Psychic Reading and Awareness Hands-on-Practice Development

Psychic Reading and Awareness Hands-on-Practice Development Workshop
– Anyone can attend.
Open to all levels to develop your senses.

Introduction of the Psychic Awareness Development and Psychic reading practice training is available.

If you learn how to conduct a reading safely and properly, you would be able to receive guidance and messages properly from the Higher Dimension and your Guides. Not only learning how to do a reading, but you would also be able to raise your vibration and awareness and gain truth, wisdom and solutions in life.

This course is suitable for anyone who is interested in the spirituality, self-development, psychic reading, channelling, mediumship, tarot card reading and any kind of divination. Any energy sessions and reading, if you practice 10,000 times, you are on the path to master the skills.

Come and join us to experience the energy and practice in a fun and safe environment.

Only practising reading does not develop your reading skills and accuracy as there are so many other elements you need to work on and develop, therefore this workshop is combined with other elements to raise your awareness, vibration and upgrade your reading skills by hands-on practices.

Our school class style doesn’t waste your time with long chatting and talking. We get into the fun and practical training straight away efficiently.

- This training covers the following; guideline part and the hands-on practice.

  • The basic guideline you need to know before you practice reading.
    – Have you ever met annoying psychic readers who just tell you off, chat for a long time about their own stories, not guidance, tell you only what you want to know but not the truth or very harsh/insensitive to you? Following guideline needs to be understood as the basic protocol.
  • Some of the contents overwrap with Lecture 0 of the Psychic development Level 3 course. If you have already attended that, we will focus more on hands on practice development.
    • How does psychic reading work? – Basic theory
    • Code of Conduct
    • Types of Psychic development
    • Preparation for a psychic reading
    • How to communicate.
    • How to give a reading and receive a reading.
  • Guided meditation to develop your senses and vibration.
  • Hands-on practice for awareness development
  • Hands-on practice for a psychic reading

Time and DatePlease see below.

Recommended to attend in prior
– Since this workshop focuses on hands-on practice, below classes and sessions are recommended to receive in advance as a very basic requirement. You should know how to manage and protect your energy at your own responsibility.
– Class 1 level1 – Energy Management and Protection

Time and Date, and Fee
–  110 min Private session:
130 pounds (Paypal 140 pounds) : Please send 2-3 preferred time and date.

–  Group session – 90 pounds per person by bank transfer. By Paypal 100 pounds.
———– If you have a friend or family to attend the class together, we can arrange a group session.

Location: Zoom 

Terms and Conditions – please read before signing up.
- Please pay by bank transfer in advance. You can pay by Paypal + Paypal charge.
- Cancelation Policy: Within 48h of the class, 100% will be charged.
–    Please come on time, 5 min before and we will start as scheduled.
–   There is no refund within 48h,  late arrival and no show.
- Group session will be conducted with a minimum of 2 persons.
–  School has all the rights to assess the participant’s energy and interaction with other participants. If the vibration is not suitable (i.e., heavy negative energy, heavy mental illness), or cause troubles and argues with other participants, said-participants may not be able to join for the future workshops.
– If you have PTSD, mental illness, heavy emotional issues or substance use, please refrain from attending this course as it is not suitable. You can start balancing your energy and emotions first of all.