find out your own roots.

Spark of Life Remote Private Session – Spirit Side of DNA Activation
it is a good time to arrange a remote session. Spark of Life Remote session is offered by the Master of Light and it activates your spirit side of DNA.
Details ->  http://uk.gfls.co.uk/sol/

Available slots – July Fri 21st – London time 5:30- 7:30 am by skype.
Booking: Please email me.
* Please book and make a payment by Paypal. * If you would like to book any other Skype session, it is possible as well.

In Aug
In August, we will offer one more special offer of the Class 1 and level 1 at a special rate on Aug 6th. If you are interested in, please see below. It is essential to learn a proper protection method and energy clearing to maintain your energetic health.

Otherwise, you can book this class anytime you want. First come, first served.

Private sessions and seminars in London will be available from Aug 3rd.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light



★Aug 6th Sun –  14:40 – 16:05 Class 1 level 1 –  one last offer (Meditation and Energy Protection and Management) 
– Learn how to clear your energy, protect you thoroughly. In this dimension, there is not only the Light, but darkness is here too. You can book a class anytime you want.
Only one Slot, last special offer – 70 pounds only by the school assistant teacher @ Liverpool st. Class 1 details -> http://uk.gfls.co.uk/class1/

★ Aug 7th Mon 11:10-  Full Moon Chaka & Energy Clearing Meditation and Crystal Empowerment
★11:10 -11:50 Part 1 – Meditation and Group Emotional Healing @Covent Garden ★11:50 -12:30  Part 2A Galactic Light Transmission & Crystal Empowerment @Covent Garden

★ Psychic Reading, Channelling session
Sometimes, it is good to have a guidance or message coming from your ancestors, angels and ascended masters to receive  a support for you to understand, make a decision in life and move on. http://uk.gfls.co.uk/reading/

★ Massage and Reiki session
We need to maintain our physical body well as well as the energy field. Experienced ITEC 3 & Deep Tissue massage therapist, Kei, helps you release tension and pain from your body. It gives you good benefits to loosen your muscles and circulate the blood and energy better. Reiki can be combined if requested.
Massage – > http://uk.gfls.co.uk/massage/ Reiki ⇒ http://uk.gfls.co.uk/usuireiki/

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