Protections against Psychic Attack & Energy Vampire Workshop

Protections against Psychic Attack & Energy Vampire Workshop
‐ Anyone can join.

Emotions and thoughts are living energies. If they are felt or believed strongly, it can attack others energetically in a day to day life. It is quite often seen at work place,  school, home, relationships, etc. It can be conscious or unconscious, but it is quite often more than annoying if there is demons or sprit attachments behind this energetic attack. They are vicious, toxic and persistent, and can cause job losses, illnesses, divorce, injurie, depression and many other forms of troubles.

If you are physically very exhausted and feel drained with fear and worries, you need to go to GP. Even if you go and see a GP and cannot solve it, you need to doubt if you are under attack. If an attack is very tricky, you may not be able to recognise it. If you don’t sense the energy, even more so.

Kei’s case – I  am a very sensitive person even when I was younger,  I understand other people’s psychology and mind easily and see what is actually going on under the surface even from a very subtle energy and reaction, which is called Empass. I denied my sense so many times but I had massively painful experiences as I ignored it and I almost costed my life at one point.

Can you imagine how an Empass can survive in a big, rough, money driven financial company where there is a lot of energetic wars going on? That was me. Even after I changed my career and became a psychic healer, sometimes there was a massive psychic attack including black magic so I really had to learn from the top level  esoteric, metaphysical exorcists and become skilful how to protect my energy, seriously my life at one point. Therefore, I can offer this workshop from my own study and experiences I offered exorcism session as well as a spirit release session.

Spirituality is not all about angelic, fun, loving matters. There is the dark energy there and you cannot pretend to ignore it. Psychic attackers and energetic vampires have a certain emotional, mental and energetic patterns and they are often attached or affected by the dark beings. Their personality and how they are as a person would not get changed over night and you need to learn its patterns and learn how to protect you against them.

To our school, some clients come with a light damage whilst others have severely damage including black magic coming from many different background. Wherever you are, it is essential to protect and manage your energies which can lead you to a happier life.

Over 20 years, Kei has learned self development, additionally energy, protection and energetic preventions and metaphysics against the dark forces and even dangerous people. It has helped her to experience less troubles and to have a stable happy life.

Learn the basic theory and hands on energetic protections for your better life.

There are 2 parts.

  1. Class 1 level 1 Extension- learn how to manage your energy, emotion, clear them and protect them.
  2. Psychic Attack & Energy Vampire Protection Workshop
    1. Part 1 – You mainly learn the basic theory for about 50 min and practice hands on protection for the rest of the 2 hours.
    2. Part 2 –  Hands on practice is the main and it goes deeper layers psychologically and energetically beyond time and space including past life time line.

For Further information, please see below. Thank you.



  1. Class 1 level 1 Extension- learn how to manage your energy, emotion, clear them and protect them.
  2. Psychic Attack & Energy Vampire Protection Class
    Part 1 – Theory 

1)  Understand the energy world.
2) Why do you get troubled and your life cannot get changed easily.
3) Higher vibration, lower vibration, and their effects.
4) How to raise your vibration and change your life – 10 essential key points, including Empass aspect

Part 2 Hands on Energy Work and Protection
1) Psychic Attack
– How to find out if you are attacked or not. Its symptom and characteristic
– How to protect and what to do.
– Protection against Psychic attack – step by step Explanation
– Hands on Practice and remove attack energy.

2) Energy Vampire
– How to find out if you are attacked or not. Its symptom and characteristic
– How to protect and what to do. 
– Protection against Energy Vampire – step by step Explanation 
– Hands on Practice and keep your energy. 

FAQ time. 

3) If still time allows, further deeper psychological aspects and key points to learn from the esoteric view. If not, you will learn this in the later time in the part 2.

Time and Date : Please request if you would like to book with 2-3 preferred time to book.

Location:  Online
Class 1  level 1 –  1h 50 min (If you had the class 1, you can skip this). 
– Psychic Attack & Energy Vampire workshop – 2h 30 min.

* Please have lunch in prior this psychic attack protection workshop. It is important to have lunch before this (not being hungry). 

– Please attend the class 1 level 1 in prior a workshop if you haven’t, and learn the basic protection and energy management. 

Class 1 level 1 – Pease click on the link.
–  Psychic Attack Protection workshop: £280 (Within 3 business days, by Paypal,  £290) 

Please read before the below terms and conditions in prior booking.
– If you have a severe mental illness and symptoms, please tell us in advance and consult a GP.
–There is an individual difference how you feel the energy.
‐ Please make a payment by bank transfer. You can pay by Paypal but there is the Paypal charge  additionally.
– If your attack is severe, Archangel Michael Initiation Seminar is also recommended.

Cancelation Policy
– Within 72 hours of the workshop, 30%, within 48 hours 100% charge will be applied. If you cannot make it, please contact us by email.
– Please check the transportation and arrive in time. If you are late, you will lose time to learn.
– Please wait for us in the lobby 5 min before. There is a toilet in the basement.

Client Feedback
Thank you so much for the workshop. I feel sense of safetyness as I learned how to protect me against attacks. I have received DNA Activation, Quantum Block release, Ancestral Healing and Spirit Release sessions so far, but it was good for me as I learned this time I can protect me  even if there are some attacks going on with and without my awareness. I feel so grateful to learn and actually protect myself. I have also tried the protection method to my hay fever, and its symptoms got reduced!”
(Japanese lady, 50s, London, April 2018)