Psychic Consultation & Channeling 

Psychic Consultation & Channeling 

Psychic Consultation & Channelling 

For an Energetic and psychic assessment session – booking is required
– If you are not sure which session is good for you,  you can book a psychic consultation and ask for an energetic assessment.
– Please avoid asking many personal questions by email and phone calls. You may think it is a couple of questions, but we still need to prepare to assess your energy.
– As the first session, we often offer  DNA Activation, Full Cord Cutting Healing session, Quantum Empowerment, or Psychic Reading, depending on what you need.


Psychic Consultation & Channelling Session
– Phone & Skype session
– Please email your 2-3 preferred times and dates to book.
— 25 mins @ £44 (Skype/UK phone),  please pay from this link.
— 50 min (phone or Skype) @ £99, please pay from this link.
— 80 min (phone or Skype) @ £155. please pay from this link.

*If your reading time exceeds the booked hour, you can continue to have a reading with an additional fee of £2.5/minute.

– Face-to-face session
– Please email your 2-3 preferred times and dates to book a session.
— 50 min (face to face) @ £125  please pay from this PayPal link
— 80 min (face to face) @  £185 please pay from this PayPal link

– To book a face-to-face session, please read the requirements at the bottom of the What’s on page from this link. Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

<Psychic Consultation & Channelling>
When you feel distressed and lost, but you cannot share your secrets with others, you need someone to listen to you. We will channel the Higher Dimension, and a psychic consultation/reading session helps you to receive divine guidance, clear your mind and find a direction to move on. You can bring any photos and birthday information with you if you would like.

<For Those Interested in Starseed Readings>
– You can find an overview of Starseed characteristics in our YouTube videos.
– Please book a psychic reading via Skype and let us know three preferred time slots for your appointment. Currently, we do not offer email readings.
– When booking, please send the following information via email all together. Please note that readings require at least one week’s notice for an analysis as a preparation, so kindly contact us with your reservation request 7-10 days in advance.
⁻ Required Information:

  • Full name (in your legal name)
  • Date of birth and birth time. If your birth time is unknown, please be aware that the reading will be based on a potential 12-hour time difference frame.
  • Place of birth: country and city.
  • Current place of residence: country and city.
  • Gender at birth: male or female.
  • A frontal photograph of your face from the chest up, taken within a week.

<For Those Seeking Consultation on Physical and Mental Health Issues in Addition to Starseed Readings>
– We offer online sessions lasting 50-80 minutes for this.
– Along with the Starseed reading information mentioned above, please also provide the following details. Sessions are conducted online, and we do not currently offer email consultations.

  • Current occupation
  • Family members (e.g., father, mother, one older brother, myself, two younger sisters).
  • In case of specific health concerns: diagnosed medical condition(s), affected area(s) (right side/left side/entire body), past and present medical history, and symptoms.
  • Photographs of the affected area, taken from the front and back,  full-body images.
  • Please send your concerns and what you would like to resolve in 500 characters or less.

Please note – Booking, Cancelation & Rescheduling Policy
– within 48h, 50%, and within 24h 100% cancellation and rescheduling charges will be applied. Please let us know by email as soon as you find out if you should change the booking date.
– Please read the contact page before your booking.

Face-to-face session – We need to check a consultation room availability and book it in advance. Your booking will be finalized with a payment. Once your appointment is confirmed, we will ask you to make an advance payment with a payment deadline to secure a room for you. If payment is not made by the requested deadline (usually within 2-24h), we will release your appointment to someone else. We cannot keep a room for long without commitment.
– Please note that if we find some appointments are made without payments and cancelled repeatedly, we reserve the right not to book a session for you in the future. 

Q) Can you answer my questions and I get what I want as an answer? 
– We receive guidance from the higher dimension, what they want you to know. We will try but it does not guarantee you will hear what you want to hear. Some psychic people say only favourable things clients want to hear and sometimes twist the contents, even though it is wrong to do. We don’t do that and we channel guidance to clients as it is with sensitivity.

Q) I think I have gifts and just need to know what I need to do. Can you just tell me quickly by email and answer me? 
– Some people send emails to us with many personal questions without booking a consultation session. We don’t answer by email so please book a psychic reading/consultation session properly in advance. Any questions about you and your situation are personal questions. We need to tune into your energy properly for an assessment and consultation. Thank you for your respect for our psychic services.

