★New Moon & Transformation Work

Every month, there are special days that everyone can utilize to transform their lives. They are the New moon day and the Full moon day.

New moon day is a good day to start something new, in communication, intelligence, research, project, learn something, sign up with a course, order things and more. It is the day for you to take actions towards your dreams and goals.

Our New moon event offers the energy and support for you to reach your goals and wishes by working on your psychology, subconscious mind and your energy, 360 degrees of you, and by making a mental, emotional and energetic shift.

You can participate our online group session. You can share what you want to share and don’t need to share anything you feel uncomfortable with.

March 2023
– it is the Aries new moon. Prior the Spring Equinox energy, you will receive a lot of fire energy, unlock your suppressed emotions and thoughts and live your life with passion. It is a good time to start something new, learn something new, sign up with a course, start a new job, relationship, and such.

‐ Understand what you want and clarify your goals
‐ Getting to know yourself
‐ Identifying blockages to manifest your goals and wishes
‐ Psychological work to see why you want to make it happen, and release blockages
– Release blockages from your subconsicons mind.
‐ Emotional NLP to release blockages and transform your vibration
– Attract the energy from the future and create a fantastic love life.
‐ QA
‐ Any other elements to be added depending on the participants’ energy

Time and Date
‐ 70min.
March 21st Tue, 2023, 19:00 – UK time.

‐ By video Zoom
– You will receive the Zoom link to your email address you use for the PayPal payment.

Booking and Payment
‐ £ 45  (Full price is 90 pounds). Early bird offer
– You will receive a zoom link once you pay the fee and book your seat as a confirmation.
‐ Please make a payment from the below PayPal link to book your seat.
– Deadline: 2h before.

Terms and Conditions
‐ Unless we cancel the event, there will be no refund. There will be no transfer to the next event.
– Please download the Zoom app on your PC and check how to log in in advance. Please avoid a situation you cannot log in on time without checking your link and signing in the process as your responsibility.
– We will start as scheduled, so please join us on time.