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How are you?

One chaos is averted so there will be no tube strike on Thu 5th, yeah!. Come and join us for the Meditation &  Crystal Empowerment work on 5th.

Las Vegas shooting and terror attacks…. Is it someone else’s issues?
If you don’t mind, it would be great if you could send out love and light to Las Vegas and places where terror attacks happened in the past. I would like to take a couple of minutes to send out love to Las Vegas at Thu’s meditation to heal people, departed souls and the land.

Las Vegas incident happened and it is very far from us living in the UK. It is someone else’s issue as we are not there, maybe? However, energetically it is not quite like that as there is a collective consciousness which may be generating bad incident like that.

In our daily life, we may have moments to feel angry, frustrated, get jealous to others, compete against each other from ego, bad mouthing, blame others, etc. sometimes.  These tiny things from one person can be contributing to the collective consciousness negatively.

Guess what happens if 1 mil people do this at the same time everyday? Huge negative energy can be powerful enough to trip over someone who are already dark and insecure enough and it can give a trigger to kill others.

There is the dark forces influence as well but we cannot blame everything is done only by dark forces IF you are contributing incidents like this by feeling jealous, complaining, competing and kicking out others for your own selfish benefits, and sending out negative feelings, psychic attack and negative thoughts to manipulate others.

After I sent out a newsletter, one guy with a bit of a history, reacted and sent me nasty emails with insult, mimicking and anger as he believes it is only done by dark forces. It’s fine whatever he believes but he should not have sent me nasty emails, not needed. I don’t know what happened to him but this is the sort of thing I am talking about. We need to stop sending out negative energies but sending out love.

What can we do?
In order to prevent a future terror incident, we can do one thing, important thing. Stop getting jealous, stop blaming others, stop controlling others, stop bad mouthing, stop crushing others for your own benefits, if you notice you might be doing these.

Instead, cultivate the love aspect of yourself, develop yourself to understand others more, and share your love.

If other people look they are doing better than you, stop comparing you with the person. You may not be able to see but other people may have done tremendous efforts to reach there for years and  have gone through so much while you were drinking and partying, doing something else. Instead of getting jealous, you need to understand that one day you can reach there and it is shown to you as an potential example.

Can you imagine if one person make conscious efforts to be more loving and positive, instead of bitching and getting jealous,  how powerful people around him/her would be influenced?
Then if 1 million people make conscious efforts to be more loving, wouldn’t it be more powerful?

How would you be able to become a person who can contribute to the world’s peace and love?
Real spiritual person takes an action, not only studying and reading books.

Message from the Hierarchy of Light as a Suggestion.
Yesterday I encountered a situation on the tube where there were 2 large unattended suitcases left in my compartment. Couple of girls said they were left suitcases, and people forced open the doors and got off on the King Cross platform. I also got off and pressed the Emergency button as it could be a bomb. My heart was pounding.

Train stopped for about 10 min and 2-3 staff went in, managed and train departed like nothing happened. In the end it was not a bomb probably and nothing bad happens.  Since people are more vigilant with luggage and other people around them, nothing bad happened, which is a good thing.

So two suggestions from the Hierarchy.

1) Look around on the tube and public transportation,  and be aware if there is any unattended bags and objects. If there is, check with people around you. Communication is a key to prevent an attack.

2) Love Spreading Work in a public transportation
For just 3-5 min while you are sitting, open your heart and send out your love to the entire compartment /bus/town you are passing by. Everyday, just 3-5 min. Can you imagine love energy will be spreading over the entire London quickly if many of us do this everyday? Love is the best solution for everything.

Join me for the above if you would like to? I have already started from yesterday.

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Looking forward to hearing from you soon and have a good day.

Love and Light


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