Q) I don’t know which session to book. I will email you and can you choose which one is good for me? 
– We can suggest one and you can choose, but it is not appropriate to do it via email. It is better for you to have an energetic assessment in a psychic reading session for a proper assessment if you are not sure.  There is an extensive explanation on each web page for you to decide which session is suitable.  If you are not sure, we recommend you book a psychic assessment session.

Q) Can you check how many demons are attached to me to book an exorcism session? 
– Demonic influence assessment accompanies a huge risk for a psychic as we are opening to that dark force energy and we have stopped offering this service to a wider audience. We don’t offer this service, anything related to demonic energy scan and assessment during a psychic reading and healing session (during a healing session, we may expel attached spirits and ghosts if needed, but that is not an exorcism. Exorcism is dealing with much heavier and evil dark forces).

If you suspect you have a demonic influence or you already know you are affected by that, take drugs/substances, or have addiction issues/mental health issues, we recommend you to work on your energy and psychology, and raise your awareness and vibration by receiving sessions one by one, such as Amaterasu DNA Activation and class 1, etc.,  step by step to balance your energy, mental, emotional and physical state first and foremost. You can check our Self-Clearing Course for you to learn how to clear and protect your energy as an essential skill.

Terms and Conditions – Private Readings & Consultations
Services are offered with genuine and sincere purposes but you are respectfully reminded that reading and channelling may not give you the results (which cannot be guaranteed) or the answers that you seek. What you do with the guidance is entirely your free will and as such your own responsibility. Using these services shows acceptance of these terms and that you are over the age of 18.

<Client Feedback>

(Tarot & Psychic Reading)
“Readings on the relationships with my nephew and his mother, as well as the relationship with my own mother, were spot on! I was delighted to hear that my nephew is a Crystal children. The direction for future plans also aligns with what I had been thinking, so I’m looking forward to what lies ahead.”
(American female, teacher, 30s, Hawaii, February 2024)

(Psychic Reading)
‘I found a type of job as Kei mentioned and moved back to my country when she suggested it as a lucky time and direction. Thank you. ‘
(Japanese female, London, 40s, July 2023)

(Psychic Reading Mediumship)
‘I’ve tried a lot of spiritual things, but nothing has been solved. But today’s psychic consultation with Kei was very good. Thank you. ‘
(Japanese female, creative field, London, 40s, March 2023)

(Psychic Reading)
‘I felt like I had hit a wall, but I felt the fog receding. I was able to affirm it like xxxx. From now on, I will work on it to the fullest. ‘
(Japanese female, artist, London, 50s, March 2023)

(Psychic Reading)
”It’s good to have a psychic reading and have an energetic assessment and explanation on what is going on energetically at the same time. It makes sense a lot. ”
(American male, 40s, business owner, London, May 2022)

(Psychic Reading)
”I can resonate with what she said totally about the past, current situation, and the future direction. Spot on.”
(English female, 20s, corporate, London, Aug 2021)

(Psychic Mediumship Reading)
” It was my father. Yes, I understand I have value differences with my partner and what I need to do. ”
(English female, 30s, London, Aug 2021)

(Psychic Mediumship Reading)
”I could take all (about a career direction and choices), spot on! ”
(English female, 40s, finance, London, July 2021)

(Psychic Mediumship Reading)
”Message from my father meant a lot to me tonight. ”
(English female, 50s, finance, London, July 2021)

(Psychic Consultation)
”I enjoyed our session and you gave me a great deal to process… I would like to speak with you again. The session was really good.”
(English female, 50s, business owner, London, July 2021)

(Psychic Reading)
‘Yesterday’s reading was spot on. Actually, incredible.’
(English male, 60s, Medium, London, June 2021)

(Psychic Reading) ” I could find a job and can start a job as I wanted by following the guidance. Thank you!”
(Japanese female, medical,  40s, Tokyo, April, 2021)

(Psychic Medium Reading) ” Thank you for the reading with so much information.  I shared it with my mom and she was so happy.  Words cannot describe how happy she looked.  She can feel her mom’s presence.  Mom asked me to thank you very much for the reading.”
(Canadian female, medical,  50s, Feb 2021, London)

(Psychic Medium Reading) ” Thank you for a message the other day. It helped me and I’m a big fan of you. ”
(English male, self-employed, 50s, Feb 2021, London)

(Psychic Medium Reading) ”Kei, how can you get that much accurate information with details? Thank you. ’’
(Canadian female, medical, 60s, July 2020, London)

(Psychic Medium Reading) ”When Kei gave a reading, ancient Red Indian’s chief was coming through and giving wisdom. It became a different dimension and changed the energy in the space.’’
(English female, psychic medium, 60s, Mar 2019, London)

