★Online Live Guided Meditation

How are you coping with staying at home?

Current situation may be feeling like a total disaster and your life may be falling apart with a big challenge. You maybe lost your job, business, less income, no income, no social activities, no holiday, and difficulties with family members and such. You may feel like there is no hope and dream in the future.

Whatever happens in life even in the middle of a storm, there is a reason why it is happening and at some point, you see the sun rises everyday and the storm will be gone some point.

At the adversity like today, this is the time for us to go inside, become connected with your own emotions and thoughts, and release all the fears and worries, and re-balance your emotions and energy. At some point, you would be able to get out of the bottom of life. It would not continue for ever.

This online live guided meditation supports you to reset your mind and emotions, balance your energy and maintain the peace of mind even if you are in a storm everyday.

– Brief explanation how to proceed and how to meditate.
– Guided meditation to release fear, worries, anxieties, re-balance your mind and maintain the peace of mind (25-30min).
– Brief feedback & QA session.

– By Zoom online. by every Fri.
– Within 1-3 days once you book the session, you will receive an email of how to sign up the session.

Time and Date: Every Fri. UK time 9am -9:40 am / Japan time 17:00 – 17:40.

Payment & Booking
– Your booking will be completed with payment.
– You will receive an email of how to sign in.
– Before the session, please download the free Zoom application and confirm how to sign in in advance.
‐ After your payment, there will be no refund so please make sure you sign up on time.
– There is an early bird offer. (Fee will go up) .

Booking Deadline.
‐ 5 hours before every Fri for each Fri session. After that, you can attend the session following week.