Online Group Class 1 Course – Chakra Clearing Meditation & Protection

Online Group Chakra Clearing Meditation & Protection Course – Level 1
– Meditation, Basic Energy Protection Introduction & Chakra Clearing Meditation – Stress Management (by Zoom/Skype)
–  Anyone can attend this class.
Attendance Certificate will be awarded if you complete the class and the meditation and protection assignment within 5 months of your class attendance).

  • This is an online Group Class 1. Same private class 1 contents will be taught over 4 times on the weekday’s evenings. You will have an extra benefits with additional guided clearing meditation.
  • If you are interested in our meditation, you can join our monthly meditation event and experience it. For further information, please click here.
  • Free Audio as a pre-class 1  how essential it is to clear and protect your energy. 

The school offers a variety of classes for you to learn about esoteric wisdom and energy.
Our classes are based on tested and proofed methods. They cover both theory and hands on practice for you to improve your quality of life or to deepen your energy and holistic studies.

About Class 1 level 1
All of us are energetic beings, and our energy needs to get cleaned regularly. It is like having an energetic shower on our energetic body and mind. If you don’t cleanse your energetic body and mind, you accumulate all the darts in your energy field and it would not help you to live a heathy life physically and energetically.

During this class you will learn how to meditate properly and clear your energy field.

You will also learn how to protect your energy and maintain your energy in a healthy way. Without an energetic protection on you, even simple everyday things can affect us and can be dangerous since all sorts of beings and energies are out there. You may be emotionally affected by someone else’s negative emotions such as anger and jealousy, and by the energy of the space such as a graveyard and clubs.

Research result of our Clearing Meditation Method.
In 2010, Kei researched, tested and wrote a thesis on a clearing meditation as part of her University’s Post Graduate Diploma Psychology degree course. She tested this clearing meditation intervention with 40 random female and male participants in London for 15-20 min  and found the results below from specific questionnaires issued to participants before and after the intervention;
– All participants felt relaxed and less stressed.
– Stress level was reduced on average by 23 %, maximum 63% only in 15 min.
– Some participants had a clearer mind as a result.

Kei, Senior Meditation Teacher, has offered this energy clearing meditation since 2008 and successfully teaches this simple, easy to understand, but also effective and powerful method to many clients.

Many clients came back to her with feedback such as better health, better mental and emotional stability, better relationships, clarity in mind, better career, and more.

Benefits of attending this class

  • You will learn how to manage your energy and emotions.
  • Your emotional clutter will be cleared and you will be able to balance your emotions.
  • You will be less affected by people’s emotions and expectations around you, especially negative energies.
  • Your stress level will be reduced and you will be able to get connected with your inner peace.
  • You can get grounded, feel happy and be at your centre.
  • Mentally you will be more stable and secure.
  • You can live a life realistically and positively, so you can manifest what you want.
  • Your mind and head are sharper and clearer.

If you are a masseuse, healer, psychic, therapist, coach, a hypnotherapist or deal with many people…
– It is essential for you to protect yourself as a therapist from any negative energies and evil spirits while you are practicing. You will learn the tools to maintain a healthy energy level and protect yourself.
– Without protecting yourself properly, you as a therapist may flow your energetic garbage to clients and affect them with evil attachments and forces. And vice versa.
– If you have already experienced psychic attack, black magic or bad spirit attachments, then this is the first step for you to learn to cleanse and protect your energy properly.
– This class provides you the basic and essential elements to develop your psychic senses, protect you as a therapist and become a high quality psychic, healer and therapist.

Outline of the Class
– You will learn the metaphysics and esoteric contents as well as hands on practical energy management in a consistent approach. 
– What is meditation?
– Benefits of meditation
– Types of meditation
– What Chakra is about. Its function.
– Auric Field.
– Clearing Meditation – Theory.
– Clearing Meditation – Hands on guided meditation practice – you will have a guided clearing meditation practice at every class. So total 4 guided meditation you will experience.
– Standard Energy Protection – Procedures explanation.
– Standard Energy Protection – Hands on guided protection practice.

– Esoteric learning – Human structure, becoming a human, human energy.
– Psychic sense basics
– Energy Protection Variations.

In order to:
– be positive
– reduce stress, anger and be more relaxed
– clear your energy daily as self-maintenance
– be at the centre of your being at all times
– manifest your wishes and dreams into reality
– make sound judgments
– have peace of mind, and to be less influenced by external forces and events
– maintain your energetic health and then improve your physical and mental conditions
– not be attached by undesirable entities
– not be intruded upon by others, thereby draining your energy.

Time& Day:
– This is a group online session for 40 min per class x 4 times (total 2h 40 min). You can attend online from home (By Zoom).
1st class – Feb 27th Thu 20:40 – 21:20 (40 min)
2nd class – Mar 5th Thu 20:40 – 21:20 (40 min)
3rd class – Mar 12th Thu 20:40 – 21:20 (40 min)
4th class – Mar 19th Thu 20:40 – 21:20 (40 min)
* Classes will be offered with minimum 2 persons’ attendance.
* If you prefer to learn in private or by one class, please book a private class 1 (110min).

Fee – Early bird offer for the first 2 persons at £ 170 by bank transfer payment by Sun midnight.
– Group Teaching £ 180 by bank transfer. £190  by Paypal within 4 days of the class start.
– Once the class is started, fee is not refundable.
– Please pay in advance by bank transfer if you live in the UK.
– From the outside of the UK, or pay within 4 days of the course start, please pay by Paypal. 

Others – follow-up session
– If you miss a class, please book a follow-up 30 min class by phone at 30 pounds by bank transfer (35 pounds by Paypal) before the next class starts.
– If you would like to have a post-review & follow-up session to ask questions and practice over the phone, it is possible with an additional fee. It is 30 min at 30 pounds by phone/Skype.

Note: Please read before you book the class.
– Please book in advance with payment.
– Cancellation & rescheduling policy:
—- 50% fee for cancellation within 72 hours of the appointment. Within 24 hours, 100% fee will be charged..
– Class material will be sent in advance by email. Please print it out and have it ready by paper.
* It is recommended to receive a 24+/26-Strand DNA Activation.
– We will send you the details of the login information in advance. Please download the appropriate app/software (free) in advance and attend the class on time.
– You are allowed to join the class 5 min late, but after, the no one can join.
– If you miss the class, recording of the class may be available (not guaranteed). Please book a follow-up session before the next class start with an additional fee if you would like to have an attendance certificate.
– If you attend all the classes and complete all the meditation and protection assignments within 5 months of the lesson 3 attendance, you will be awarded with an attendance certificate by email (PDF format).