(Psychic Medium Reading) ”It was my grandfather coming through in spirit and her description about him was spot on. His message also made sense too.’’
(British male, self-employed, 50s, Jan 2019, London)

(Psychic Reading) ” What she predicted actually happened after one year. ’’’
(Japanese female, corporate, 40s、Feb 2019, London)

(Psychic Reading) ”I am very impressed with her reading and it was accurate and helpful. Good guidance’.’
(British male, self-employed, 50s, Dec 2018, London)

(Psychic Reading)  ”Kei, thank you so much. These were the best 25 minutes I had in a long, long time. You gave a lot of clarity and I love your approach.”
(English female, beauty, 20s, Nov 2017, London)

(Mediumship)  ”I wanted to thank you for such a lovely reading yesterday. Receiving such a detailed and accurate message from a long lost relative on the other side is such a special gift anyone could wish to receive & be able to bring such messages across is truly a blessing in itself.”
(African male, marketing, 20s, Oct 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”I know she is channelling from the heart and I received career guidance from Archangel Chamuel. Her words were clear, soothing and I felt so peace. Message was making sense and I confirmed what I really want to do. Kei is a fantastic healer and channeller.”
(British female, holistic, May 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”I needed to know how to bring my business ideas to manifest. My sitting gave me good steps to take Kei picked up on a lot of things that I have been thinking about and gave me some very good advice. She is professional and a very clear, gentle communicator.”
(Rose, English female, holistic, Feb 2017, London)

(Psychic Reading)  ”I’m coming out of the very dark situation and lots of things have been cleared up as she read, but yes, still there are still some things I need to clear and resolve. It was a good reading and I felt better, relieved.”
(English female, medium, 50s, Feb 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”It was the first time having  the channelling session. I found it really useful and get some great advice from Marlin. Some of the things he said was a kind of things I could strongly relate with y current life and if they happen, I’m sure they will make a difference. It made sense about my mother, my brother and my future flow after I complete the training course.”
(Maltese male, 30s, travel industry, Feb 2017, London)

(Channelling) ”I am sending you my testimonial for our psychic channelling session on Saturday 4th February 2017.  I must say that when I came away from the session that I had a few things to think through.  It was a very informative session.

One of the main worries in my life has been starting a degree course in 2008 which I hated, even though I was interested in the subject (Sociology and Cultural Studies).  I felt a failure that I did not complete the course.  I have always wanted to go back to studying a course to do with people.  During my session I was so impressed that Kei saw in me the fact that I love children and that I enjoy people and that it would be good for me to combine this in a course and suggested that I might consider studying child psychology.  This was an eye-opener for me as I had recently thought about it but not pursued it.  I enrolled on an online psychology course after our session and will start this soon.  I feel quite empowered about starting this now and am looking forward to learning/studying.

She also talked about a few other topics such as my present relationship with my partner and how to best tackle my issues.

The session was very helpful and calming and enabled me to think things through during and after the session. Thank you so much Kei. ”

(British female, medical, 50s, Feb 2017, London)

(Channelling)  ”I was so impressed! What she said was matching to what is happening in my life in details.  The recommendation will be crucial to the topic discussed. Also horse riding has been always my dream and thanks for the advice. Session clarified a lot of things.”
(Italian male, 20s, marketing, Jan 2017, London)

(Psychic Reading) ”What she said made so much sense to me. I’m so glad to have a message from my grand father. I’ve been mentally struggling and I felt relieved after her reading. Compassionate, positive and encouraging.”
(British male, 30s, IT, July 2016, London)

“Kei was speaking clearly and getting connected clearly. Information coming through was clear and fluid. I could resonate with what she said and could get related” (Male, in his 40s. Psychic and Life coach. March 2016)

– “Very practical and it is like a life coaching session   from a light-being. I like its soft energy.” (Female, in her 40s. Life coach)

– “My first time to have a reading from an Ascended Master and it was a   very different energy from what I experienced in the past. Reading made so much   sense to me. Thank you.” (Japanese female in her 30s, healer)

– “Reading was really spot on and it was really accurate.   Such a gentle and soft, compassionate energy. Reading was related to my day-to-day life and I feel I have now had a confirmation on what I was feeling about.”   (European male, in his 40s. Finance)

– “Kei’s reading was really spot on and connected to the high dimension.   During her reading, I was healed through the heart and it was not only a reading. Very compassionate and high energy. She mentioned about cats, reading, writing and how I feel at night, and it was really spot on.”   (English female, in her 50s. psychic)