Online Session Booking

Online Session Schedule and Booking
– For a Psychic Reading Consultation
– For NLP & Talking Therapy Session only.

This online session scheduling and booking time shows you the minimum available slots.

Currently, you can book a psychic reading consultation session or NLP& Talking Therapy session online by Skype or phone, using the online booking calendar from the link.

Please note
– This is only for a Skype or phone session, not a face to face session.
– You need to book at least 8-24 hours before as a preparation is required.
– If you prefer to book other time, please email 2-3 of your preferred appointment time.
– You need to make a payment together to complete the booking when you book, otherwise your appointment will be cancelled.

Online Booking and available time.
– Please click the link below.
– it is show as the UK time. If you would like to book any other time, please email preferred time.
– You can book a session up to 23 hours before of your preferred time online and one month ahead, otherwise, please email us.
– Evening booking: Even if it not listed, it if available on Mon, Tue and Thu night till 21:00 depends on a day.

– For a psychic reading consultation – Please click the link here.
– For a Talking therapy & NLP session – Please click the link here.