★Dimensional Transformation Session

★New Year 2021 Dimensional Transformation Session – Shift Your Reality and Create Your Heaven on Earth Microcosmos

Do you know there are so many dimensions and so many ‘realities’ existing at the same time? We are experiencing different realities in different dimensions, and one reality is not actually everything and we have the power to change our reality. However, the issue is we are giving away our powers and may feel powerless over years and dwell in the state of mind with limiting beliefs and self-sabotage.

Whilst some of us are experiencing harsh reality, other people experience what they desire.

Physical Aspect
As you know, the physical dimension is one reality for us, though it is not everything.

Why is trouble happening?
What is the lesson for you and others?
What are we getting out of this?
What future holds for us under this uncertain time?

What about the energetic aspect? Why is this happening?

Energetic Aspect
Whatever happens in our life, nothing happens randomly and there is always something we can learn. Depending on how you give a MEANING to this, your attitude to life would be totally different.

This session helps you to raise your frequency, see the situation from the higher dimensional view, and find out why you are experiencing it, what it means to you, and transform your vibration to make a change in life.

Since we have our own spirits in our physical bodies, our approach needs to be dual; physical and energetic. Whilst we need to take care of our body physically, we also need to work on our energy to re-align with your divine missions and life purpose and create/shift to a different reality. Therefore, this Dimensional work helps you to experience different dimensions, energies. and to help you to experience and shift your reality, which means you are creating what you want in life.

Emotionally you will become more positive, uplifted, more motivated.

– Consultation time
– Energy work and dimensional work
– Shambala Creation Energy work, if you wish to create your heaven on the earth energy.
– Transformation – NLP, Hypno, energy work, etc.
– Feedback

– Special work, additionally.

– How much are you aligned with what you really want as a spirit-level? We will also do alignment work before finishing.

In Jan – Since it is the beginning of the new year, we will set the energy and direction to manifest your wishes and dreams.

Booking: Please email 2-3 preferred time as a private session.

– 160 pounds for 50 min by Paypal -> In Jan, 130 pounds offer by Paypal payment.
– 260 pounds for 80 min by Paypal -> In Jan, 210 pounds offer by Paypal payment.
– Please send 3-4 preferred time you would like to book (with UK or Japan time indication).

Location: Zoom / SKype online.

Clients’ Feedback
’’Thank you so much the other day. I’ve been spending time having a vision since the workshop. I never really paid attention to my higherself and light-beings in the past so I felt I could connect with them this time. One of the staff became positive last week however, there is no more new contracted cases from our staff in the hospital. There are some people hospitalised with Corona contract suspicion but PCR test showed no contracted cases. So around me, Corona virus is not found that much.
(Japanese female, 40s, medical, Tokyo, April 2020)

’’ I was very sleepy maybe with one-week work tiredness and the healing voice of Kei during the workshop. ”
(Japanese female, 40s, corporate, North Japan, April 2020)