★ Online – Qabalah & Galactic Transformational Energy Session

To get out of the pandemic situation, each one of us needs to raise our vibration and awaken who we really are. Galactic vibration is quite strong, so this workshop offers the step-by-step energetic work to release negative vibrations, release blockages from your mind, emotions and body and then raise your vibration and empower you.

This workshop starts from the physical realm related vibration and archangel, then, we will go up the stage step by step with the support of different archangels and galactic-beings.

This workshop aims to support you;
– to work on 10 key energetic portals within you based on the ancient Qabalah system with the Archangels’ support.
– to release negative energies and raise your vibrations
– to transform you from your unconscious mind as well as the conscious mind
– to transform your reality and manifest your desirable ones.
– to get out of the Pandemic scenario.

Location: by Zoom online, private session.

What you need: pen and paper, quiet and private space.

Online Session Outline
– All the workshops are mainly focusing on the energy work to transform you.
– Includes a clearing meditation, psychological and emotional healing work, empowerment based on the aspect of the Archangel and the Tree of Life, connection with the Archangel, transmission from the Archangel to transform your life and reality.
– You will be healed and empowered based on the archetype of all the key energy gateways after the first 10 sessions, and activate your energy further with the Galactic transmission and healing work with the Galactic-beings.
– Please arrange a magical journey notebook for you and write down what you notice during the session and after. The transformation process will continue to process even after the session and you need to be aware of your changes including a subtle one. Energy and changes can be subtle, not dramatic, but it can bring a huge impact on your life. This workshop gives you the “Know Thyself” elements.

What you need to know
– You cannot join from somewhere in the middle and you need to start from the first portal, Malkuth step by step.
– You will go to the higher vibration step by step.
– Each energy portal has a specific meaning and energy. It is ideal for you to finish the entire course once you start without leaving it half-finished as it is a Qabalah Ascension program and progress. With this nature, you need to book each realm as a set altogether.
– 1st realm – 1st
– 2nd realm – 2nd-4th
– 3rd realm- 5th-7th
– 4th realm – 8th-10th
– 5th realm – Galactic

During the holiday season and the school holiday, we will stop offering the course and resume after the holiday. We will discuss before the course start and set the times and dates weekly.

When you are ready to transform your life with commitment to yourself, you can start the first session of the course.


1st) Archangel Sandalphon – Qabalah/Malkuth
– Related to the physical dimension, such as money, relationships, trauma, work, family, assets, etc. Release negativity and empower you with a higher vibration

2nd) Archangel Gabriel – Qabalah/Yesod
– Transmission is related to promote independence, raise awareness, remove a slave of mind from the mass consciousness and victim consciousness, transform to live a life as you, develop a psychic sense, and understand the divine plan (subconsciously) and more.

3rd) Archangel Michael – Qabalah/Hod
– Transmission is related to
reveal falseness in self, release ego, arrogance, entitlement, deception, dishonesty, impatience, dogmatism, criticalness, destructive nature to the authority and higher order, and neuroticism. Aims to promote to become wiser and grow, awaken the virtue of truth, patience, protection from psychic attack, the glory of God, and order.

4th) Archangel Haniel – Qabalah/Netzach
– Transmission is related to
release addiction, obsession, promiscuity, exploiting love, contamination, pollution, selfishness, jealous, vanity. Aims to promote love and beauty, unconditional love, nature preservation, purification, unselfishness, balanced emotions, and psychic development.

5th) Archangel Raphael – Qabalah/Tiphareth
– Transmission is related to
release pride, self-doubt, insecurity, blaming, and heal wounds and scars. Aims to promote nurturing, compassion, devotion, unconditional love, humbleness of services/manifestation, evolving, progression, and to awaken Cryst Consciousness.

6th) Archangel Khamael – Qabalah/Geburah
– Transmission is related to
release aggressiveness, violence, destructiveness, critical nature, anger, fear, cruelty, brutality, self-doubt, and manipulation. Aims to promote confidence, critical sound judgement, an initiative to solve issues, justice, assertion, strength and courage.

7th) Archangel Tzadkiel – Qabalah/Chesed
– Transmission is related to
release hypocrisy, bigotry, tyranny, smugness, pride, and self-righteousness. Aims to promote a sense of obedience to higher laws, truth, loyalty, patience, devotion, endurance, order, and harmony.

8th) Archangel Tzaphkiel – Qabalah/Binah
– Transmission is related to
release betrayal, double-faced, avarice, greed, exploitation. Aims to promote understanding the sorrows, sacrifice and burdens of duality, faith, deep peace, Mather nature, and uncovered secrets.

9th) Archangel Ratziel – Qabalah/Chokmah
– Transmission is related to
release, inefficiency, procrastination, envy, superstitiousness, fear of the future, and any resistance to the light. Aims to promote perfect devotion to the higher dimension, wisdom and transcendental awareness.

10th) Archangel Metatron – Qabalah/Ketel
– Transmission is related to
release excessive daydreaming/avoidance, shame, self-denial, lack of sympathy and poor self-image. Aims to promote creative imagination, connection wit the higher dimension, sense of wonder, embracing change, and perfect order.

11th) Galactic Melchizedek
– Hand down some tools from Galactic Melchizedek to clear the energy and protect you with the Galactic energy for the ascension time, and more.

12th) Galactic Commander Ashtar
– Galactic clearing, healing, and awakening your divine energy and more.

Booking and Payment

  • All 12 online sessions – 90 min x all 12 weekly sessions
    (we set a weekly session’s times and dates).
    – It is highly recommended to go through all the 12 aspects and complete the course.
    – By one advance payment for all 12 sessions with the advance weekly session arrangement – £2,280 by bank transfer.
  • 7 online sessions x 90 min, up to Archangel Tzadkiel – Qabalah/Chesed
    – If you are not sure, you can do the first 7 aspects. But you have to start from the first one again if you want to complete all the 12 aspects.
    – 90 min x 7 weekly sessions (we set a weekly session’s times and dates). By one advance payment for 7 sessions with the advance weekly session arrangement – £1,400 by bank transfer. (Please note you need to start from Session 1 again to complete the course, if you decided not to complete the rest of the sessions. After you finish 7 sessions and want to finish the rest of the sessions, the remaining payment for Session 8-12 is £1,000 by bank transfer).
  • This course is not available to do a single session, and has to be completed as a course.

Terms and Conditions
– It is an online session by Skype.
– Fee is non-refundable within 48 hours of the session and not transferrable. If you miss one, you need to reschedule and pay for a single session additionally to finish the course.
– Session will be conducted as scheduled. Please note your session length will be shortened if you are late.
– Please make sure to arrange times and dates in advance for the course not to make frequent changes.
– During the holiday season and the school holiday, we will stop offering the course and resume after the holiday. We will discuss before the course start and set the times and dates weekly.

Client feedback

”As soon as I booked the session, empowering possibilities showed up almost immediately in both my personal and work life. During the session, the energy joy and abundance got activated. Also I was supported to release deep rooted negativity and frustration. I now feel much clearer in my reality, actions and the path I am creating.”
(English male, 20s, London, psychic consultant, 2020 Oct)

”I am new in learning to develop my psychic ability and whilst I have found it frustrating at times not being able to focus, these sessions have allowed me to practice, and I have noticed a difference, for the first time I have been able to see colours and energies during the session, and it becomes clearer each lesson. I found the energy during the Gabriel session the strongest and have felt lighter after each session.”
(English male, 30s, London, business owner, 2020 Nov)

”I noticed my colleagues and people around me became more gentle and loving to me.”
(Japanese female, 40s, Tokyo, medical, 2020, Nov)