Protection Pendant Head

Protection Pendant Head

Two types of protection pendants are available. People who purchase said,
– It is easier to get grounded
– I feel protected
– Kids became emotionally more stable and their school performance got better. and so on.

Please choose which type you like. After your order placement, required preparation time is about 1 month. You will receive it at your session time or by royal post.

Photos show plane pendants before any energy preparation is done. Its design and its looks will not be changed even after the energy work on a pendant.

Type 1
- Silver pendant head
- Radius 2.2cm. Very light, flat and thin
- Price: £70
- Stock: currently: please ask


Type 2
- Silver pendant head
- Radius 2.1cm. It is embossed, little bit more thick compared to the Type 1, but it is still light and thin.
- Price: £85
- Stock: please


Purchase & Payment
Please book by email. If there is no more stock, it may take longer to get it delivered to you. It takes about one to one and a half months to prepare after the order is placed.
– Please pay in advance by bank transfer after your purchase request is confirmed.
– Please let us know.

  • Your name,
  • Your birthday.
  • Which type and how many.
  • Please specify how you would like to receive the product

<Product Delivery>
 – If you would like products to be delivered to your house, please let me know your full name, full address and phone number. Fee for the Royal mail tracking delivery will be charged additionally (about £5-10, international, £15).

<Terms and Conditions>
– Once you place an order and the preparation work started, there will be no refund.

Thank you.