Negative Cord Cutting

Negative Emotional Cord Cutting Healing & Energy Clearing
– £120 (50 min) / £180 (80 min) (10 pounds off if you pay by Within-UK bank transfer 96h/4days before).
– including a brief counseling session

People get connected energetically. Sometimes, through positive cords, if relationships with others are good and supportive. Other times this occurs through negative cords, if relationships are unhealthy.

This session focuses on negative cords and will cut them. It is an interactive session and you may sense:

– who you are connected to and why,
– how you are affected
– how you will be supported to cut the negative cords, get healed and move on.
– the effects of cord cutting.

This session will detect major negative cords that are affecting you. It will cut them, heal and clear you, and make you happier to move on in your life with more positivity. You will have a much more healthy state mentally, emotionally, physically and energetically.

* Differences between the Cord Cutting Session and this Negative Emotional Cord Cutting is:
– This session cuts major negative cords, whilst the Emotional Cord Cutting session will cut all the negative cords including minor ones by the Ancient Mystery School’s modality.
– If you would like to have a better understanding why you are corded, this session may be more suitable for you.
– If you would like to cut off all the negative cords and move on totally, then the Emotional Cord Cutting session may be more suitable for you.

How negative cords affect you;                  
– drain your energy
– mentally and emotionally control and manipulate you through being corded
– physically it can cause illness and disease
– you can find that you cannot move on even after separation as you are still corded with the person you want to separate from.
– it makes you think about the person you don’t wish to think about and don’t want to associate with.
– it functions as a psychic  attack, and thereby gives you negative energy and influences.
– you may be connected  with demonic beings, which have to be cut off.
– negative cords may  be connecting you with your past life and its karma over years.

Expected benefits:
– You will have a better understanding why you were corded and affected.
– Great to help you get over a relationship break up.
– Helps you unlock negative hooks from family members, friends, colleagues, partners etc.
– Stops people draining your energy.
– Gives you a better chance for new relationships to develop.
– Takes away some of the pain from the death of a loved one.
– Helps to make pregnancy loss easier to cope with.
– You can live your life, not someone else’s life by removing control cords.




“Kay detected several cords and I wasn’t aware that I was still negatively corded with my ex. During the session, I sensed that the negative energy was still coming from him. Kay cut the cords and after that I felt lighter and more positive. After the cord cutting, she put her hands on my shoulders and they were really hot! ” (English female in 30s, London.)

“I still had controlling and manipulating cords from a previous relationship and a karmic relationship with some people, though I thought I had cut any energetic connections already. It was much better to have cut them off. My energy is full for me.” (Japanese female in 40s, London.)